Watching the rash of "righteous teenager snitches on parents for protesting at Capitol" stories surge to rival the "OMFGVIRUS doubter falls terribly ill, realizes all those hypochondriacs are anything but, so went to a party and now dying of OMFGVIRUS" narrative, it seems like we've got a Children's Crusade in the works.Too bad it's against the wrong people, as usual. Never trust a pod to do a human's job. In fact, never trust a pod, and humans aren't looking so great either these days. Where are the Darwin Awards when you need them?


January 19: Diversity or die; ex-Moonie embraces OMB cult; Haspel out to torture another day; free speech isn't free

Biden hires trans PA health director whose Covid-19 orders killed tens of thousands of elderly

12 National Guardsmen sent home ahead of Biden inauguration for visiting 'extremist' websites

Cult expert says all US in dire need of deprogramming because Trump

CIA director 'bloody Gina' Haspel resigns a day before Trump leaves office

**Media establishment scrambles to redefine 'free speech' (or scrap it entirely) after Capitol riot

January 20: 100 days of facediapers; how dare you democracy; Twitter says obey; Antifa's never happy

Biden kicks off term with pledge to implement 100 day 'masking challenge'

Biden's new Israeli ambassador 'accidentally' adds Gaza & West Bank to his remit

US Chinese embassy locked out of Twitter for touting its "family planning" record in Xinjiang

Antifa smash up Seattle & Portland post-inauguration, demanding 'revenge'

January 21: Small businesses screwed; Amazombies want to vax you; more Patriot less Act; no one trusts untrustworthy thing; how dark is that winter really, Joe?

1 in 3 American small businesses can't pay rent, & it's not just restaurants anymore

**Amazon will help the US get those experimental drugs into your veins, exec pledges

Civil liberties won't survive another Patriot Act, Greenwald & 'squad' agree

Fewer Americans than ever trust mainstream media - but that's their fault, journos say

Biden warns half a million Americans will die with Covid-19 by February

 January 22: Gates wants to be your AI boyfriend; FBI complains deplatforming makes job hard; cleanup on aisle Kamala

Life imitates Black Mirror again as Microsoft offers to reanimate the dead as chatbots

**FBI laments that deplatforming 'domestic extremists' makes it hard to spy on/entrap them

**WaPo caught removing cringeworthy prison joke from Kamala Harris profile