The police state has officially declared war on more than half the country, declaring those who believe in so-called conspiracy theories (i.e. conspiracies the establishment media does not acknowledge are true) are domestic extremists, one 9/11 blog away from committing unspeakable atrocities. At the same time, they admit the rise in so-called conspiracy theories is partially due to the high volume of actual conspiracies being exposed. Oops! Rather than acknowledge that this is a normal reaction to illegal collusion by the rich and powerful, they declare critical thinking off limits. Time and again we are told to stop looking out the window and arguing that the sky is blue - if the media says it is green, there is no use in arguing anything else. If the word of the year for 2019 wasn't already "Orwellian," it sure is now... 

July 29: Erdogan paints target on his back; court OK's pig roast; Capital One cloudburst; Brazil <3's pesticides

Erdogan squares off against Bibi's US accomplices in war crimes

Pakistani military plane crashes in Rawalpindi

Man arrested for police parody site can sue pigs who arrested him, says court

140mn+ Capital One customers' data stolen in largest-ever US bank hack

Brazil races to embrace highly toxic pesticides, poisoning world's food supply 

July 30: Potato pissings; Five Eyes all staring at kiddie porn; dark forces & white candidates at Democrats' debate; coffee magnate dies under tax cloud

Woman turns self in after photo circulates linked to late-night Walmart potato-pissing escapade

Five Eyes demand Big Tech break its encryption 'for the children' or else the terrorists win

Identity politics bites Democrats in the ass as #DemDebateSoWhite trends

Indian coffee magnate found dead after suspicious stockholder letter circulates

Marianne Williamson warns of 'dark psychic forces' over US, forces media to take her seriously 

July 31: Epstein puts the 'erection' back in 'misdirection'; of rats and men; no medals for inept prosecutors; Tulsi soars on Kamala's sores

'Epstein was into eugenics!' NYTimes reports, scrambling to refocus attention away from Mossad connection

Sanctimonious Baltimore congressman called his own district 'drug infested' in old clip, but only Trump is racist

Trump calls for Navy to rescind medals of prosecutors who botched case against accused murderer SEAL

Tulsi wins debate after eviscerating Kamala over record, but not if Twitter can help it

August 1: Racism? in MY robots?; FBI declares war on 2/3 of America; more Walmart whizzing; Tulsi makes ass out of 'Assad apologist' assailant

**Robots are victims of human racism, pearl-clutching New Zealand scientists claim

FBI declares war on 'conspiracy theorists,' classifying most of US as extremists waiting to happen

Police seek another Walmart bladder bandit after he posts the deed on social media

Tulsi finally loses her patience with 'Assad apologist' attacks 

August 2: Trump brings mafia diplomacy to DPRK; Facebook smears stink on Instagram, Whatsapp; a very expensive mistake; sanctions for the ducks

Trump to Kim: DPRK has unlimited potential, unless it disappoints me

Zuckerberg slaps Facebook branding on Instagram & WhatsApp, hoping to drive users back to mothership

At $32mn, Mueller probe was most expensive nothingburger the taxpayer never ate

US adds another round of interminable anti-Russian sanctions over dubious Skripal poisoning