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When your anti-conspiracy filter starts spawning conspiracies where none previously existed, it's time to throw in the towel on the uncritical worship of "artificial intelligence." If our soon-to-be robot overlords are telling us all burning buildings look alike, what other anti-human biases do they harbor? Remember, kids: AI doesn't laugh.

April 15: Propaganda platform adds insult to Notre Dame injury; Assange affidavit exposes void at case's center

Police drone shows entire Notre Dame roof in flames

YouTube labels Notre Dame livestream as 9/11, promoting conspiracies it's supposed to squelch

US unseals Assange affidavit, exposing zero proof of alleged Pentagon hacking

April 16: Japan politely asks US to stop wiping its ass with Okinawa, so Trump wipes it with Cuba instead; world's oldest 18-year-old

Japan asks US military to stop running wild after Okinawan murder-suicide

Trump to allow Americans to sue Cuba (and US allies) over revolution-confiscated property

Colorado schools on lockdown as world's oldest-looking 'armed & dangerous' 18-year-old on loose

GoFundMe anti-vax ban might be legal, but it's hypocritical & discriminatory as hell, says Lionel

April 17: Reanimated pig brains mean hope for braindead cops; why burn books when whole libraries will do; worst smartphone design ever

Scientists restore brain function in hours-dead pigs; what's that, officer? you moved toward the light?

*MIT librarian attacks libraries for stocking white-authored books, & those pages are looking awfully pale too

$2000 folding smartphone crashes & burns, surprising no one

April 18: No bodily integrity for you; CIA dying of Trump Derangement Syndrome; You Had One Job (tm)

Brooklyn judge denies parents right to kids' bodily integrity, upholding mandatory vaccines amid non-epidemic

CIA agent warns intelligence community their rabid anti-Trumpism is threatening their credibility

VA whistleblower-protection agency under investigation for retaliating against whistleblowers

Trump to visit Japan to hammer out trade deal

April 19: Militia does Border Patrol's job, because it won't; here's a little bit of grandma in that pie, literally; tone-deaf != color-blind

US government chastises border patrol wannabes after they detain 3,500 migrants in a month

Washington poised to legalize human composting, because why should an eco-friendly lifestyle end with death

Ancestry.com yanks antebellum interracial-romance ad after Twitter outcry over slavery 'whitewash'

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It's a dark day for human rights when Bibi Netanyahu wins a fifth term & Julian Assange is hauled off in chains for "conspiring to hack a computer." Though given the Pentagon's history of shabby opsec, the password was probably "password" anyway. The arrest of Assange was a message to those who would publish material embarrassing to empire: you have nowhere to hide. If you find a friendly country to shelter you, we will regime-change their government & strong-arm the new guy into selling out his national sovereignty for an IMF loan. Not a peep from the mainstream media, while alt media is too busy gossiping about Assange's possible intelligence agency connections to understand what his arrest actually means for press freedom. Do we even need the ruling class to play divide & conquer anymore, or are we just going to do it to ourselves? Pay attention or suffer the consequences.


April 8: Americans (& Israelis) can't handle failure, while Brits are being taught to love it

*Why can't American college kids handle failure? Just look at their government

Polls open in Israel - Bibi starts rigging furiously...

Eric 'nuke the gun owners' Swalwell announces 2020 candidacy

Parliament passes resolution to debate Brexit

Former top NZ diplomat charged with attempted toilet-cam recordings of embassy colleagues


April 9: Netanyahu to nation: How's my occupying? Would anyone else bribe you with stolen land while under investigation for bribery?

Israeli analysts dissect election: it's all about the Benjamins (Netanyahus & Franklins)

Japanese military finds wreckage of "disappeared" F-35A

AG Barr to probe anti-Trump bias in Russiagate investigation; Pope's Catholicism next?

Dalai Lama hospitalized for chest infection, raising succession questions


April 10: Alexa's humans hear you get screwed, literally & figuratively; Texas wants to criminalize abortion; Tasmania tries to criminalize misgendering; Brexit doomed

Amazon Alexa's human helpers reveal someone's always listening - to your shower-singing, or rape

Texas Republican wants to make abortion a capital crime

Tasmania removes gender from birth certificates in 'dog's breakfast' frankenlaw

May wins 6-month Brexit delay at emergency EU council meeting


April 11: Assange arrest sets chilling precedent - but so does barring BDS founder from US; comedy from the Clinton corpse 

Wikileaks editor & Assange lawyer warn arrest will doom free press

Manning demands release, citing malicious & superfluous prosecution

BDS founder denied entry to US - by US authorities, not Israeli

Clinton cackles over Assange arrest


April 12: Georgetown raises white (guilt) flag; pigs burn Burning Man; Pompeo denies bears shit in woods

Georgetown University students vote reparations "tax" into tuition

*Feds attempt to destroy Burning Man after it proves them irrelevant

Pompeo denies Netanyahu's reelection & West Bank annexation promise hurts peace

Former Venezuelan military intel chief arrested in Spain on US cocaine-trafficking warrant

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 As Democrats & Republicans fight to have their hands on the wheel the day the US finally implodes, the last few constitutional rights we thought we had are revealed to be little more than vaporware. So, same as last week. Move along, nothing to see here.


April 1: Biden defenders say women have no right to personal space; Supreme Court says condemned have no right to painless death; Google says users have no rights, period

Biden spox cries conspiracy as more accusers take Creepy Joe to task

*Google AI 'ethics council' collapses from...lack of ethics

Supreme Court rules condemned murderer has no right to painless death


April 2: "Intelligence agencies" is the most ironic misnomer in history: a tragicomedy in 3 parts

Secret service arrests "Chinese spy" after letting her roam around Mar-a-Lago unimpeded

Papadopoulos says truth will soon come out about Deep State culpability in Russiagate

Former spies sue intelligence agencies for right to publish books about their careers


April 3: Facebook wants your email password, Democrats want your integrity, & higher ed. just wants your soul

*Facebook asks users for email passwords - what could go wrong?

*Post-Russiagate Dems elaborately dance around real issues to place hopes in Trump tax returns

Kansas University offers "Angry White Males" course, making white males angry

FAA forms joint review panel with NASA and foreign regulators to probe Boeing failures


April 4: Petrodollar's days numbered; Assange under siege; US spied on Huawei to 'prove' Huawei spying on US; Cohen tries to lie his way out of jail

Saudis prepare to dump petrodollar if US allows OPEC antitrust bill to go forward

Assange supporters mobilize after news he will be booted from Ecuadorian embassy

US used secretive FISA court to spy on Huawei...in name of preventing Huawei from 'spying' on US

Cohen pulls 14 million files out of his ass a hat in hail-Mary bid for get-out-of-jail-free card

Freedom from religion advocates demand alternative to Mississippi's 'In God We Trust' license plates


April 5: War criminals & their enablers get snuggly; full speed ahead on kiddie sexual derangement 

Obama & Merkel 4eva: Former prez visits soon-to-be former chancellor to giggle about war crimes, get paid

Kids as young as 8 now getting cross-sex hormones in gov't sponsored transgender research

Rhode Island teachers' unions oppose criminalization of sex with students


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 It's difficult to understate how much of a threat Article 13 poses to the internet as we know it. This law comes in the guise of an overreaching copyright regulation but the preemptive filters it will force platforms to use can just as easily be weaponized to censor all politically inconvenient speech. Given the draconian 'hate speech' and 'fake news' being passed in individual European countries, this is all but inevitable. Google, Facebook, Twitter et.al. serve the most oppressive common denominator - living in the US will not save you. Farewell internet - it was fun while it lasted. (* = bylined)

March 25: Article 13 destroys the internet; UK can't leave EU or Yemen without a black eye; even Saudis think Trump's cucked

EU prepares to kill internet as we know it with Article 13 vote

*Article 13 weaponizes copyright to impose preemptive censorship

UK MPs wrest control of Brexit from Theresa Maybe

UK opposition demands out of Yemen after special forces injured fighting for Saudis

Even Saudi Arabia won't back Trump's Golan Heights sellout

March 26: Middle East Peace sacrificed to Greater Israel; journalistic credibility sacrificed to ratings; Green New Deal sacrificed to green new $$

*Trump & Kushner's Middle East Peace plan has no room for Palestine

Israel pounds Gaza 2 nights in pre-election response to 2 rockets landing harmlessly

Syria demands UN Security Council meeting after Golan Heights declaration

BBC head laments 'mainstream media' as smear-Lionel says look in the mirror

Green New Deal flops after forced Senate vote

March 27: Guaido swears revolution around the corner; Maddow swears Russians around the corner; Smollett swears lynch mobs around the corner; Monsanto just swears

Guaido calls for 'tactical action' ahead of inevitable palace-storming 2002 reenactment

Maddow slips from 1st to 6th place as MSNBC ratings plummet post-Mueller

FBI reviewing dismissal of Smollett hate hoax charges

Jury rules Bayer must pay in second Roundup cancer case

Truck plows into crowd investigating another accident on Guatemala highway

March 28: Facebook covers up racism with white nationalism ban; Mexico shrugs off migrant blame; Smollett lawyer keeps straight face; Pakistan says no terror here

*Facebook bans 'white nationalism' to cover up its own targeted-ad racism

AMLO to Trump: don't blame Mexico for your Central American migrant problem

Smollett lawyer says Nigerian brothers wore whiteface to attack Jussie Smollett

Pakistan reports no terror camps at sites submitted by India

Georgia mayoral campaign meeting bars white media

March 29: MSNBC becomes MSDNC; Bolton's unrequited love; Tesla takes your secrets to the grave; Tinder tanks millennial sex rates

MSNBC political editor bullies journalist on behalf of DNC

Venezuelan defense minister wants Bolton to stop sending love notes

Tesla hoards all your data & coughs it up to junkyard or future owner

Tinder offers 'height-verification' as consolation prize for destroying your sex life


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 The most special of special counsels has wrapped up his investigation, and Russiagate is a dud. i could say i told you so, but that wouldn't be sporting, so let's revisit an old video instead. Russiagate may be dead, but death is only the beginning when you're a faith-based crusade with only the most fleeting link to the reality-based community - now that that link has been severed, expect the collusion delusion to only strengthen.

this has aged a lot better than Luke Harding's book...


March 18: Mini brains seeking a spine; social credit scores meet capitalism; death squad revivalist gets the band back together

Lab-grown 'mini-brains' cry out for a spine, campaign contributions next?

Donald Trump Jr. warns of privatized version of Chinese social credit score. Too bad it's already here*

Bolsonaro's first stop in US is CIA: time to bring the junta back?

In space no one can hear you[r herpes] scream


March 19: EU <3 AI; Italian pol gets ironypox; institutional hypocrisy, sacred vs profane edition

A quarter of EU citizens ready to embrace AI overlords*

Italian governor against vaccine mandates mocked for getting most ironic chickenpox ever [& if you don't think he had help getting sick, i've got a bridge to sell you]

Trump names former Boeing exec to FAA after second Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash kills everyone on board

After claiming new age of accountability, Pope pleads with cardinal who covered up abuse to stay on


March 20: MoveOn to Dems: please step away from the checkbook; Rachel Dolezal's revenge; NZ psyop bears fruit

MoveOn asks 2020 presidential candidates to boycott AIPAC

Finnish researcher ties self in knots trying to make case for 'trans-ageism'*

New Zealand debuts gun control laws, Americans know whose benefit this is really for

FBI joins probe into Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes, lax oversight


March 21: Dems spit in base's face over AIPAC; Facebook & Monsanto say Trust Us; robot bees lead interspecies takeover

House Dems show fealty to donors, indifference to voters with yet another anti-BDS bill as AIPAC approaches*

Facebook stored over half a billion users' passwords in plaintext, but it's OK, their employees are trustworthy!

Los Angeles bans Monsanto's RoundUp after second cancer lawsuit - 9,000 more to go!

Robot mimics allow interspecies communication & behavioral control


March 24: Mueller meltdown; Iran gloats; Google votes

Mueller meltdown: Dems vow it isn't over, demand to see full report

Mueller meltdown memed: #Resistance implodes, grasps at obstruction straws

Iran confirms Netanyahu family's phones hacked

Google flipped seats for Dems in 2018, swayed 7.8million votes, researcher says


* = bylined!


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