I am getting very tired of making jokes only to have them come true. "Kill yourself before the OMFGVIRUS can!" is a slogan I made up back in April to mock the paper-tiger nature of Covid-19 combined with the cultlike authority its worshipers vested in the quasi-scriptural propaganda that had grown up around it. Now we have a 100% increase in the number of child suicides. The people crafting these narratives are evil scumbags seeking to turn our senses of humor - one of the few human elements they can neither fake nor purchase - against us. When they take our sense of humor they've effectively succeeded in alienating us against ourselves, and one of the ways they do this is by taking what should be jokes and turning them into reality where they are quite obviously no longer funny - hell, the entire OMFGVIRUS narrative would have made a hilarious modern version of "A Modest Proposal" if it hadn't actually happened - in the hope of convincing us to abandon our will to laugh at things (conveniently bringing us one big step closer to the robot/AI consciousness-merge Schwab & co. are still pushing as the be-all end-all of transhumanist utopia - remember, AI doesn't laugh).

Lest reality get lost in the atrocity shuffle, these kids aren't offing themselves because people are making jokes about OMFGVIRUS suicide cults - they're offing themselves because their scared-shitless parents are forcing them into real-life OMFGVIRUS suicide cults enshrining suffering, guilt and misery as the pinnacle of achievement for kids who are supposed to be playing outside, with other children, in the sun and the dirt, where they can wrap their hands and minds around what it truly is to be human. Lockdowns kill. Oppose them with every fiber of your being.

(And yes, the article linked above gets a few things wrong, such as quoting Milton Friedman [just don't, once you've summoned demons they're incredibly difficult to put back] and its assumption that lockdown suicides are an unintentional side effect of the policy [they are in fact one of the primary intentions, as a labor-saving measure - the more of us kill ourselves, the fewer are left for them to kill]. But its primary thrust is both correct and alarming. If you can read it without experiencing visceral rage at the inhuman architects of this heinous policy, check your pulse, as you are probably dead.)

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