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My headlines from this week, as the nation is slowly engulfed by crazy. Next week: firing squads?

Oct 22: Monsanto verdict stands; Brooklyn cops vent sexual frustration; Mexico City explodes; 'the Mooch' clings to relevance; 'Bloody Gina' back from Turkey, where escaped convict goes on totally unrelated rampage; Canadian elections dull in comparison

MonSatan must pay, affirms court

Brooklyn precinct's sexual frustration erupts in mouthful of panties 

Mexico was blowing up before it was cool

Sad hedge fund man tries to dance his way back into our hearts

'Bloody Gina' Haspel off to Istanbul for knowledge-sharing w/Saudi thugs

Istanbul con goes on butcher shop stabbing rampage

Toronto elections now 100% less psychotic than southern neighbors


Oct 23: Godwin's Law eats itself; terrorists <3 food stamps; Trump blames CA for wildfires; Ecuador forgets what 'asylum' means; half of Yemenis poised to starve

Former Bush aide takes Trump vs Hitler to next level

Food stamp fraud funds terrorism -report

Trump blames CA for wildfires & drought, threatens to withhold aid

Ecuador declines to protect Assange from extradition, forgets what 'asylum' means

New UN stats show half of Yemen on brink of famine


Oct 24: NYTimes publishes Trump snuff porn; Argentina prepares to relive 2001 crisis; Waters gets double-bombed; FL kids plot murder; new video of Trump hotel shooter; Israel shoots up Gaza, again

NYTimes publishes Trump snuff porn & bad spyfic while bleating about civility

Argentina protests austerity cuts from largest-ever IMF bailout; replay of 2001 looms

Maxine Waters receives 2nd dud mailbomb, 'ain't scared'

Florida tweens planned to murder & eat classmates to spend eternity with Satan

Video emerges of Trump hotel shooter ahead of trial

IDF hits 8 sites in Gaza after rocket attack


Oct 25: #metoo-gle; Rachel Dolezal's revenge; glyphosate is everywhere; Japan resettles radiation refugees; more suspicious packages in NYC and FL; Haspel briefs Trump on hack(ed) journalist

#metoo-gle: Google gets taste of own medicine with harassment exposé

Transracial shoe on other foot, thanks to Dr. Phil

Glyphosate: it's everywhere you want to be

Japan redefines "safe" radiation to send Fukushima residents home

FL courthouse evacuated for suspicious packages

CNN building evacuated again, this time over kids' toys

Haspel briefs Trump on Khashoggi death tape


Oct 26: NBC hid discrediting info on Kavanaugh witness; HBO hires sex coach; personal responsibility no longer a thing

NBC sat on discrediting info about Kavanaugh accuser

HBO hires stunt coordinator for sex scenes

Media blames Gab.ai for synagogue shooting


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My headlines from this week, now with more hypocrisy (it's as American as apple pie, with only half the calories!).

October 15: Assange's newly-recovered "freedom" isn't free; cardiac stem cell research is fake; Trump dating app is a trap; politician lies, surprising no one

Assange reconnected, plus nine pages of caveats

Hospitals admit cardiac stem cell pioneer made it all up

Tinder for Trumpsters leaks users' personal data on first day

Democratic senator caught hiding positions from voters

October 16: Anti-net-neutrality comments faked by industry interests; professional sociopaths think military needs more mafia; robots are better dancers than us too; Trump 'threatened' by Fed's spite-hikes; YouTube outage shakes internet's faith in reality

FCC repealed Net Neutrality on the word of bots, astroturfers

Mercenary promotes Murder Inc. model to US military

Boston Dynamics robot out-dances pathetic humans

Trump feuding with Fed over rate hikes

YouTube goes down, foundations of internet reality shaken

October 17: Nikki Haley makes presidential noises; Facebook sued for lying about ads; GOP candidates & operatives attacked; Trump good at science, so climate change no biggie; Japan wonders why people mind radioactive waste in ocean

Haley talks Kissinger, Zionism to secretive GOP kingmakers

Ad buyers take Facebook to court for lying about video metrics

'End to civility' leads to attacks on GOP candidates & operatives in MN, NV

Trump not concerned about climate change, because he's good with science

Japan prepares to dump Fukushima wastewater in Pacific, wonders why the fuss

October 18: Dear Nikki: please do standup, not politics; UK can't meme; McCaskill digs deeper hole; exorcists band together to protect Kavanaugh; navy captain on hook for penny-ante shenanigans

Haley makes a better comedian than a politician

UK researchers blame memes for childhood obesity, don't know what memes are

McCaskill threatens undercover journalists who exposed her as fraud

Exorcists pledge to protect Kavanaugh against Brooklyn coven's hex

Navy captain court-martialed for $0.6mil insider dealing while $trillions vanish at Pentagon

October 19: Pompeo & Trump grandstand about migrant caravan while silently shitting pants; Israel eager to get its war on; Macedonia rams through name change

Pompeo slams migrant caravan for using women & children as 'human shields'

Trump condemns 'bad hombres' after Mexico border breached

Israel's trigger finger itches after conveniently-timed Gaza rocket attack

Macedonian parliament, eager to join NATO, ignores referendum failure & votes to change name

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They were right - I've been a Russian bot all along.* Here's my first week with RT:

October 8: the unexpected side effects of runaway political correctness; pig convicted of murder in unicorn verdict

Gender danger: Trans student barred from locker rooms during school shooting drill

"No other civilized country allows the police to kill with impunity," black activist tells RT

October 9: US weapons systems using "password" as password; SecDef insists on battle-ready planes, the better to intimidate you with; creepy porn lawyer clings to media spotlight 

Homeland Insecurity? "Entire generation" of US weapons easily hackable

Mad Dog Mattis wants 80% of key fighter jets ready for war

"Resistance" poster boy Avenatti is picking a literal fight with Donald Trump Jr.

October 10: Tesla to be engulfed by Murdoch borg; flying is nuts; most vets want US out of Afghan quagmire; Pompeo pouts over being left out of Korean talks

Murdoch heir rumored to be in line for Tesla chair, Musk denies in 4:20 tweet

"Emotional support squirrel" on plane drives passengers nuts

US veterans overwhelmingly want troops out of Afghanistan - poll

Pompeo complains about being left out of Korean peace talks

October 11: Facebook deplatforms hundreds of popular alt.media accounts; Branson grows morals over Khashoggi disappearance; Ecuador praised for human rights while denying Assange his; creepy robot learns new moves

Facebook purges hundreds of political pages, some with millions of followers

Virgin Galactic boss Richard Branson suspends $1bn Saudi investment over Khashoggi disappearance

Ecuador gets UN praise for 'freedom of expression' as Assange remains gagged in embassy limbo

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can now do parkour, chase squishy humans up stairs

October 12: Ethics watchdog sees Hatch Act violation in Kanye selfie; friendly neighborhood Spider-Cops coming to NYC; 5th graders given creepy sex survey; your DNA can be used against you; FDA stiff with rage

Sarah Sanders' photo with Kanye is illegal, ethics watchdog says

Friendly neighborhood spider-cop? Web weapon designed to subdue mentally ill troublemakers

Creepy survey asks 5th-graders about their sex lives

It's frighteningly easy to track someone down via DNA, reveals scientist

Viagra in vape liquid has FDA hot & bothered


*I'll take a Turing test if you will! 

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