The newly-minted, certifiably batshit Biden administration has already made clear its Orwellian intentions. The "ministry of truth" in Ukraine worked so well we're going to have one here too! Our Mirotvorets clone is also going to be stepping up its activities, using the skulls of dissident journalists to practice curb-stomping. Between the full-throated encouragement to go forth and rat out your brother/sister/mother/father for protesting the conditions of their imprisonment, and the population's chilling inability to recognize that the "truth" they're being sold today is the polar opposite of the "truth" they were voluntarily spewing at the top of their tweet-lungs yesterday.

(For those who don't believe they're imprisoned, pack a suitcase and book a flight right now for Paris, or Hanoi, or Moscow. I'll wait.)

I'm seeing literally hundreds of posts talking about how everyone a particular person knows is suffering off-the-charts levels of (non-OMFGVIRUS-related) memory loss, fatigue, general disorientation, etc. I'm not looking for these posts, just stumbling over them on the way to something else. Is this happening to everybody? Are we so terrified of impinging on the malady-space we're told belongs exclusively to the Lesser Saints of the Great OMFGVIRUS? Would you let Bill Gates perform brain surgery on you? Why not? You allow him to make global health policy in by way of the WHO and Gavi - surely you wouldn't mind skipping the middleman and letting good ol' Billy have a go at your gray matter? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

January 25: So i herd u liek Nazis; Google union goes global; hogs are hedging

Godwin's Law left in dust as ABC pundits screech with last stab at Bad Orange Man

Don't Be Evil...unless it would help your bottom line, says global Google union 

Reddit day-traders square off against hedge funds declaring GameStop stock DOA

January 26: If you see something, snitch; hoarders without borders; down with biased teeth; Buzzfeed swoons for neoliberalism

**Twitter dupes users into volunteering to attack ideological foes with 'Birdwatch' fact-checking

Judge backs Texas challenge to Biden's deportation freeze at southern border

Penn State dental school gets huge cash infusion to...fight anti-LGBTQ bias in dentistry?

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January 27: Stick those masks where the sun don't shine; doomsday scientists miss the good old days of duck'n'cover

Two masks good, three masks better? CNBC misreads study, boosts infinite masking

Doomsday Clock lingers at 100 seconds to midnight, blaming 'online lying' about Covid-19

January 28: AnOtHeR iNSurRecTioN?!?!; how to lie with statistics; happy Year Zero!

70-year-old man arrested near Capitol for unregistered gun & 20 rounds of ammo

Covid-19 cases fall 35% since Biden confirmed in inspired burst of statistical trickery

**'Never Forget,' except when it's convenient: US' fascist present must learn from its past

January 29: Cuomo enjoyed killing grandma; Congress says burn the witch; stool Britannia; no capitalism for you; Spotify doesn't like your tone

Cuomo dismisses concern about miscounting care home deaths because he's still guilty

**Congress declares war on pro-Trump congresswoman for daring to have opinions

UK champing at the bit to climb onboard China's 'anal Covid-19 test swab' express

Robinhood reins in Reddit day-traders as GameStop wins lose its hedgie pals' money

Spotify will snoop on users' background noise, tone of voice in totally not creepy patent