A few recent interviews on the Corona World Order, community policing/contact tracing, and the rise of the Karen as ruling class enforcer...

Went on Sam Tripoli's Tinfoil Hat podcast to discuss lockdowns, contact tracing, and how none of these social control measures are about a virus at all. From New Zealand indefinitely imprisoning entire families on the mere suspicion that one of them was exposed to the dread OMFGVIRUS, to Australia locking down public housing for weeks over a handful of cases (which, it must be said, were not in the public housing buildings), the police state is only intensifying as the virus ebbs. The so-called "land of the free" is rolling over and playing dead when we need to be fighting back - whether that's mass civil disobedience, monkey-wrenching, or otherwise interfering in the imposition of this LockStep agenda.

Joined Spiro Skouras to talk contact-tracing and other insidious aspects of 'community policing' being slipped in under the guise of combating OMFGVIRUS. Cities are training armies of militant Karens - the sort whose lives were bereft of anything interesting before the pandemic and thus have every reason to ensure the lockdown regime continues as long as humanly possible - to snitch on their neighbors and enforce the increasingly ridiculous dictates of petty tyrants like Andrew "ADL pierced my nipples" Cuomo & Gavin "American Psycho" Newsom. These programs (I sat through one so you don't have to) teach that autonomy ends where OMFGVIRUS begins, massive government intrusion has always been how humanity combats viral outbreaks, and snitching is the highest form of morality. 

On the surface, the notion of 'community policing' is appealing: get these uniformed thugs out of our neighborhoods, take care of ourselves, have people who understand what our communities need in charge of law enforcement. But that's not how it will be done in reality. Instead of uniformed thugs, you'll have local busybodies empowered with a badge (or a contact-tracing certificate) to go through your garbage, stop you on the street and demand your papers, harass your family and friends, rat you out to the 'real' authorities, and so on. Every petty grievance you've ever had with your passive-aggressive neighbor will carry the weight of a legal proceeding if that neighbor decides (after getting laid off from the sausage factory) they'd rather work for the Junior-League Stasi than get a real job. It has all the makings of a Sartrean nightmare, and fits perfectly in to the plans for humanity the ruling class have dubbed Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Hell is other people, especially those people who had nothing happening in their lives pre-pandemic and have decided to become the best rule-followers they can be.

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I recently joined Spiro Skouras of Activist Post to discuss some revelations poking holes in the US' Covid-19 pandemic narrative - a discrepancy-ridden fable that has struggled to frame the coronavirus pandemic as a pathogen that escaped from the Wuhan BSL-4 bioweapons lab due to Chinese incompetence. The reality, of course, involves quite a bit more predictive programming on the part of groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network, whose "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & International Development" laid out a compelling rough-draft of the reality humanity is currently mired in up to its necks, in the form of the scenario titled "LockStep."

Real life is clearly unrelated to the fraud championed by the Trump Administration & its "blame-China" narrative - the coronavirus epidemic has in reality been weaponized by the US & its allies to usher in an unprecedented technocratic police state, following the model of the execrable Patriot Act to push through all manner of totalitarian measures drafted by power-hungry lawmakers in recent years under the rationale of "keeping 'muricans safe" [or British, or Germans, or French...most western societies are being subjected to the Cult of Coronavirus] - yet they flog it as the casus belli for a new sinophobic Cold War anyway. 

& lest we forget, there's still a US election going on, though it may beat all previous travesties for the title of "biggest joke in US electoral history." If Biden is indeed selected as the Democratic nominee in November, we can expect a record-low turnout given the party's deliberate decision to offer voters the "lesser of two rapists" after years of similar impossible choices. Bernie Sanders - still presenting himself as the Real Thing after ordering his 2016 followers to vote for a woman who represented the polar opposite of everything he stood for & doing the same thing again with Biden substituted for Clinton - is against all odds getting away with it a second time. Americans would do best to call out the fraud that is our "democracy" & demand the real thing, pitchforks in hand for when we are denied what our Constitution guarantees us.

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It’s been a century since Edward Bernays wrote his seminal “Propaganda,” unveiling a PR industry that had previously operated only behind the scenes and triggering its growth into an industrial behemoth that now reaches the far corners of the earth. Wars are fought on the level of “hearts and minds” as much as bombs and guns, and huge swathes of the population won’t make a move unless they believe it’s approved by Public Opinion. In the past few decades, technology has allowed PR to consolidate its hold on the human mind in a way that was not previously possible. The end goal is to divorce us from everything that makes us human, methodically alienating us from nature, from self-sufficiency, from community, family, and finally from self, creating hollowed-out automata eager to receive their marching orders. Far from the days in which advertising was a resented intrusion, we now line up overnight to receive our personal propaganda-delivery devices, and for too many of us, received propaganda has supplanted the development of the individual.

Where is this headed, and can it be stopped?

(This was recorded on 19 January, a week before the Coronavirus Epidemic™ was announced, striking terror into the obedient hearts of everyone who consumes their daily propaganda rations with their morning coffee. Now that the WHO has declared an emergency, those pulling the strings are imposing the same controls on our physical movement as they have on our thoughts. What's next? Read the scenario "LockStep" in this report, but spoiler alert: if you thought we lived in a police state now...)

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Over the last week, I've done half a dozen interviews and shows discussing the Pandemic, the Panic, and the Pandemonium comprising the phenomenon we refer to when we say "coronavirus." It's a multifaceted thing, and obviously it's much larger than a simple virus. Even if one believes the establishment-approved scenario that has the novel coronavirus evolving naturally in bats (a scenario which would require some poor bat to be infected with two distinct coronaviruses and HIV at the same time so that the tiny pathogens could trade the proper DNA segments to generate what began infecting people in the latter half of 2019), jumping to an intermediate host, and pouncing on some hapless human as they browsed the live animals for sale at a Wuhan wet market, it's impossible to deny that world powers are weaponizing the epidemic for their own purposes - and given the preponderance of predictive programming presaging just such a pandemic over the past decade, a naturally-occurring plague unfolding as coronavirus has would be perhaps the most shockingly implausible coincidence since dozens of drills (46, by one count) mimicked the conditions of the September 11 terror attacks in the weeks leading up to and on the same day as the real-life airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center.

On March 17, I appeared on RT’s CrossTalk to discuss the economic effects of shutting down the country for a disease with a lower death rate than the average flu and explain that the coronavirus has proven that country’s healthcare system is only as good as the care it provides to the poorest in its midst.


On March 22, I spoke with Activist Post’s Spiro Skouras about the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step” scenario, a pandemic simulation drawn up in 2010 that eerily parallels the current events of 2020, and how predictive programming lays the groundwork for the imposition of draconian police-state controls. I dare anyone who's been following the news to read that scenario (linked above) - lines like "During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets" - with current events in mind and not see its future - "Scanners using advanced functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology become the norm at airports and other public areas to detect abnormal behavior that may indicate 'antisocial intent'" - as ours.

I also discussed Lock Step on March 21 with, a new Italian platform being unveiled in the midst of that country's draconian quarantine to serve up suppressed or censored viewpoints to Italians hungry for information outside the mainstream (audio English, Italian subtitles). Italians are in the midst of a general strike right now, a fact we'd never know if we relied solely on establishment media to understand the world around us. They aren't just asking for paid leave for the extent of the epidemic - they want a radical reorganization of the entire system, ownership by the workers of the means of production. No wonder it's so hard to find English-language sites writing about it. At any rate, Italian establishment media would seem to be as locked-down as American, so I wish this outlet success going forward - check out their site if you speak Italian.

Lock Step is far from the only predictive programming we’ve seen in conjunction with coronavirus, of course. On March 16, I spoke about Event 201, the pandemic simulation held in October by Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the World Economic Forum (Davos), with Sam Tripoli on his Tinfoil Hat podcast - a video YouTube saw fit to remove without explanation. The platform, of course, has warned users that "automated removals" will increase, that videos that do not violate its rules will be deleted more frequently, and that complaints will be ignored, all "because coronavirus" - an Orwellian leap straight out of the simulation itself. If Lock Step was the screen treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic, Event 201 was the screenplay.

I spoke more about Event 201 and Lock Step with Steve Poikonen of Slow News Day on March 24 (skip to 16 minutes in for the conversation - major technical difficulties) - along with several other topics, including the insidious effects of propaganda and how independent-minded individuals can - literally overnight - go from questioning authority to demanding 'murica go get them turrurrists.

It's impossible to ignore all the predictive programming that has primed the population for this not-quite-a-plague, and it's important to recognize it as what it is - deliberate imposition of chaos designed to craft the police state of the ruling class' dreams. But equally important is what we, as the affected population, do about it. With increasingly large sections of the US receiving government orders to Shut It Down™, I spoke with Dack Rouleau of on March 22 about life under lockdown, what Stockholm Syndrome looks like in 2020, & our not-so-brave new world. In the intervening week, the state of Rhode Island has officially declared it a crime to not only be a New Yorker but even to harbor one, warning that police will be going door to door hunting down the wealthy Manhattanites who've fled Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo's quarantine and forcibly imprisoning violators for two weeks. For their own good, of course. The US has gone from zero to gestapo in just a few short weeks, and we should be storming the Bastille - but instead we're joking on Twitter about "quarantine life" and gaining weight. How is it that just six months ago, we were being warned that "loneliness kills" - yet now we're being warned that should we try to do the healthy thing and mingle, we will be, if not shot on sight, at least fined and arrested?

We are in uncharted territory & it’s more important than ever to share factual, hype-free information, especially as social media platforms declare anything that deviates from the (constantly-shifting) Official Narrative to be anathema & the establishment media memory-holes massive chunks of reality. If you’re left with questions about what exactly the coronavirus is after watching these videos, you will likely find it answered in this article in which I address some of the most common myths and propaganda (no, it is not a Chinese-engineered bioweapon, and it did not originate in a “wet market” in Wuhan). 

At the same time, it is critically important to distinguish “coronavirus the disease” from “coronavirus the hysteria.” The latter has even seasoned anti-imperialist commentators running to hide in the skirts of Police State USA, a wildly unpretty sight if ever I’ve seen one. Don’t be those people. Crises have a way of bringing out the best and worst in people, and it’s very important not to let yourself be taken advantage of by state-sanctioned predators. Stay safe, stay sane, but most importantly, stay FREE. 

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Wikipedia represents the vanguard of the new propaganda model. An astroturfed "people's encyclopedia" that is treated with reverence as a nearly-infallible Fountain of Truth even as it is said to emanate from the fingertips of so many ordinary people, its reputation as the place to find any morsel of information the reader desires has made it the fifth-most popular website on earth. 

Wikipedia deliberately fosters the image of the sad-sack editor who despite an unappealing exterior possesses a heart of gold, a desire to share his or her (on Wikipedia, it's almost always "his," but the site is almost comically desperate to draw more women and thus ride the wave of Gender Politics) esoteric knowledge on whatever subject with the benighted populace. But the site’s hard core of full-time editors are not sweaty-palmed hobbyists, unemployed geniuses, or any of the other stereotypes perpetuated by media profiles of Wikipedians. The “people’s encyclopedia” is lousy with PR flacks, intelligence agents, and other professional disinformation merchants. Whether they’re working for multinational corporations or government agencies, the site’s most prolific editors are working to bring Wikipedia’s millions of articles into line with their particular agenda. They can be found memory-holing Monsanto scandals, inventing justifications for massacres of Palestinian civilians by Israel, and sliming anti-war politicians in the US and UK alike as apologists for the Syrian government.

The Wiki-propagandists are not held to the limits of truth - Wikipedia does not pretend to aspire to higher ideals like truth, instead settling for the lower bar of “verifiability.” This merely means if a “reliable source” says something, it can be included in a Wikipedia article. It is child’s play for the CIA, Merck, or Qorvis to have an article published in a reputable outlet; even easier for a Wikipedia editor in their employ to extract the relevant facts from the article and slip them into Wikipedia, where they immediately take on the sheen of established fact. Lazy journalists cement the new facts in reality when they scan Wikipedia articles for background in their work; this process is so common it has a name - citogenesis - and can play havoc with its victims. 

Indeed, there are as many ways to smear someone on Wikipedia as there are smears. Beyond merely inventing facts, editors can delete positive information, add negative information, exaggerate, minimize, even add quotes about a person or company from a third party as long as they present the commentator as a relevant expert. More and more often, editors are subjecting sources themselves to this process, banning the sources of “wrongthink” from the encyclopedia while throwing the door wide open to journalists who play the game.

As Dirk Pohlmann and Markus Fiedler of Wikihausen have discovered in their exhaustive research on the German Wikipedia, this problem is not limited to the English language site. Wikipedia has built a scarily effective global propaganda organ, to be controlled by the highest bidders. The site has tentacles in nearly 300 languages, and its parent entity the Wikimedia Foundation has insinuated itself into some of the foundational structures of the internet itself. Artificial intelligence “voice assistants” like Amazon Alexa and Google Home often spout Wikipedia entries in response to users’ queries; condensed Wikipedia entries called Wikidata are used to program other AIs; Wikipedia discussion sections have been used to create “anti-hate” algorithms that censor-happy groups like the ADL hope to use to police speech on the web; and the Foundation was involved in drafting World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee’s Contract for the Web, a set of rules laying out a roadmap toward “fixing” the internet itself.

A better tool for influencing the minds of hundreds of millions of people would be hard to find. Unfortunately, this would-be Oracle of Delphi is more of a pit of Hades, where knowledge goes to die.

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