What are we celebrating on the 4th of July, again? Last i checked we pawned our national identity for "security." Hell of a drug, that "security."
Jul 1: Time-traveling Iranian nukes; kamikaze trade war takes Europe; Biden cracks up

Iran violated nuclear deal before it even existed, US says

US threatens more tariffs on EU: revenge for INSTEX?

**Friendly media spin Hunter Biden's drug use as a plus for Dad's floundering campaign


Jul 2: No more kiddie porn for the Pentagon; a cockroach is forever; Austria ditches glyphosate; Guaido throws regime change tantrum 

Congress introduces bill to crack down on Defense Dept child porn trading

Cockroaches evolve resistance to all pesticides in one generation, study finds

Bad news Bayer: Austria first EU country to ban glyphosate

Maduro open to continued Oslo 'dialogue,' but Guaido spurns mediation with 'dictatorship'


Jul 3: California protects your hair, but will still arrest you for pre-crime; Alexa keeps indelible records; Kushner throws regime change tantrum

California bans hair-based discrimination in legislative PR campaign

Police quietly dropping LAPD predictive-policing system - for effectiveness, not civil liberties reasons

Amazon admits Alexa recordings impossible to delete

Kushner throws tantrum over Palestinian boycott of Steal of the Century conference


Jul 4: An intervention for America; GoogleMaps outage unmoors world; Amazon reviews (& Santa Claus) are fake; black hawk drown

**American 'patriotism' embraces a Potemkin village while leaving the real country to rot

GoogleMaps outage leaves world panicked & disoriented

UK consumer watchdog exposes fake review scams on Amazon

Coal mining billionaire's helicopter crashes off Bahamas, killing 7


Jul 5: US demands IAEA meeting over Iran; Maduro extends olive branch, Guaido snaps it; southern California quivers in anticipation

US demands IAEA enforce Iran nuclear deal terms, forgetting it pulled out of JCPOA

On Venezuelan Independence Day, Maduro asks Can't we all just get along? & Guaido says No

Largest earthquake in 20 years rocks Southern California for second day in a row

Los Angeles newscaster hides under desk live on air as earthquake hits

Gas leak triggers University of Nevada dorm explosion