The latest "Iranian" tanker false flag is backed by a comprehensive anti-Iran trolling campaign - so of course Twitter has dumped thousands of accounts for nothing more than tweeting positively about Iran. Russiagate continues to be a black hole for political commentary, while Facebook and WhatsApp have dropped the 'friendly' act & embraced straight-up fascism. 

June 12: Don't you laugh, damn you, don't you laugh - or we'll sue/investigate/virtue-shame you

WhatsApp threatens to sue users who message too many people

House Dems redefine magical thinking with surreal Watergate-invoking John Dean hearing

NYTimes axes political cartoons after accidentally publishing truthful representation of US-Israel relationship

June 13: Unfulfillable campaign promises 101

Biden promises to cure cancer if he's elected in 2020

Buttigieg promises not to fund West Bank annexation if he's elected in 2020

McAfee promises to 'bury' corrupt gov't if they keep harassing him (or if he's elected in 2020) (i'll take option #3)

June 14: Socialism for the rich, hypocrisy for your 2016 supporters

Bernie calls out hypocrisy of 'corporate socialism' in White House, Wall Street

June 15: Anti-Iran trolls unmasked; Facebook tracks 'haters' offline; Russiagate distracts

*Twitter deplatforms pro-Iran accounts as taxpayer-funded anti-Iran troll campaigns exposed

Facebook tracks users' off-platform 'hate' for years, rewards employees for snitching

Russiagate distracts from legitimate issues: 'glass ceiling for political thought'

Spineless US press hates free speech, won't defend Assange

June 16: Red-faced red panic; ghoulish Graham's crackers; UK bans gender stereotypes; Assange doomed

Chinese company making US & UK's F-35 parts, but please tell me more about Huawei spying

McCain-channelling closet-case Graham calls for invading Venezuela to put 'points on the board'

UK ad watchdog bans 'offensive, harmful' gender stereotypes

Assange won't get a fair trial amid widespread demonization & disinfo campaign