How to start wars and influence people, volumes 1 through 994, now available wherever souls are sold. When Taser calls out your technology for being dystopian and unethical, it is time to seriously reconsider your path in life. Congratulations, you're more evil than the guys who put a fatal dose of electricity in pigs' pockets. Technology != progress.

June 24: Your tax dollars (not) at work; Mexico mans the barricades; of diplomats & doormats

Soros & friends say tax us, we're good for it

Mexico sends 15K troops to border to halt migrant tide

Trump to meet with Putin, Xi, Modi, Merkel, MBS at G20

Global Times editor says Pompeo must go

June 25: AOC hates furniture; 6 degrees of regret; Navy promotes pedophile; collusion cultists rejoice

AOC backs Wayfair employee boycott: no beds for migrant kids

2/3 college grads regret their education, most due to debt

Imprisoned would-be pedophile tapped for Navy promotion 

Collusion cultists ecstatic as House Dems subpoena Mueller

June 26: Oops, NSA did it again; Democrats self-own; Air Force commandeers commercial satellites; 'little crappy ship' hits big one

NSA caught illegally collecting phone data - again

First Democratic debate of 2020: circular firing squad 

Air Force says nuclear command & control should use commercial satellites

'Floating garbage pile' combat ship hits Quebec freighter off Montreal

Trump demands Modi repeal tariffs ahead of G20

June 27: Taser balks at facial recog; Google teaches employees to protest; House Dems cave 'for the children'; Alabama loves fetuses

Taser declares facial recognition in body cameras unethical

Google teaches employees how to protest Trump immigration orders 

Pelosi caves on Senate border aid bill after vowing not to - 'for the children'

Alabama charges woman with manslaughter after her unborn child dies - shooter walks free

iPhone designer Jony Ive leaves Apple, sparking stock selloff

June 28: Senate fails to block Iran war powers; FBI summons admins' help to spy on Chinese students; Boeing investigation expands to 787

Senate falls short of majority needed to block 'King Trump' from waging war on Iran

FBI making rounds of universities asking for help spying on Chinese students 

Boeing 737 MAX probe expands to 787 Dreamliner factory