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Trump & Macron are in a fascist pissing match to see who can more thoroughly destroy the free press in their country, & the rest of us are just collateral damage. Even the media establishment realizes Julian Assange's latest indictments spell their own doom, but it's too late - they've spent the last two years smearing him, & all they can do is keep running off that cliff. Hope those paychecks were worth it, guys!


May 20: Graham crackers for Iran; Facebook judging you; Huawei mocks blacklist

Graham giddy over 'overwhelming' response to Iranian 'threat streams'

Facebook & telecoms using proprietary behavioral metrics to judge creditworthiness

Huawei laughs in the face of Trump's blacklist


May 21: Bibi wants immunity, House Dems want impeachment - or a cookie; US blinks on Huawei

Bibi's boy in the Knesset floats immunity bill, just in time for 3 corruption indictments

Oreo Ben Carson confuses foreclosure term with...himself

House Democrats call for emergency impeachment conclave after McGahn MIA

US issues stay of execution on Huawei ban


May 22: Canadian hypocrisy; legislative virtue signaling; France targeting journalists; Google gets a probing

Canadian pot to Chinese kettle: shame on you for arbitrarily detaining our citizens!

Inslee grasps at 2020 brass ring with sanctuary state law for Washington

French domestic intel summons fifth journalist for embarrassing Macron

Irish data protection agency opens privacy probe into Google ad-exchange platform


May 23: First Amendment stabbed to death; Twitter axes grifters; moon man quits NASA; Trump declassified

Journalists recoil as new Assange indictments eviscerate press freedom

#Resistance grifters booted from Twitter for running bots, buying followers

Artemis project head 'escorted out' of NASA after just 6 weeks

Trump imbues Barr with Russiagate-unveiling power; intel agencies work on resumés


May 24: Russiagate victim sues FBI creep, media; Crossfit dumps Facebook; Noah's Ark all wet; Amazon <3 Big Brother

Cambridge historian sues 'ratfucker' Stefan Halper, media for ruining her life with honeypot lies

Crossfit kicks Facebook to the curb after popular group deplatformed

Noah's Ark can't handle the 41st day of rain, sues insurers

Amazon shareholders vote 98% to keep selling facial recognition tech


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My site is back up, for now, if you're reading this. Who knew cockroaches hated having light shined on them so much? Get used to it, guys.

May 13: Israel spying, moon shrinking, China retaliating; US bloviating

Israeli spyware targets human rights activists using WhatsApp

Moon is geologically active, shrinking, analysis finds

*Strait of Hormuz new Gulf of Tonkin: false-flag, suffer, repeat

Trump weighs additional tariffs on Chinese consumer goods

May 14: Intel processors zombified; San Francisco saves face; Trump outlaws competition; Alabama loves fetuses

ALL Intel chips compromised - this is what happens when you build a factory in Israel...

San Francisco bans law enforcement use of facial recognition

Trump mulling executive action banning telecoms' use of Huawei

Alabama senate passes strictest abortion ban in US

May 15: Alabama really loves its fetuses; US resists Christchurch creep; Munchhausen by proxy; Trump wants your sob story

Alabama governor passes no-exception abortion ban

Alabama abortion law sparks debate, obviously

Orwellian Christchurch call too fascist even for the US

French anesthesiologist poisoned dozens in order to 'save' them & impress colleagues

Trump asks followers for social media censorship stories

May 16: Israeli election meddling ubiquitous; 102 years of Pei; Indian soldiers leaking all over Facebook; dark matter matters

Facebook admits Israelis meddling in elections on 3 continents for 7 years

IM Pei leaves behind dozens of ugly buildings

Indian army clerk caught in Pakistani Facebook honey trap

Dark matter implicated in galactic hit-and-run

May 17: Venezuelan protesters released; French journalists face prison; men officially women; lechery on the high seas

Venezuelan embassy protesters released, charged with 'interfering' with State Dept repo op

France threatens journalists with jail over leaking proof of arms treaty violation, Yemen genocide complicity

US House passes bill forcing women's sports teams to accept transgender players

Navy sub was hive of perversion while command looked the other way

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The Strait of Hormuz is the new Gulf of Tonkin. The Pentagon's own war games show the US would suffer badly in a hypothetical conflict with Iran, & that's without other countries getting in on the game - given current geopolitical realities, the false flag Trump's b-team is angling for would be nothing short of apocalyptic. Bye, my fellow 'muricans, was nice knowing you.

May 6: Guaido goes full Hillary re: failed coup; Mnuchin sits on Trump's taxes; Twitter ices AOC parody account bc who could tell

Guaido blames nebulous "backers" for failed coup in Venezuela, but still Trusts The Plan

Mnuchin refuses to release Trump tax returns

Twitter bans AOC parody account & its creator without explanation

(note: this was originally written as an op-ed for RT)

May 7: Auschwitz takes offense; Venezuela takes revenge; Pompeo takes a shit on Iraq; Arizona clutches porn pearls; so much for security

Auschwitz appalled at print-on-demand concentration camp skirts, rallies uncomprehending outrage mob

Venezuela prosecutes lawmakers who backed Guaido goons

Pompeo to Iraq: nice "independent" country you've got there, sure would be a shame if you got too friendly with Iran

Arizona passes law declaring porn a health crisis - "i don't think that word means what you think it means"

1 dead 8 injured after 2 students shoot up Colorado high school

9 dead 24 injured after explosion at Sufi Muslim shrine on 2nd day of Ramadan

May 8: Trump readies the mop for 2020 victory; Pompeo thugs out over Huawei in UK; Florida arming teachers; Barr buried in subpoenas

*Unhinged Democrats cling to Russiagate cult at their peril, handing Trump an easy victory

Pompeo threatens to boot Brits from 5 Eyes if they let Huawei build any of their 5G

Florida to teachers: arm yourselves (because what could go wrong)

House Dems whack Barr with 2nd subpoena after holding him in contempt for ignoring the last one

May 9: Pompeo's trigger finger itches; Bezos plots Amazon Moon; Rubio's Chinese fever dreams dovetail with Trump's; US repos DPRK ship

Pompeo plotting "swift and decisive" retaliation to imaginary Iranian aggression

Bezos unveils Blue Moon unmanned lunar lander, plan for moon colonies & "road to space"

Rubio convinced China is running Maduro's internet game, keeping Guaido offline

China threatens unspecified "countermeasures" as Trump beefs up import tariffs

US uses civil asset forfeiture to seize North Korean freighter stopped in Indonesia over sanctions violations

May 10: Biden demands 40-story border fence on video; moar subpoenas for Trump, moar missiles from the Pentagon, moar casualties

CNN finds clip of Biden calling for "40 story" border fence to stop Mexican drug traffickers (& jail for 'muricans who hire them)

Subpoena-wielding House committee takes aim at Trump taxes

Pentagon sends Patriot missiles to CENTCOM while insisting it doesn't want war with Iran - they're just lonely

Colombian DIY fireworks factory explodes, killing 4 and injuring 30

Ship plows into 2 barges, spilling thousands of gallons of toxic gas additive into Galveston bay

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After another failed coup attempt in Venezuela, could Trump finally be getting the message? Not if the media have anything to say about it - not one media establishment figure has spoken out against regime change in the last three months, according to FAIR. Can we stop calling them journalists & just outfit them in cheerleader uniforms with "Lockheed Martin" & "Boeing" across the chests? 


April 29: Tulsi's truth trending; Wohl's lies neverending

Tulsi Gabbard says beating Trump with a pro-war Democrat is worse than losing; video mysteriously vanishes

Jacob Wohl deploys sloppy sex assault hoax on Pete Buttigieg - if at first you don't succeed...?

(note: this was originally written as an op-ed for RT)


April 30: So i herd u liek embargoez; NSA doxxing up 75%; Russiagate flames fanned; FAA teases no-fly zone over Venezuela

Trump threatens already-embargoed Cuba with embargo for backing Venezuela

NSA "unmasking" up 75%, "for our own good" ODNI rep says

Mueller disapproves of media misinterpretation of Barr letter, sparking further media misinterpretation

FAA bans American planes & pilots from flying low in Venezuela

2 dead, 4+ injured in shooting at University of North Carolina Charlotte


May 1: Media embrace faux diversity & regime change; Bolton mocks "hiding" Maduro speaking at rally; record high NYC homelessness

*Mainstream media love diversity, as long as it's not diversity of thought

Bolton condemns bunker-bound 'coward' Maduro while Maduro speaks to cheering throngs in street

Homelessness at record high in NYC as gentrification pushes half the city out


May 2: Poynter declares unreliable sources list unreliable; liberals embrace Facebook fascism; Papadopoulos exposes multipronged spy ops

*Poynter forced to eat "unreliable news sources" list after "unreliable" sites point out its unreliability

Liberals, once proponents of free speech, cheer Facebook ban of "extremists"

Papadopoulos calls out multinational involvement in Trump campaign spying

Actor who played Chewbacca in Star Wars dead


May 3: EPA is a regulatory slut; Trump finally condemns Facebook bans; US & S. Korea cry wolf on DPRK launch; media foam as Trump talks peace

EPA, in bed with Monsanto & Dow, insists Roundup is safe despite jury verdicts

Trump finally ventures condemnation of Facebook censorship

Mainstream media rage as Trump hints at cutting losses in Venezuela, 'forgets' to scold Putin

North Korea launches projectiles from east coast, US & South mistake for missiles

Pentagon-chartered Guantanamo transport plane lands in river

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 "Ah, 'murica, good to the last drop!" the parasite sighs as it wipes its proboscis. Every empire has an expiration date, and American foreign policy seems bent on moving its own forward. Can we pencil it in for next week? Brunch, nuclear holocaust, tennis? Never again, until the next time!


April 22: Mars attacks, junkies invade, Kim meets Putin, plane meets ground

Democratic candidate promises extraterrestrial diplomacy, terrestrial wars

Starbucks outfits bathrooms with needle disposal boxes. Opium den: ur doin it wrong

Kim Jong-un announces upcoming meeting with Putin

Small plane disappears after takeoff in NC, later found crashed


April 23: Hillary & House Dems cling to obstruction; Boy Scouts cling to anonymity; media clings to "it was ISIS" narrative in Sri Lanka

Hillary hypes 'roadmap to indictment' in crushingly ironic appearance

House Dems complain Trump is obstructing their obstruction probes

Boy Scouts have 'perversion list' of 7,800 pedophiles, lawyer says

Death toll climbs to 359 in Sri Lanka Easter bombings

NZ's Ardern claims no connection between Sri Lanka and Christchurch attacks


April 24: Facebook expects record $5 billion FTC fine; activists defend Venezuelan embassy; Iran to Trump: beware of false flag

Facebook warns investors of expected $5 billion fine in Q1 earnings report

Activists occupy Venezuelan embassy in DC as diplomats kicked out of country

Javad Zarif warns Trump against Netanyahu-Pompeo-Bolton "B-team" plotting false flag


April 25: Wikipedia founder named to NewsGuard board; Wikileaks gets paid; NY probes Facebook infosuck; AOC confuses friend & foe, but EU doesn't

**Wikipedia founder named to NewsGuard board, rendering satire obsolete

Icelandic court rules Valitor must pay Wikileaks for banking block

New York investigating Facebook over mass email slurping

AOC mocks 'old white Republican' who turns out to be House Dem colleague

Juncker won't ban Chinese tech from EU's 5G


April 26: Biden can't wait til term 2; Buttigieg returns dirty money; Texas upholds 1st Amendment; Sri Lankan 'militants' killed in raid were kids

Biden confident of his youth through second term despite not winning first

Buttigieg returns lobbyist cash after raking in huge piles

Texas judge blocks anti-BDS law, putting First Amendment over Israel for first time in US history

15 bodies incl 6 kids found in suspected 'militant' hideout in Sri Lanka


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