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How to start wars and influence people, volumes 1 through 994, now available wherever souls are sold. When Taser calls out your technology for being dystopian and unethical, it is time to seriously reconsider your path in life. Congratulations, you're more evil than the guys who put a fatal dose of electricity in pigs' pockets. Technology != progress.

June 24: Your tax dollars (not) at work; Mexico mans the barricades; of diplomats & doormats

Soros & friends say tax us, we're good for it

Mexico sends 15K troops to border to halt migrant tide

Trump to meet with Putin, Xi, Modi, Merkel, MBS at G20

Global Times editor says Pompeo must go

June 25: AOC hates furniture; 6 degrees of regret; Navy promotes pedophile; collusion cultists rejoice

AOC backs Wayfair employee boycott: no beds for migrant kids

2/3 college grads regret their education, most due to debt

Imprisoned would-be pedophile tapped for Navy promotion 

Collusion cultists ecstatic as House Dems subpoena Mueller

June 26: Oops, NSA did it again; Democrats self-own; Air Force commandeers commercial satellites; 'little crappy ship' hits big one

NSA caught illegally collecting phone data - again

First Democratic debate of 2020: circular firing squad 

Air Force says nuclear command & control should use commercial satellites

'Floating garbage pile' combat ship hits Quebec freighter off Montreal

Trump demands Modi repeal tariffs ahead of G20

June 27: Taser balks at facial recog; Google teaches employees to protest; House Dems cave 'for the children'; Alabama loves fetuses

Taser declares facial recognition in body cameras unethical

Google teaches employees how to protest Trump immigration orders 

Pelosi caves on Senate border aid bill after vowing not to - 'for the children'

Alabama charges woman with manslaughter after her unborn child dies - shooter walks free

iPhone designer Jony Ive leaves Apple, sparking stock selloff

June 28: Senate fails to block Iran war powers; FBI summons admins' help to spy on Chinese students; Boeing investigation expands to 787

Senate falls short of majority needed to block 'King Trump' from waging war on Iran

FBI making rounds of universities asking for help spying on Chinese students 

Boeing 737 MAX probe expands to 787 Dreamliner factory

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Trump, to his credit, has realized how much money the US can save by fighting its war with Iran solely in the media. Now let's pull the troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, & every country in Africa & see if we can do this other places. Worried about all the unemployed drones? They can find work with Amazon.

June 17: Apologies not accepted; anything you can hack, they can hack better

Kansas Keystone Kops shocked their 'snitch on your baby-daddy' Fathers' Day tweet gets no laughs

Cusack 'cancelled' in record time after sharing 'antisemitic' meme

Which would you rather fly: a pilotless Airbus, or a Boeing set to death-dive?

WikiLeaks Vault7 leaker too dangerous for gen pop, tried to lead "infowar" from prison, gov't says

June 18: SnitchCoin debut; Gen Z & millennials check out early; Clinton's emails still illegal; Trump cuts reality cord

Worst Idea Ever? Facebook Libra, the only 'crypto' that vanishes if owner wrongthinks

**'Deaths of despair' reach all-time high among Gen Z, millennials caught in American Nightmare

Republicans demand hearing on misconduct findings in Clinton emails

Trump one-ups Biden with promise to cure AIDS and cancer, plus go to Mars

June 19: Israel flexes (but 'muricans still fight its wars); Iran says no to spy drone, trolls; Amazon owns government

Israel shows off military American taxpayers bought it, but don't expect it to fight its own wars

Iran shoots down monster US surveillance drone

State Dept, media mum on @IranDisinfo troll, collaboration with FDD

Amazon to host dystopian new DHS surveillance database, combining face scans w/DNA & social links 

June 20: Cooler heads prevail over Iran? Collusion cultists; Pentagon behind Assange pursuit

Take this drone & shove it: Iran calls for emergency UN meeting over US spying

Republicans join House Dems in reminding Trump he needs Congress to declare war on Iran

DC theatre to host 11-hour marathon reading of Mueller report vol.2, because reality is for other people

Assange lawyer: Pentagon behind Assange witch hunt

June 21: Next false flag location announced; Trump plays benevolent; revenge of the nosy neighbor; DARPA winks

US contractors evacuating Balad air base in Iraq: next false flag here?

Trump belatedly realized killing 150 Iranians over an unmanned drone & triggering WW3 would be psychotic

Neighbor calls cops over Boris Johnson's plate-throwing fight with girlfriend

Amazon patents tech to convince delivery customers to pay for their own drone surveillance

DARPA takes credit for mysterious white orbs 

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The latest "Iranian" tanker false flag is backed by a comprehensive anti-Iran trolling campaign - so of course Twitter has dumped thousands of accounts for nothing more than tweeting positively about Iran. Russiagate continues to be a black hole for political commentary, while Facebook and WhatsApp have dropped the 'friendly' act & embraced straight-up fascism. 

June 12: Don't you laugh, damn you, don't you laugh - or we'll sue/investigate/virtue-shame you

WhatsApp threatens to sue users who message too many people

House Dems redefine magical thinking with surreal Watergate-invoking John Dean hearing

NYTimes axes political cartoons after accidentally publishing truthful representation of US-Israel relationship

June 13: Unfulfillable campaign promises 101

Biden promises to cure cancer if he's elected in 2020

Buttigieg promises not to fund West Bank annexation if he's elected in 2020

McAfee promises to 'bury' corrupt gov't if they keep harassing him (or if he's elected in 2020) (i'll take option #3)

June 14: Socialism for the rich, hypocrisy for your 2016 supporters

Bernie calls out hypocrisy of 'corporate socialism' in White House, Wall Street

June 15: Anti-Iran trolls unmasked; Facebook tracks 'haters' offline; Russiagate distracts

*Twitter deplatforms pro-Iran accounts as taxpayer-funded anti-Iran troll campaigns exposed

Facebook tracks users' off-platform 'hate' for years, rewards employees for snitching

Russiagate distracts from legitimate issues: 'glass ceiling for political thought'

Spineless US press hates free speech, won't defend Assange

June 16: Red-faced red panic; ghoulish Graham's crackers; UK bans gender stereotypes; Assange doomed

Chinese company making US & UK's F-35 parts, but please tell me more about Huawei spying

McCain-channelling closet-case Graham calls for invading Venezuela to put 'points on the board'

UK ad watchdog bans 'offensive, harmful' gender stereotypes

Assange won't get a fair trial amid widespread demonization & disinfo campaign 

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Australia has joined the fascist race to the bottom, but can their jackboots outstomp France, Israel, & the US? Stay tuned! Big week for legislative virtue-signaling, Titanic deck-chair rearrangement, & always more censorship. Dear humanity: you're doing it wrong.

June 3: Legislative virtue-signaling (and virtue denied); blood tester hemorrhages data

Senate unanimously passes virtue-signaling "election meddling" bill

Judge denies House's effort to block Trump's border wall appropriations

Blood tester's 12mn customers' identities stolen thanks to debt collector "breach"

June 4: Segregation is the new tolerance; Australia embraces fascism; more legislative virtue-signaling; Biden reverts to type; Broward Coward jailed

*Colleges embracing segregation with 10+ ethnic-themed graduation

Australia raids journalists' offices over stories embarrassing to the government

House passes amnesty for dreamers despite zero chance for passing Senate

Biden caught plagiarizing climate change policy

Parkland school security officer arrested for neglect of duty

June 5: Poland fights Faceborg; Trump to troops: paint my fence; Goldwater Rule? What Goldwater Rule?

Polish nationalist sues Facebook for discrimination

Military tasked with making Mexican border fence pretty

House Dems ditch Goldwater Rule so diagnosis-happy psychiatrist can call Trump crazy

June 6: ISIS fighter claims border plot (and TSA enables it); Twitter wields bigger banhammer; fetus worshipers vs. logic

ISIS pitched 'financial attacks' on US, Mexican border infiltration, Canadian fighter says 

TSA lets illegals board flights without documents

Twitter follows YouTube crackdown with "simplified" Kafkaesque rule revamp

University of Alabama to return largest-ever donation due to benefactor's abortion stance

June 7: Game-rigging for fun & profit; Canada plays good cop with Cuba; Trump's fence comes home; NASA sells out

*It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you rewrite the rules so you can't help but win - Trump

Canada hints Cuba has 'role to play' in 'restoration' of Venezuelan 'democracy'

Consolation wall? White House fence to double in height

Strapped-for-cash NASA embraces privatization of ISS: what could go wrong? 

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The 93-year-old Malaysian prime minister has proposed a gold-backed trading currency for southeast Asia - taking bets on what happens next. A) he dies of "old age," plus a couple bullets to the head B) Malaysia comes down with a bad case of al-Qaeda & the US has to pour democracy on it C) a people-power revolution whose logo prominently features an upraised fist overthrows the government. The world needs more Mahathir Mohameds.

May 27: Privacy: luxury or anachronism? Psychiatry: joke or emetic? Nuclear: necessary evil or just evil?

*Apple v. Google: police state apologists duke it out over privacy

WHO abandons all pretense of caring for public health, unveils new behavioral modification initiatives

Global energy agency warns aging nuclear infrastructure dooms sustainability goals

May 28: Assange indictment dooms journalism; eugenics gets a bad rap; Israel flips off world; more satellites than stars

Assange indictments are designed to criminalize antagonistic journalism

Supreme Court passes the buck on abortion ruling, but not without a Clarence Thomas eugenics meltdown

Israel to ICC: murdering Palestinians in cold blood is none of your business

SpaceX launch alerts astronomers to future of satellite-clogged skies

May 29: Fresh-fracked freedom; diversity or death; Macron's thugs harass journalists; insane in the McCain

US Energy Dept rechristens liquefied natural gas 'molecules of freedom'

White admins sue NYC over racist enforced-diversity policies

Le Monde journalist refuses to cough up sources on Benalla affair

Trump says he never gave order to 'hide' USS John McCain

May 30: Malaysian PM pulls a Gaddafi; tariffs Trump Mexico; NSA targeting system comes home; Russiagate hates peace; Monsanto screwed

Mahathir signs death warrant with gold-backed trading currency proposal

Markets slide as Mexico tariff threatens Trump's free trade utopia

NSA targeting system: you loved it in Iraq, now it's watching you in Texas

Russiagate is greatest threat to world peace as US tears up treaties, alienates allies

Los Angeles sues Monsanto over PCB contamination

May 31: NSA rewrote assassination rules for Israel; DHS to "help" Guatemala; Facebook says privacy dead; mass shooting of the week

NSA rewrote targeting rules to feed Israel assassination info

Not-so-homeland-security DHS dispatched to Guatemala to 'help' with border enforcement

Facebook lawyer says no such thing as privacy

State Dept asks visa applicants for 5 years social media history

Mass shooting of the week club, Virginia Beach edition 


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