While the breathless media coverage of the Cambridge Analytica scandal paints the revelations as a disaster for Facebook, the story actually plays right into Mark Zuckerberg's hands. Cambridge Analytica tells us nothing we didn't already learn from previous scandals that received less media coverage. Facebook gets to act shocked, pretend this was an anomaly, a freak incident and not simply business as usual, and act really sorry for abusing users while continuing the abuse. The US government gets to pretend to discipline Zuckerberg while continuing to hoover up users' data via NSA backdoors. Mainstream media gets another bedtime story to tell itself while endlessly replaying the 2016 in a desperate quest for a scenario where something other than "Americans voting for the lesser of two evils" gets Trump in the White House. Everybody wins, except Facebook users! Actually, they can win too, as long as they #deletefacebook.

Social media doesn't have to be evil. Alternatives like Minds, Gab and Steemit have somehow managed to avoid selling their users out to the surveillance state and advertisers while imposing Kafkaesque restrictions on their speech - and there are more platforms being created all the time. We need a mass migration to one (or all!) of these platforms if we hope to escape Zuckerberg's data mining operation - many of us remain on Facebook only because most of our friends and family use the platform, and any campaign to #deletefacebook must necessarily reach beyond ourselves (it is social media, after all).

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What began as a movement to "out" powerful men for their heinous treatment of women has been warped into a new sexual McCarthyism. The first #metoo stories came from strong women with the courage to share their stories (often not for the first time) of sexual victimization with a public that was reluctant to listen. Then came the piggybackers, women who equated their stories of sexual harassment and catcalling with rape and assault in order to share the limelight. The discourse predictably degenerated from there. American society has made a virtue of victimhood, an identity no one should desire. Meanwhile, the #metoo movement has been coopted (as these things almost always are) to turn women against men in a classic game of divide and conquer at a time when both need to unite more than ever if we are to remove the boots of the ruling class from our necks.

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I spoke at Left Forum 2017 as part of a panel called The New Thought Police: Social Justice Warriors with Vox of VoxNews and Michael Rectenwald of New York University. Watch the video above - comments/insight welcome! This is a major problem & I think it is important to figure out where it is coming from to stop it before the left eats itself.

The full video, with all three presenters, follows, though the version above is a better edit of my presentation. Not included is the mini-riot at the end which always happens at these events as they are riddled with disruptors (indeed there was a whole panel on infiltrators & disruptors - funny how that one stayed pretty calm through the Q&A).


Many thanks to Vox for organizing the panel & having me speak...full article version of my presentation is to follow within the week. As are more old articles I've been hoarding. Good to have a platform again that isn't Suckerberg-controlled "social" media.

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As we stand at the brink of World War 3, Americans have no one to blame but our government for the impending collapse of US empire. The government's policy of endless war and regime change has bankrupted us morally and financially. Honest self-examination may be anathema to both the average American and his government, but those who do not understand and take control of the situation are doomed to become its victims. Twenty years of bullying as foreign policy have given us nothing but a terrible record of war crimes and a line of corpses stretching to the moon and back. It is time to end these wars and rebuild America.

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