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The police state has officially declared war on more than half the country, declaring those who believe in so-called conspiracy theories (i.e. conspiracies the establishment media does not acknowledge are true) are domestic extremists, one 9/11 blog away from committing unspeakable atrocities. At the same time, they admit the rise in so-called conspiracy theories is partially due to the high volume of actual conspiracies being exposed. Oops! Rather than acknowledge that this is a normal reaction to illegal collusion by the rich and powerful, they declare critical thinking off limits. Time and again we are told to stop looking out the window and arguing that the sky is blue - if the media says it is green, there is no use in arguing anything else. If the word of the year for 2019 wasn't already "Orwellian," it sure is now... 

July 29: Erdogan paints target on his back; court OK's pig roast; Capital One cloudburst; Brazil <3's pesticides

Erdogan squares off against Bibi's US accomplices in war crimes

Pakistani military plane crashes in Rawalpindi

Man arrested for police parody site can sue pigs who arrested him, says court

140mn+ Capital One customers' data stolen in largest-ever US bank hack

Brazil races to embrace highly toxic pesticides, poisoning world's food supply 

July 30: Potato pissings; Five Eyes all staring at kiddie porn; dark forces & white candidates at Democrats' debate; coffee magnate dies under tax cloud

Woman turns self in after photo circulates linked to late-night Walmart potato-pissing escapade

Five Eyes demand Big Tech break its encryption 'for the children' or else the terrorists win

Identity politics bites Democrats in the ass as #DemDebateSoWhite trends

Indian coffee magnate found dead after suspicious stockholder letter circulates

Marianne Williamson warns of 'dark psychic forces' over US, forces media to take her seriously 

July 31: Epstein puts the 'erection' back in 'misdirection'; of rats and men; no medals for inept prosecutors; Tulsi soars on Kamala's sores

'Epstein was into eugenics!' NYTimes reports, scrambling to refocus attention away from Mossad connection

Sanctimonious Baltimore congressman called his own district 'drug infested' in old clip, but only Trump is racist

Trump calls for Navy to rescind medals of prosecutors who botched case against accused murderer SEAL

Tulsi wins debate after eviscerating Kamala over record, but not if Twitter can help it

August 1: Racism? in MY robots?; FBI declares war on 2/3 of America; more Walmart whizzing; Tulsi makes ass out of 'Assad apologist' assailant

**Robots are victims of human racism, pearl-clutching New Zealand scientists claim

FBI declares war on 'conspiracy theorists,' classifying most of US as extremists waiting to happen

Police seek another Walmart bladder bandit after he posts the deed on social media

Tulsi finally loses her patience with 'Assad apologist' attacks 

August 2: Trump brings mafia diplomacy to DPRK; Facebook smears stink on Instagram, Whatsapp; a very expensive mistake; sanctions for the ducks

Trump to Kim: DPRK has unlimited potential, unless it disappoints me

Zuckerberg slaps Facebook branding on Instagram & WhatsApp, hoping to drive users back to mothership

At $32mn, Mueller probe was most expensive nothingburger the taxpayer never ate

US adds another round of interminable anti-Russian sanctions over dubious Skripal poisoning

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In an elaborate misdirection, the entire US political class focused its worshipful acolytes' attention on a uniquely pathetic show trial -the last stand of Dementia Patient Robert Mueller- while running a shocking series of bills and resolutions through the House that, when signed by the president (because they will be signed by the president), give everything the US has in its arsenal to Israel. This is literally "giving away the store." Interested to hear how the knee-jerk Tel Aviv Apologists' Club tries to defend this move. 

July 22: Black helicopters over DC; bitcoin for sanctions relief; dude where's my wall?

Pentagon accidentally exposes Black Hawks & secret base outside DC

Iran authorizes bitcoin mining, eyeing potential route out of sanctions hell

Trump defends record on border after report reveals he's built nothing 

July 23: Big Tech's big problems; pigs demand respect; anonymized data is anything but; Loch Ness distress

DoJ launches bigger Big Tech antitrust probe

"Respect the police!" impotent pigs cry as they're doused with water on hot day

"Anonymized" data can be re-identified with 99% accuracy, researchers find

Raid Loch Ness event piggybacks on viral success of Raid Area 51

July 24: Mueller show tanks; Google engineer speaks (& gets fired); McAfee back in the saddle; Epstein 'suicide' aborted

Trump mocks Russiagate cultists' post-Mueller cognitive dissonance syndrome

"Don't call it Russiagate, call it FBIgate," says Ron Paul

Senior Google engineer attests to massive bias, electoral influencing power within Big Tech

McAfee released in Dominican Republic, minus boat & guns

Epstein found with suspicious marks on neck curled up in cell

July 25: Tulsi sues Google; Marine smuggling/drugs probe widens; Trump pushes 'murican exceptionalism; Australia postures for privacy

Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for memory-holing her ads as she topped post-debate searches

16 Marines arrested, 8 more questioned in human/drugs smuggling probe near border

**Trump's "Free Rocky" plea chokes Sweden (& perhaps the world) on American exceptionalism

Real-life Reanimator scenes found at Arizona body-donation facility

Australian antitrust regulator calls for transparency for Big Tech's cash-cow algorithms

July 26: SCOTUS greenlights wall; Israeli crime boss (not Bibi) shot; nuclear waste & personal data always leak; Lolita pilots summoned

Supreme Court clears Trump to reappropriate $ for border wall

Israeli crime boss assassinated in broad daylight in Mexico City

Troubled nuclear fuel factory found leaking uranium into soil

Siri listening to you have sex, sell drugs, says Apple-contractor whistleblower

Lolita Express pilots subpoenaed to spill on new Epstein charges

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With most Americans' attention fixated firmly on the antics of four young congresswomen intent on carving out a name for themselves via the time-honored tradition of accusing their opponents of racism (and we had such high hopes for Ilhan Omar, too), the Trump administration is quietly deploying even more military assets to the Persian Gulf, because Bolton's going to have his war if he has to start it himse- never mind, he only sends other people to fight in his wars. Also watched by no one: the joke of a Google hearing, in which three-toed sloth Ted Cruz actually grew a pair & went after the monopolistic Big Brother lookalike only for his Democratic counterpart (who got a hefty check from Google for her 2018 campaign) to advocate pro bono for her favorite donor. Also: the ongoing Epstein drama, which has been so buried i didn't even get to do a story about it this week. Read this instead.


July 15: Legislative virtue-signaling on overdrive; Trump as the goy who cried wolf

Progressive Dem 'squad' distracted by presser warning against distraction of Trump's 'racist tweets'

Dems introduce resolution condemning 'racist tweets,' having nothing better to do

Croatian hip-hop festival evacuated after massive forest fire encircles beach

ADL begs Trump to stop flinging around accusations of antisemitism


July 16: Real Housewives of DC; pot sanctions kettle; Google revels in impunity; CNN commentator Richard Spencer

'Orange man bad' vote degenerates into gavel-dropping chaos as Pelosi auditions for reality TV career

US sanctions Myanmar military commanders over human rights abuses

Untouchable Google bats away softballs from bought Congress 

CNN rolls out the red carpet for Richard Spencer: "see? even racists don't like Trump!"


July 17: Impeachment addicts chase the dragon; squad goals down squad holes; Ebola goes viral; it's MIGA not MAGA

Third time's the charm? Serial impeacher piggybacks on racist tweet resolution, flops

Progressive Democrat 'squad' not polling so hot in middle 'murica

WHO declares Congo Ebola epidemic global emergency

**Dear Trump: when did MAGA become MIGA? Promises kept - to the wrong people

Elderly protesters arrested blocking telescope construction on Hawaiians' sacred mountain


July 18: Dems kiss & make up (with the help of an exorcism); anime studio horror

Democrats ditch principles & pledge mutually assured destruction

House chaplain holds exorcism to evict any remaining political principles &/or demons

Kyoto anime arson suspect set fire as revenge for stolen story


July 19: Criminal justice fails; US pours moar fuel on Gulf fires; NYC continues giant behavioral experiment

Murderer released as too old to kill again kills again as victim's kids watch

Cross-border drug traffic peaks as Border Patrol distracted by migrant crisis

US stations more troops in Saudi Arabia 'to preserve the peace' - Orwell rolls in grave

Unexplained NYC subway meltdown strands thousands during evening rush, 1 week after still-unexplained blackout

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The Black Mirror episode where swarms of robot bees are weaponized against a crowd-sourced death-threat vote winner is now, theoretically, possible (we have the drone bees, #deathto has trended on Twitter multiple times, & Facebook is now rolling out the red carpet for death-threats against wrongthinkers). 
July 8: Fake news, fake war, fake medicine; happiest place on Earth gets pissed

Facebook programs tracked spread of rumors & wrongthink about Facebook 

Pentagon solicits proposals for virtual reality nuclear war simulators

Judge blocks order forcing Big Pharma to reveal drug prices

Toontown Beatdown: family brawl at Disneyland as security MIA

July 9: Whitewashing Epstein; Black Mirror goes live; how to lose friends & alienate diasporas

Wikipedia, Google busily cover up Epstein-Clinton connection after arrest

Facebook OK's death threats to 'dangerous individuals'

The Mooch says Darroch leak was 'political hit job' by UK Foreign Office

Israeli education minister calls assimilation 'second holocaust'

July 10: "Antisemitism" mission creep keeps creeping; a very expensive mistake; spatial profiling

Cartoonist censored from White House social media censorship summit over 'antisemitic' Soros cartoon

Labour calls out hatchet-job BBC program fearmongering about 'antisemitism' in the Party

Armored truck spews cash onto Georgia highway; cops threaten newly wealthy

Arianespace Vega rocket crashes into ocean with UAE spy satellite payload

Japanese Hayabusa2 probe touches down on Ryugu asteroid to probe solar system's history

July 11: Census uncensored; 'our troops' say support us outta here; water is wet; Facebook tests Area 51's sense of humor

Trump eschews census citizenship question in favor of multi-agency info dump

Most vets think 'War on Terror' a bust, poll says

Google AI Assistant eavesdropping even when it's not supposed to - anyone surprised?

Hundreds of thousands of alien enthusiasts click 'going' on Facebook 'storm Area 51' event

July 12: Lion King gets the 'woke' treatment; Facebook gets the 'joke' treatment; AOC gets the 'yolk' treatment [as in egg, on her face /clever]

**Lion King is kiddie Triumph of the Will, says uberwoke WaPo

Facebook whacked with $5bn slap on the wrist over violating FTC privacy decree

AOC self-owns in attempt to shame former ICE director over 'family separation policy'


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What are we celebrating on the 4th of July, again? Last i checked we pawned our national identity for "security." Hell of a drug, that "security."
Jul 1: Time-traveling Iranian nukes; kamikaze trade war takes Europe; Biden cracks up

Iran violated nuclear deal before it even existed, US says

US threatens more tariffs on EU: revenge for INSTEX?

**Friendly media spin Hunter Biden's drug use as a plus for Dad's floundering campaign


Jul 2: No more kiddie porn for the Pentagon; a cockroach is forever; Austria ditches glyphosate; Guaido throws regime change tantrum 

Congress introduces bill to crack down on Defense Dept child porn trading

Cockroaches evolve resistance to all pesticides in one generation, study finds

Bad news Bayer: Austria first EU country to ban glyphosate

Maduro open to continued Oslo 'dialogue,' but Guaido spurns mediation with 'dictatorship'


Jul 3: California protects your hair, but will still arrest you for pre-crime; Alexa keeps indelible records; Kushner throws regime change tantrum

California bans hair-based discrimination in legislative PR campaign

Police quietly dropping LAPD predictive-policing system - for effectiveness, not civil liberties reasons

Amazon admits Alexa recordings impossible to delete

Kushner throws tantrum over Palestinian boycott of Steal of the Century conference


Jul 4: An intervention for America; GoogleMaps outage unmoors world; Amazon reviews (& Santa Claus) are fake; black hawk drown

**American 'patriotism' embraces a Potemkin village while leaving the real country to rot

GoogleMaps outage leaves world panicked & disoriented

UK consumer watchdog exposes fake review scams on Amazon

Coal mining billionaire's helicopter crashes off Bahamas, killing 7


Jul 5: US demands IAEA meeting over Iran; Maduro extends olive branch, Guaido snaps it; southern California quivers in anticipation

US demands IAEA enforce Iran nuclear deal terms, forgetting it pulled out of JCPOA

On Venezuelan Independence Day, Maduro asks Can't we all just get along? & Guaido says No

Largest earthquake in 20 years rocks Southern California for second day in a row

Los Angeles newscaster hides under desk live on air as earthquake hits

Gas leak triggers University of Nevada dorm explosion

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