Things are moving very quickly indeed, and I suggest anyone who does not have a hard-copy dictionary from the 1990s (earlier the better) get one and keep a damn good watch on that thing. The rate of descent into Newspeak is ignominious as can be. Learning to read from Bill Gates' CommonCore is no different than learning vocabulary by reading Wiktionary (yes, the Newspeak dictionary and its little sister are real) or learning social studies by watching Jerry Springer: you're doing it so wrong you'll probably never be able to do it right

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results, what does that make people who remind people that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results? Because that sounds even crazier. Worse than both, of course, is declaring you can't call things crazy or insane because there are people with mental illness etc. many have it so bad they've risen to high positions in government and finance - it's a condition, they can't help themselves, they cry, pleading to be released into the wild where they can strive to become a partner at Goldman Sachs.

March 23: No dogs allowed, especially neurotic (& necrotic) members of the royal family

NYC councilman calls for ban on armed robot dogs in NYPD after multiple 'successful' tests

**Prince Harry unironically sells mental health advice to Americans with more money than sanity

March 24: McCain takes a groveling break in rare divergence from worshiping daddy; yet another mass shooter disappoints with his skin color

Meghan McCain attempts to bury use of 'Wuhan virus' amid pandermonium over 'anti-Asian racism'

**FBI insists whites & Christians are the real threat as yet another non-white shooter kills 10 at supermarket 

March 25: Biden forgets what country he's trying to start war with; scientists set out to protect you from your nostrils

Biden insists he'll be less confrontational toward China while piling on more sanctions

Mexican researchers devise restaurant-compatible mask...that sits on your nose under 'big' masks

March 26: Israel says 'o hai let us hack u or we'll blow up ur World Trade...nevermind'; Biden serves up more of the same; your boss is watching you tweet

Google hacking teams expose 'counterterrorism' malware being run on the US by supposed ally

**Biden's prediction "Nothing will fundamentally change" for the rich under his rule has proven true - except media spin

French surveillance-as-a-source offers employers the ability to track workers' every move

March 29: Captain Underpants spinoff pulled from shelves over 'passive racism'; Bellingcat alum arrives full of bullshit at USAToday, but you're not allowed to mock her

'Captain Underpants' writer forced to yank spinoff of children's series due to 'passive racism' against Asians

**Glenn Greenwald lambasted for calling out USA Today intern's 'first article' - never mind her Bellingcat background

March 30: ID for travel is mandatory, ID for voting is anathema; no dick pix for 2nd graders please; no one laughs at Amazon running teams of 'funny' sock puppets

**New York rushes to be first in the nation with vaccine passports, but voter ID is racist?

Connecticut parent raises hell after second-graders exposed to silhouette of erect penis

Amazon distances itself from dodgy anti-union trolls (while later it's exposed as running them)

March 31: Epstein threatens to drop mom & child into alligator moat; did ziofascists force Butler U to deplatform Angela Davis? Siri demands you gender it - years of resentment await

Epstein & Maxwell allegedly threatened broker with death by alligator after kidnapping & raping her in front of son

**Butler University denies Ziofascist pressure group forced them to deplatform Angela Davis over BDS support

No misgendering allowed: Apple users forced to pick gender for Siri right out of the box

April 1: Google reminds you fun spreads OMFGVIRUS; in Floyd vs fentanyl, Floyd would have come out on top, lawyers say; VA supremes deliver wildly anticlimactic ruling on Confederate statues

**Google opts to ditch April Fool's Day again, ramping up efforts to kill western sense of humor

George Floyd's lawyers insist client's drug use meant gargantuan fentanyl intake unlikely to kill him

Virginia Supreme Court reverses decision, allowing Charlottesville to remove infamous Confederate statues

April 2: Border crossings soar; Michelle Obama teaches sociopathy; Minneapolis cop didn't make it to training day with the IDF

March sees two-decade record high in illegal border crossings as Biden administration insists there's no problem

**Michelle Obama pulls a Madonna, telling British schoolgirls to be thankful for 'great blessing' of Covid-19

Minneapolis cop insists he was trained not to use 'deadly force' knee-to-neck hold - but was Chauvin?