It's time to sit the United States down for a family meeting. You've seen the type - friends and family lure their unsuspecting loved one into a room and unload their worries and fears upon the person all at once in the hope of guilting them into "seeking help" via emotional "shock and awe," whether for an addiction, an eating disorder, or any other destructive behavior that has progressed beyond hurting the person to hurting their loved ones. It's long past time for an American Intervention. The US is the geopolitical equivalent of the rock-bottom alcoholic on a rip-roaring binge that has destroyed its community (the world), disappointed its family (its allies), and allowed itself to be turned out and exploited by the local pimp (Israel) in exchange for...what exactly? the strip-mining of Americans' civil rights? This is mass psychogenic illness.

Dear America, it's Time for an Intervention

Waking Up from the American Nightmare, with guest the Last American Vagabond

Patriotic Americans are at something of an impasse, wanting to support their country and everything it stands for but no longer sure what, exactly, it does stand for. Their confusion is understandable - there's nothing wrong with patriotism, but it's impossible to defend a country's principles when its only principle is that it will abandon all principles in pursuit of material reward.

As its economic fortunes began to decline in the latter half of the 20th century, the US government threw its considerable weight behind keeping up appearances, prioritizing maintaining the facade of a prosperous nation ahead of fixing the problems keeping prosperity at bay. Disciples of Milton Friedman’s neoliberal economics convinced the government that their only hope was to keep cutting taxes on the rich and hope they would eventually trickle a little down on everyone else. Admitting that this system had failed would betray weakness that would surely be leveraged into a full-fledged communist takeover. As a result, Americans have become shockingly adept at lying to themselves, and even the Trump era’s trendy antipatriots are defiantly setting off their fireworks, convinced that everything will be just fine once they get rid of that nasty old president. But the US' decline has been a long time coming, and truly Making America Great Again requires dismantling the Potemkin village erected to hide the rot. 

[from 'Denial is America's National Pastime,' written for Independence Day 2019]

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It's been 70 years since George Orwell's 1984 showed the world where it was headed if it didn't wake up and stop allowing malevolent propagandists to whitewash the heinous crimes of government and choke the independent spirit out of western populations. Instead of heeding this cautionary tale, the ruling class thought "hey, that's a great idea," and the rest was history. "War is Peace"? See: UN "peacekeeping" forces picking at the corpses in Bosnia, Sudan, Cambodia, Rwanda, and over a dozen more nations, showing up in war-torn areas bearing the gifts of rape, murder, and further exploitation. "Ignorance is Strength"? See: "media literacy" initiatives backed by the military-industrial-surveillance complex. Ukraine's US-backed fascist regime even established its own Ministry of Truth, operated by the folks who established the journalist-doxxing Mirotvorets, to resounding international ridicule shot through with a faint tinge of envy from more "democratic" regimes. But then, "democratic" doesn't mean what it used to...and neither does "freedom." Indeed, "Freedom is Slavery" appears to have become semi-official US policy...

The end-game of this linguistic torture is spelled out in 1984, but in case you don't have time to re-read that classic which now should by all rights be filed in the nonfiction section of whatever bookstores have survived the Great Amazon Purge, i spelled it out in this article. The Party's aim is not that you willingly parrot their patently absurd 2+2=5 to please them, or out of fear; it is that you cease to understand 2+2 could ever equal anything other than 5.

Also, some recent media appearances...

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett, May 31 - discussing the international embarrassment titling itself the "Deal of the Century," the march(es) to war in Iran, breaking treaties (and hearts!), the "other" Rapture Mike, learned helplessness enshrined in law, Kafka incarnate, truth in advertising, and unidentified false-flagging objects.

INN World Report with Tom Kiely, May 2 - covering the latest in censorship, the identity politics tar pit, efforts to legislate a losing argument, the ignominious, drawn-out death of the Russiagate cult, the #1 threat to world peace today, and the ancient art of using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito.


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i appeared on Tom Kiely's INN World Report on April 2 to talk about the coming internet crackdown - in Europe, the UK, and the US. The EU has passed Article 13 (changing the name at the last minute to Article 17, a move that apparently fooled more than a few MEPs into voting for it) in a bid to defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics & place the internet freedom cat squarely back in the ruling-class bag. While the internet was developed by the military for counterinsurgency/surveillance purposes, it unexpectedly became a powerful tool for liberation at the same time as it enabled unprecedented police-state repression. The ruling class no longer believes it can leave up to chance the superior informational firepower it once took for granted, & is therefore imposing clumsy, imprecise filters [here's an example of their handiwork - that cost YouTube $100 million!!] to ensure the battle becomes even more one-sided. When you are legislating the argument, you've already lost. History rewritten at gunpoint is not embraced, even if it is parroted. There is no legitimate reason to outlaw speech, beyond the handful of exceptions legislated over a century ago ("fire" in a crowded theatre, immediate incitements to violence). i'd actually love to debate someone over the validity of hate speech policies, so if you want to defend them or know anyone who does, let's talk...

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False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett - Apr 26, 2019

The false flags are piling up thick on the ground - who knew there was a terrorism season, though one man's terror is another man's extracurricular activity, especially when that man hails from a certain "only democracy in the Middle East." When you're a tiny portion of the population, sandwiched between two huge populations, you have two choices: either make nice with the big boys, or convince them to fight & kill off one another. As a result, we see Notre Dame & the al-Aqsa mosque burn at the same time - what're the odds, amirite?? - because some smug evil cabal of ziofascists (& a much larger heterogenous crew of their enablers, who mistakenly think they're going to get something out of the relationship) wants to free up that real estate.

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As if we needed more proof that the claws of censorship were digging in, False Flag Weekly News got kicked off YouTube (after an extremely dodgy incident with real-time censorship of last week's co-host, Dr. Alan Sabrosky). i hosted again on Friday. Shows like this are clearly important if they are being hunted down & shot like dogs in the street. That's only a minor rhetorical exaggeration - the only thing that makes me sicker than this Orwellian censorship is the idiots cheering it on because Hate Speech, etc. 

If you hate all people who believe in this medieval notion of Hate Speech, does that turn them into a protected class? Asking for a friend, of course. i've been hate-lobotomized like everyone else in this wretched hole of a country. GOOD VIBES ONLY OR DIE --'murica.

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