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 Google reaches for world domination while conspiracy-shaming kicks into overdrive - now anyone who questions the incomprehensibly idiotic Epstein "suicide" narrative is accused of sowing discord, incubating fascism, & killing polar bears. OK, maybe not that last one. It can't be easy to be a ruling class narrative-manager these days - and they want our sympathy, but they'll settle for our last dollar & firstborn child. A bargain at twice the price!

November 11: Women's wrongs; bipolar bears; just shoot me

H&M slimed after designer dares to have same initials as women-beating acronym

**Polar bears aren't starving because of climate change - they're thriving in it

University of Virginia cancels Veterans Day 21-gun-salute as Peak Snowflake approaches

November 12: Conspiracy deniers on the warpath; protests protests everywhere plus a color revolution; no journalism allowed at journalism school

**Conspiracy-shaming is the lazy government's way of pathologizing dissent

Catalan independence protesters brutally routed from French border blockade

Hong Kong rioters set campuses ablaze as police try to reclaim universities

Chilean police drag elderly man through the streets as anti-neoliberalism protests rage

**Renowned journalism school teaches students to comfort the comfortable & afflict the afflicted

November 13: Project Nightingale triggers probe; VK beats Facebook to the dislike punch; warpigs intimidate peace activist

Google reaches tentacles into personal finance as Project Nightingale triggers a(nother) federal probe

Peace activist raided by cops for bogus, months-old 'assault' charge on congresswoman

VK adopts long-awaited "dislike" button, sending Facebook users into paroxysms of envy

November 14: Huawei's gonna getcha; Epstein speculation breeds fascists; Romney in blackface; pity the billionaires

Huawei poses 'threat to our collective security,' Barr says, calling for blanket ban from FCC

'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme is recruiting tool for fascism, cry establishment pearl-clutchers

Deval Patrick a.k.a. Black Mitt Romney jumps into 2020 race with Obama's blessing

Earthquake off Indonesian island of Ternate triggers tsunami warning

**Wealth-tax-wary billionaires declare themselves a persecuted class, slam socialist 'discrimination'

November 15: Another nothing transcript; very deadly "mistake"; Assad calls out Epstein coverup; Stone stoned in hypocritical display

Trump releases transcript of post-election congratulations call with Zelensky

Israel admits to bombing Gaza family, killing 8, but insists lowly herder was Islamic Jihad commander

Assad casts doubt on Epstein & Le Mesurier suicide narratives, compares to other CIA mystery deaths

Roger Stone found guilty, disproving 'Russian collusion' in verdict held up as proof of 'Russian collusion'

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Russiagate lives on in the minds of its devotees, who are already predicting (sans proof) a hefty helping of election meddling for 2020. Perhaps they're aware that with candidates like Biden and warmongering Warren, even four more years of the Bad Orange Man isn't enough to get people to the polls. Whenever you don't vote, Putin kills a walrus --#Resistance proverb

November 4: Biden shoots self while aiming at Trump; #Resistance hypocrisy; Facebook embraces boomerdom; class war for the rich

Biden jabs 'former president' Trump - and inadvertently slimes his hero Obama

**Comedian mocks Trump 'witch hunt' merch, but Comey/Mueller fangear goes unmentioned

Facebook rebrands in all caps, fiddling while Menlo Park burns

NYC pied-à-terre tax sets wealthy whining about 'class war on the rich'

November 5: Derpy diplomat rewrites reality; ABC covered for Epstein; smart homes for stupid people; Russiagate is a brainwashing cult 

Diplomat dodges possible perjury with revised testimony after transcripts 'refresh his memory'

ABC execs spiked Epstein story because they're all 'implicated' - & he definitely didn't kill himself

AI assistants can be hacked from afar with cheap mass-market lasers

**Russiagate is a cult & its brainwashed devotees have their sights on 2020

November 6: Syria pullout canceled; Zuckerberg gets taste of own medicine; gold diggers of 2019; climate change walrus suicide debunked

US pullout of Syria turns into 'reckless' neverending oil-squatting mission

CA gives Facebook a taste of its own privacy-decimating medicine: cough up Zuck's emails or else

Dozens killed & injured as mining convoy comes under ambush in Burkina Faso

**Walruses don't commit suicide 'because climate change.' What else are they lying about?

November 7: Taylor's 'telephone' testimony; NATO isn't braindead, just sleeping; suspected Epstein leaker fired; Gates reverts to type

Much-praised Taylor testimony reveals 'quid pro quo' was merely high-stakes game of telephone

Merkel & Stoltenberg defend senile NATO from meanie Macron's "braindead" jab

No conspiracy here: CBS fires suspected ABC Epstein leaker on tip from 'rival' network

Bill Gates busts 'good billionaire' myth by hinting he won't vote for wealth-grabbin' Warren

November 8: Piss-poor excuse for a culture ministry; fired Epstein leaker doth protest too much, while Veritas says keep looking

Senior French government official drugged women to watch them urinate in front of him - for 10 years

Accused Epstein leaker pleads innocence as Megyn Kelly stages comeback through interview

Project Veritas warns fire-happy TV networks they've got the wrong Epstein leaker

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The impeachment machinery grinds on, distracting from the outright theft of Syria's oil and the ongoing trickle-up economy leaving most Americans scrambling to pay their bills - scrambling too much to read up on the nature of the boot crushing their necks, which is totally a coincidence of course. There's no such thing as conspiracies, haven't you heard? To say otherwise is to be guilty of "conspiRACISM" (i wish i was kidding).

October 28: Fail on a Hill; Scarborough pitchforked; Pelosi taking it legal; socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else

Katie Hill resigns amid House ethics probe based on newly-minted #MeToo rule

Scarborough slaughtered after suggesting 'lock him up' is excessive 

Pelosi announces 'unnecessary' vote to legitimize dead-in-the-water impeachment probe

**Millennials increasingly back socialism, but the US already has socialism - for the rich

October 29: Sweden wants moar migrants; reach to impeach; Catholic priest shuns Biden; New Knowledge morphs into wild blue Yonder

Sweden's government website beckons more migrants despite crime wave & stretched resources 

Impeachment resolution drops, but Republicans say it's not enough

Biden denied communion over constantly-shifting abortion views 

**Bot-hunting (& bot-cultivating) firm changes name to ditch reputational baggage

October 30: Pop goes the police state; Twitter out of politics; climate change causes political impotence; Green Zone red; unfunny comedians

Family denied compensation after Colorado cops blow up their house chasing a shoplifter

Twitter's Dorsey declares they're out of the political ad game, sliming Facebook while dodging regulation 

Ex-Cali gov blames Trump & "climate deniers" for wildfires, ignoring PG&E pyromania

Rocket lands in Baghdad's Green Zone amid anti-government protests

Science says men funnier than the average woman; righteous indignation from unfunny female comedians ensues

October 31: House votes impeachment on; how to enjoy your holiday in Cambodia; Starbucks hates white people 

House Democrats vote to move impeachment inquiry forward

**Solo female travelers of Instagram are luring young women to their doom (& ruining it for the rest of us)

Fired white Starbucks manager sues coffee behemoth for racial discrimination

November 1: Blade Runner is here now; Google has your health data; HRW hypocrisy; the green is a lie

Blade Runner was set in November 2019. The reality is even more dystopian

Google buys Fitbit, forking over reams of customer health data to the ad machine

Human Rights Watch director fears for Chilean protesters' eyes, but couldn't care less about Yellow Vests' or Catalonians'

The only thing "green" about most eco-friendly products is the profit margin 

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The social media monopolies are realizing they've bitten off more than they can chew, and finally starting to choke - realizing they can't lick the government's boots and sweet-talk their users at the same time. If only the goons directing the US military could have a similar moment of truth.

October 21: Opioid crisis inevitable; we don't need no stinkin' sanctions; war pigs grunt; Romney's secret life

**Planned crisis? Opioid plague was the inevitable outcome of US for profit healthcare system

Turkey names banker convicted of dodging Iran sanctions to lead stock exchange

Pompeo warns Turkey it's next for Greater Kurdistan carve-up

Mitt Romney's depressingly pedestrian Twitter alter-ego, exposed 

October 22: Trapped in the closet; speech police go literal; race to the bottom; privatized terror blacklist mines tabloids

"Where's Lindsey?" McCain's mini-me falling down on the job

College students arrested for racial slurs in vulgar word game as campus wokesters cry for blood

Hundreds of old racehorses tortured & slaughtered monthly at Queensland abattoir

Over 3 million names on privatized risk list fed with unsubstantiated tabloid rumors & search results

October 23: Bitch ban reverses cause & effect; Libra fail tanks competitors; Snowden talks panopticon; Trump lusts for oil

**It's 1984, bitch! Banning 'sexist' language will not end sexism, but it's easier than changing society

Cryptos tank as Zuckerberg tries to defend Facebook Libra with China threat

Snowden reminds smartphone addicts they're bankrolling their own surveillance

Trump has finally 'secured' Syria's oil from all those pesky Syrians

October 24: Americans hate free speech; student loans fail; pot demands investigation of kettle; more excitement than Congress has seen in years

Most Americans are having second thoughts about the First Amendment

Student loan official quits Trump admin, calls for mass loan forgiveness

**US Senators demand investigation of TikTok, because only American platforms can meddle in politics

Nude photos of Democratic congresswoman smoking bong with 'Nazi' tattoo trigger bipartisan insanity

October 25: Russiagaters on a rampage; Twitter's digital class war; Soros declares all enemies dictators; liberals hate Facebook for wrong reasons

Tulsi Gabbard's shift to presidential campaign triggers #TulsiStein conspiracy theorists

**Twitter's ad troubles reveal a digital caste system set in stone

Soros dumps unprecedented cash into lobbying while smearing all his foes as (wannabe) dictators

**Rage over Breitbart's inclusion in Facebook News ignores that Facebook News itself is the problem

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Get ready for another manufactured ISIS resurgence - the Greater Kurdistan goons are licking their lips & eyeing the piece of Turkey they want to break off. But Erdogan didn't create ISIS - the US and Israel did, with some help from Saudi Arabia. Without those three, the Middle East risks collapsing into a peaceful oasisNobody puts Bibi in the corner...

October 14: Turkey blamed for ISIS; Catalan crackdown backfires; Facebook deletion hypocrisy; girl-ISIS goes to jail 

Pentagon blames Turkey for releasing ISIS, demands NATO self-sanction

Catalan leaders' 100+ year prison sentence triggers protests, riots in Barcelona

**#DeleteFacebook trends at last...over Zuckerberg meeting with conservatives

All-female ISIS-linked terror cell sentenced for botched Notre Dame bombing

October 15: Dutch cellar dwellers freed; India puts economy (and water) first; Twitter threatens Trump

6 siblings rescued from Dutch farmhouse basement where father held them hostage for 9 years

India puts its economy ahead of ever-multiplying US sanctions

Modi tells farmers all water from India's rivers flowing into Pakistan is theirs

Twitter warns Trump world leaders can be deplatformed at any time 

October 16: Trump's fan letter scorned; pedo ring busted; YouTube goes dark; Hagibis unleashes nuclear bags

Trump to Erdogan: that's an awful nice place in history you got, would be a shame if something happened

Leader of world's largest dark web child porn ring busted

YouTube comments sections & recommendations go dark, leaving users alone with their opinions

Typhoon Hagibis dumps dozens of bags of nuclear-contaminated Fukushima waste into rivers

October 17: Dems whine; birds strike back; drug war goes literal; Zuck hits peak hypocrisy; we're all Russians now; "Mad Dog" Streep

Democratic leadership gets the Turkish ceasefire they've clamored for, pout relentlessly anyway

US Navy's "doomsday plane" built to withstand nuclear war downed by bird strike

Mexican authorities forced to release El Chapo's son after cartel takes Culiacan hostage

**Zuckerberg's defense of free speech describes the exact opposite of everything Facebook represents

**A field guide to the "Russian assets" going into the 2020 election

Mattis wallows in Trump's disdain, calling himself "Meryl Streep of generals"

October 18: Water war brewing; cartel bests Mexican gov't; Dutch basement family were failed cult; sex robots revolt

Modi doubles down on water use plan as Pakistan threatens retaliation

El Chapo lawyers thank AMLO for releasing son unharmed as terrified Culiacan still shuttered

Dutch family locked in basement was trying to start own cult, waiting out apocalypse

**Demanding consent from sex robots is a slippery slope to policing sexual fantasies

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