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We are under attack, and the military is busting out the big guns - to fight "disinformation," which as you may recall from last week is just truth powerful people don't like. All 'malicious intent' will now be rooted out at the start before it can spread, because we wouldn't want any of that discord to get sowed, would we? Unless it's in Hong Kong, where sowing discord is called Promoting Democracy and it's cool to want to subjugate oneself to the yoke of colonialism. But in America, protesting is terrorism, and snitching is patriotic.

September 2: DARPA declares war on dissent; Israel offers cyberweapons to any ISIS-come-lately; Facebook hides 'likes' bc no one likes it; floating inferno

**DARPA takes on deepfakes, memes, & 'malicious dissent,' er, intent

Israel lifts controls on cyberweapons as Dutch role in Stuxnet attack unveiled

25 feared dead in California boat fire

Facebook experimenting with hiding 'likes' as popularity plummets

At least 5 dead in Indian oil refinery fire outside Mumbai

September 3: No Brexit for you; UNHRC says stop arming war criminals; Hammond threatened with Manning's fate; stealbarrow

UK Parliament snatches Brexit out of BoJo's hands: referendum? what referendum?

UNHRC slams UK, US, France for aiding & abetting Saudi-led war crimes in Yemen

Stratfor hacker moved to Virginia to testify against Assange, adding years to sentence

'Theft of the century': kids' wheelbarrow heist goes viral

September 4: Brexit & election DOA; Huawei says stop spying on us; Big Tech & Big Brother steal election; Venezuela rolls out missiles; Biden bleeds for you

No no-deal, & no election either as Parliament wipes its ass with popular will

Huawei accuses US of extorting, threatening, & recruiting its employees

**Big Tech & Big Brother agree to rig election nice & tidy

Venezuela rolls out missile defenses after accusing Colombia of terror plot

Truck hits train at busy crossing in Yokohama

Biden's bloody eye sees all at CNN climate change town hall

September 5: State Dept bribes sailors to screw Iran; terror watchlist unconstitutional; military plane bombs Arizona; disgruntled mechanic sabotages plane

State Department admits it tried to bribe Adrian Darya captain, 11 more sailors

Judge declares 1.2 million-strong terrorism watchlist unconstitutional

Military plane bombs Arizona desert with white phosphorus...oops?

Disgruntled American Airlines mechanic arrested for sabotaging plane over union beef 

September 6: Israel bombs Gaza; Pentagon salivates over Danes; vaping will kill you; no moon for you; monopoly meets match; is anyone not a terrorist?

Israel bombs Gaza after yet another rocket lands in yet another open field

Hey, Denmark, send these medics to Syria & we won't regime-change Greenland

CDC says stop vaping while we investigate this mysterious lung disease

India's moon-shot misses the mark, but 'the best is yet to come,' Modi says

40+ states join antitrust probes into Facebook & Google

**Is there anyone left the FBI has not declared a domestic terrorist?

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Those who prop up the status quo are rewarded with more money than most countries. Those who violate it are surveilled, sanctioned, savaged with the full force of the American (& allied) police state. But rather than split society between the haves & have nots - a division which would leave the haves at a distinct numerical disadvantage - they split it along hoary old identity-politics lines, keeping us at each others' throats while they suck us dry.

August 26: Police state on overdrive; opioid wrist-slap; Israel's war on everyone; Brazil's sick (Amazon) burn

NJ police adopt Carbyne911-style phone-hijacking tool - for citizens' own good, of course

Johnson & Johnson fined .7% of yearly revenue for causing opioid crisis

Lebanon & Iraq condemn Israeli 'declaration of war' after it bombs 3 countries in 24 hours

Brazil scoffs at Amazon fire aid with Macron-directed Notre Dame barb 

August 27: Migrants riot; being Palestinian is illegal in US; YouTube embraces fascism; NYTimes clutches hypocritical pearls

African migrants attack Mexican police as protests demanding US entry turn violent

Palestinian Harvard student deported over Facebook posts his friends made

YouTube CEO pretends to embrace controversial content while cracking down on UK creators

**NYTimes shocked that conservatives are using their culture-war smear tactics against them

August 28: Ding dong doom; Trump trolls Democrats; Ukraine in the membrane

Amazon's Ring doorbells send data to 400 police departments & residents can't stop them

Trump trolls Democrats as bland Gillibrand drops out of 2020 race

#Resistance goes nuts & claims immigration policy tweak deprives military offspring of citizenship

Trump freezes military aid to Ukraine as it's reviewed for 'best interests' of US

August 29: Lost in space; pumpkin spice psyops; the picture of (hurricane) Dorian Gray; kamikaze debt bonds

Trump unveils US Space Command, fingers crossed for Space Force

CIA tweets pumpkin spice latté photo celebrating surveillance, internet pukes

Hurricane Dorian menaces Florida, Georgia

Antique pre-PRC debt bonds: the next big thing in US-China trade war?

August 30: TSA in trouble; pot calls kettle fat; illegal alien gets away with murder; revenge sanctions piled on

Philadelphia court rules TSA can be sued for abusive searches

Ultra-svelte Trump doesn't like being photographed with daughter Tiffany because he thinks she's fat

California court throws out Kate Steinle's killer's gun conviction

US Treasury sanctions Adrian Darya as Iranian tanker changes course for Lebanon

**Harvard got rich propping up the status quo. Dude, where's my meritocracy?

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Truth is disinformation, according to the establishment's pet academics, who have revealed they plan to work hand in glove to vastly expand the range of deplatform-worthy behavior in the runup to the 2020 election. If you aren't already on alternative platforms to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, get there. The days of free thought are numbered if we do not organize.

August 19: A (sm)army of one, don't touch that tanker, Trump Tower trolling, crocodile tears from repulsive reptiles

Ex-Clinton staffer on one-man crusade to deplatform Trump campaign ads

US warns 'allies' away from liberated Iranian oil tanker lest they abet 'terrorism'

Trump trolls Twitter with "Trump Tower Greenland" image

Epstein lawyer decries "American gulag" where wealthy pedo was held

August 20: Trump tantrum; truth is lies; Google collusion; Trump slams non-dual loyalty Jews

Trump cancels meeting with Denmark PM in fit of pique over Greenland refusal

**O HAI 1984: academics redefine disinformation as 'truths arranged to serve a purpose'

Google researcher calls out Hillary Clinton for setting up shop in Google's pocket

Trump attacks Jewish Democrats as ignorant and disloyal, but sure, dual loyalty is just a trope

August 21: Call him Cassandra; Pentagon lusting after ultrasonic missiles; California sieg-heiling; Trump to world: clean up my mess

Ted Cruz predicted Trump's Denmark tantrum would go nuclear (in 2016)

Pentagon axes Boeing missile defense upgrade for bigger, pricier missile defense upgrade

California water polo team caught sieg-heiling on camera again after administration attempts coverup

Trump wants India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, even Iran to clean up US' mess in Afghanistan

August 22: Animal rights or right-wing? YouTube embraces Hong Kong color revolution; an ideal gift for red-baiting family; Israel's itchy trigger fingers

Zizek sees "right-wing ecology" behind disingenuous Belgian ritual slaughter ban

**YouTube joins Ministry of Truth in crackdown on channels opposing Hong Kong color revolution

'Monopoly Socialism' bears no resemblance to socialism or monopoly, so conservatives love it

Israel plotting to bomb Houthis to keep them away from Iran & prevent peace from breaking out

August 23: Trump ups trade war ante; old-school hegemon embraces new; Bannon's propaganda pratfall; creepy uncle Joe's dementia on display

Trump declares further tariffs after China responds to latest increase

Bank of England governor calls for 'Libra-like' 'synthetic hegemonic currency' to head off China dominance

**Steve Bannon unveils China-demonizing propaganda film complete with decapitated cats

Biden fantasizes about Obama being assassinated, creeping out town hall & internet

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Recession is inevitable, but the rats are convinced they can learn to swim before the ship sinks. Ghislaine Maxwell has her own personal flotation device, but others (here's looking at you, Shapiro) aren't going to be so fortunate. Who knows, the next organ discovered in the human body may be a latent set of gills - maybe HP Lovecraft wasn't so far off the mark.

August 12: Recession, repression, regression, & retribution 

Bank of America economist says 1 in 3 chance of recession this year

Pompeo calls for allies to kick Iran while arms embargo prevents them from fighting back

Mia Khalifa complains she only earned $12k in notorious porn scene

Elderly Indian couple fights off armed robbers with furniture & slippers

August 13: White Man Bad; Facebook ends (secret) human review; who shot the sheriff?; spunky sperm smugglers snagged

**Establishment media attacks Bernie Sanders as Lefty Trump for calling out corporate capture

Facebook ends human eavesdropping on "AI-transcribed" messenger chats

FBI investigating shots fired at ICE offices as anti-fed hate crime

Danes popped for smuggling pig semen into Australia to create super-sows

August 14: Grace 1 to be freed; silver spoon Stockholm syndrome; Philly cops get more than they bargained for

Gibraltar to release Iranian tanker Grace 1 soon, sources claim

Ben Shapiro calls poverty a "you problem" around bundle of silver spoons in mouth

Botched narcotics raid turns Philadelphia neighborhood into warzone

August 15: Whistleblower fingers GE; Ghislaine Maxwell trolling; pot calls kettle black; new organ discovered; war on loneliness declared

Madoff whistleblower says GE hiding massive fraud

Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at LA burger joint reading about lives & deaths of CIA operatives

Trump calls out election rally protester's "weight problem"

New organ discovered lurking beneath the skin responsible for some pain sensations

**Medical-industrial complex testing hormones, robots for coming War on Loneliness (& loners)

August 16: USS Sore Loser sets sail; Zelaya dishes on US coup; Snopes doesn't get satire; take my nuclear cleanup bots, please!

US issues asset forfeiture warrant in desperate bid to seize Grace 1 as Gibraltar releases tanker

Coup victim Zelaya says US 'kicked him out' after he joined progressive regional alliance

Hillary's Honduras coup created opening for Trump by destroying economy & fueling migrant wave

Snopes posts 'study' claiming 28% of Republicans take Babylon Bee stories seriously, gets owned

Japan volunteers its nuclear cleanup robots for North Korean denuclearization


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Of course Epstein had to die on a weekend. Long piece on that subject coming soon. Until then, Israel settles the moon, Monsanto (tries to) settle(s) thousands of lawsuits, and see Zuck run...for president? Don't say i didn't warn you.  

August 5: Regulatory capture: it's the 'murican way; Facebook doesn't want you to see them aliens; China to US: don't stage me bro

**How US regulators learned to stop worrying & love toxic chemicals

Facebook deletes "Storm Area 51" event...twice

China vows "countermeasures" to promised US post-INF imperial buildup in Asia

August 6: Israel signs on to WW3 & settles moon; DeSantis hands Florida Epstein probe; CIA foxes appoint selves electoral henhouse guardians 

Israel touts alliance with UAE, US in anti-Iran policing aggressive, er, initiative

Crashed Israeli probe left thousands of (microscopic) settlers on the moon

Florida gov gives probe of 2007 Epstein investigation to state law enforcement

**Spook-stuffed 'election integrity' charity pledges to guard the henhouse to the best of its abilities 

August 7: Amnesty & Hollywood clutch pearls; Trump weighs anti-censorship order while advocating censorship; female scientists: avoid Greece

Amnesty International issues human rights warning for US travelers...over guns?

Universal pulls trailers for violent 'Red State vs Blue State' thriller after mass shootings

Trump weighing executive order on internet censorship, while calling for more censorship of the internet

Another foreign female scientist found dead in Greece

August 8: Facebook dangles $million carrot for starving news sites; McAfee on civil war; Trump cuts off nose to spite face; just shoot me?

Facebook dangles multimillion-dollar licensing fees in front of cash-strapped mainstream news sites

McAfee offers advice on coming civil war: buy Israeli guns, pretend to be Canadian

US tech firms' license to trade with Huawei in limbo as China trade war heats up

Heavily armed man arrested after filming self walking through Walmart strapped 

August 9: Schmuckerberg seizes means of production; Epstein document dump; Bolsonaro wants you to be as full of shit as him; girls vs boys

**"Facebook News" is Zuckerberg's attempt to control mainstream news narrative en route to world domination

First tranche of Epstein lawsuit docs released, including famous names

Bolsonaro to world: poop every other day, save the planet

Woke German mom sues Berlin boys' choir for gender discrimination

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