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There's nothing quite so satisfying as watching a trillion-dollar corporation trip over its own virtue-signaling. It almost makes one forget that Hillary Clinton has risen from the grave and is running for president again. A longer article coming about that is coming in the near future. Don't eat before reading. 

October 7: Net not neutral; Turks eating Trump's Kurds & whey; Clinton/Romney 2020 is Hollywood remake nightmare

Federal court sticks knife in net neutrality, but leaves states the option to revive

Trump tells Turkey behave or your economy gets it...again?

US "troop pullout from Syria" is not a troop pullout from Syria

Turkey begins incursion into Kurdish separatist area of Syria; Israel weeps

**Clinton & Romney back from the dead in political equivalent of reboot-crazed Hollywood

October 8: Ellen throws gays under the Bush bus; deepfakes demand critical thinking; Blizzard between rock & hard place

Ellen DeGeneres cozies up to war criminal gay-hating Bush bc money's thicker than blood

**Deepfakes' spread proves you can't believe your eyes; maybe it's time to believe your brain

Blizzard exiles gamer who cheered on Hong Kong rioters because China has the $ the US doesn't

October 9: Antisocial media; Apple shoots self in foot; billionaires sitting pretty as Trump hoodwinks working class

**Has Twitter done more damage to the US than any other country? No, there's also Facebook

**China slams Apple for backing Hong Kong uprising. Do customers really want suicidal virtue-signaling?

Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than the working class, but sure, capitalism works

October 10: Amazon voyeurs; Catholic Church tries to go native; selfies enable stalkers; color revolution for the climate

Amazon CloudCam is watching you have sex & telling the world about it

**Catholic Church demands recognition of "climate sins" as it tries to con the world into believing its "indigenous face"

Japanese pop idol assaulted by stalker fan who found her home through reflection in her eye in selfie

62 Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested for supergluing selves to boat in Times Square

October 11: Forced 'tolerance' is racist; Turkey won't be plucked; one last spacewalk; let's make a deal; Warren's transpandering™

**British Film Institute mandates diversity, but tolerance at gunpoint fans flames of racial hate

Turkey refuses to quit Syria campaign as US & allies clutch pearls

NASA honors Alexei Leonov, first man to walk in space, dead at 85

Trump announces partial deal with China covering agriculture, intellectual property, & finance

Elizabeth Warren flip flops again, wants your tax dollars to pay for transgender inmates' surgery

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While you're absorbed in the impeachment sideshow, your government is robbing you blind. So, business as usual. While the media tell us that Americans, most of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, are deeply concerned that the president talked on the phone with the president of Ukraine and mentioned his political rival (who actually dangled a quid pro quo in front of Ukraine's face while serving as vice president), consent is being manufactured for that Iran war everyone wants so much. Don't get distracted. 

September 30: EU tiptoes away as US loudly self-destructs; establishment Dems love war almost as much as the CIA

8 more EU countries escape sinking ship of US sanctions by joining Iran's INSTEX

**San Francisco tries everything to clean up its homeless problem - except making housing affordable

Bolton embraced by #Resistance media establishment in hope he'll dig Dems out of their impeachment hole

MoveOn finally embraces whistleblowers - but only the kind that don't matter

October 1: Humans fight back; Zuck to US: nice election you got there, would be a shame if anyone meddled; US sanctions kill Cubans; Biden gags Giuliani

**Humans are sabotaging their new robot overlords - are scientists really surprised?

Facebook's Zuckerberg threatens US gov't with more election meddling if company is broken up

US sanctions are making Cubans sick - literally

Biden campaign attempts to bar Giuliani from TV news over exposing Burisma corruption

October 2: Sanders laid low; comedy doomed; Trump doesn't want your alligators; whistleblower details reveal collusion aplenty

Bernie Sanders 'pauses' campaign after emergency heart surgery

**Comedy is dying under the dictatorship of the woke

Trump doesn't even know what 'moat' means, let alone want to throw migrants in one

Ukrainegate CIA "whistleblower" may have colluded with Schiff to flesh out complaint

October 3: Twitter protects Biden; Iran protects Soleimani; Pelosi protects Schiff; Americans learning to love their brainwashing; De Niro #metoo'd

Twitter yanks Biden-Burisma Nickelback meme over 'copyright' but can't stop you from look(ing) at this photograph

Israeli-Arab assassination attempt against Quds Brigade chief Soleimani foiled

Pelosi insists Schiff's third-rate mafioso dramatic reading was 'the president's own words'

Americans think social media has too much control over news - but they'll keep reading it there anyway

#Resistance stalwart De Niro accused of sexual harassment by personal assistant

October 4: Irangate cyber scandal unveiled to sell Microsoft products & war; Paris police stabbing terrorism; Sweden's identity crisis

Microsoft uses alleged Iranian government hack attack to sell 'AccountGuard' security service

France hands probe into Paris police stabbing to anti-terror authorities

Iran tried to hack Trump's reelection campaign, but failed (but let's bomb them anyway)

Ultra-liberal Sweden passes historic begging ban - in elite district only


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Amazing how the #Resistance pivots on a dime from Russiagate to Ukrainegate - it's almost like the details don't matter, just the existence of a scandal - any scandal - to dislodge that troublesome Bad Orange Man from office. Facts are stupid things, and the stenographers of power writing for the establishment media assume their audience are stupid people.

September 23: College kids pick prostitution over debt slavery; wannabe-Ukrainazi US soldier busted for giving out explosive advice; Labour loves foreign votes

**US college students embracing "sugar daddies" as alternative to lives of debt peonage

US soldier arrested for distributing bomb-building info planned to fight with neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

Labour Party plans to extend the vote to foreign residents of the UK

September 24: Trump's UN speech scathing indictment...of the US; Saudi Arabia's table full of options; technology is destroying humanity (& that's a feature not a bug)

**Trump tears into Iran, Venezuela, socialism - with criticism better applied to the US

Saudi Arabia hints at military retaliation against Iran for Houthis' strike on Aramco facilities - but doesn't want war

**Technology, once synonymous with progress, is depriving us of our humanity

September 25: Trump releases Ukraine call transcript...and it's another nothingburger; autistic kid labeled sex offender; Netanyahu's second chance; DNI slams WaPo fake news

Trump releases transcript of Zelensky call, with nary a quid pro quo to be found

The Trump-Zelensky call, explained: a nothingburger inside a nothingburger (but what's that about Crowdstrike?)

Autistic kindergartner could be labeled sex offender for hugging classmates

Netanyahu tapped to form Israeli government despite losing second election

DNI denies threatening to resign over Ukrainegate "whistleblower"

September 26: Iran violates moar nuclear deal, says IAEA; Chernobyl still radioactive; ADL says OK not OK

Iran violated more nuke deal provisions, says IAEA, after Tehran calls out Europe for failing to pull their weight

RT journalists tour Chernobyl's doomed reactor 4

ADL condemns "OK" hand sign as hateful symbol of white supremacy, despite knowledge of 4chan hoax

September 27: Swedes ditch history for gender studies; Pelosi's paranoid; the Left can't meme

Swedish primary schools drop ancient history from curriculum for postmodernism & critical theory

Lavrov: Pelosi blaming Russia for Ukrainegate scandal is typical paranoia

Egregious NYTimes Star Wars clip shows the Left (or what passes for it these days) cannot, in fact, meme

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What do you do when you want a world government, but the world won't cooperate? Couldn't do much worse than faking an extraterrestrial invasion - and if that fails, there's always climate change. (Seriously, the alien propaganda is reaching a critical pitch...expect faux "visitors" within the next few years which will require us all to unite, put aside our differences & those few pesky remaining civil liberties, & plunge headlong into planetary defense mode)

September 16: Wall Street racketeering; Pennsylvania Avenue pimping; New York slimes; billionaire backpedaling; metaphorical & literal derailments

Price-fixing at JPMorgan metals desk was organized crime, says Justice Dept trying to look tough

Tulsi to Trump: military are not your prostitutes & you're no Iceberg Slim

Trump calls on NYT reporters who slimed Kavanaugh to resign

Elon Musk says 'pedo guy' isn't meant to connote actual pedophilia, why would you think that

Google outage causes existential crisis

Hong Kong metro train derails - protesters whistle & look innocent

September 17: UFO verification; Facebook buys pet court; we're all gonna die; car meets building; Snowden skates again; surveillance from the sky

UFOs are real, says Navy Information Warfare specialist

**Facebook unveils new "independent" (paid by Facebook) 'supreme court' for binding censorship decisions

'We're all gonna die!' shrieks emergency preparedness body formed by World Bank & WHO

Car hits Trump Plaza in upstate NY, #Resistance cheers

Backlash to Snowden book is pure spite, but will help sales, says fellow whistleblower

IARPA seeking facial recognition surveillance tech capable of seeing from great heights

September 18: Just shoot me; just say no to blackface; worship at Greta's climate altar; NATO invents new bodies of water to occupy

OK to use school shooting fear porn to advertise safety, but not fashion?

Trudeau begs forgiveness for blackface genie outfit, diversity hypocrisy

Trudeau gets viciously memed for lifetime of diversity hypocrisy, nepotism

**Confess your climate sins, peon! NBC joins Greta Thunberg's doomsday cult

NATO invents new "Sea of Asimov" to patrol, mine, keep Russians out of

September 19: Deepfake Putin props up Russiagate; Cuba blamed; Saudis shamed; Israel ate Trump's lunch; Facebook gets Loomered; Area 51 unstormed

Deepfake Putin keeps Russiagate faithful on hook, primes Americans for rollout of deepfakes in 2020

Cuban diplomats ejected over "influence operations"

Saudis launch military op in Hodeidah, beg desperate & displaced civilians to stay away...on Saudi TV

"Machiavellian" Netanyahu "played" Trump with misinformation, says ex-SecState Tillerson

Is Facebook a publisher or a platform? Loomer lawsuit ties lies in knots

Alien enthusiasts begin arriving for Storm Area 51 festivals

September 20: Facebook hates privacy; YouTube hates its users; US hates freedom; Philadelphia loves guns; Mars loves water

Facebook boots 10,000 apps for violating user privacy, & there's more where that came from

YouTube apologizes for removing verification checks from popular users

US itching to protect its oil, not its allies: Americans won't fight for a monarchy

2 shot as gunfire breaks out at Philadelphia high school football game

NASA Insight lander finds water on Mars - and strange magnetic phenomena

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John Bolton, the human embodiment of ziofascist war psychosis, has been shown the door from the Trump administration. But there are more where that came from, and we'd be wise to hold off on celebrating until his replacement is named. Will "Rapture Mike" Pompeo get the Kissinger treatment, assuming the National Security Advisor title in addition to Secretary of State? Will he bring over Netanyahu if he loses his election this week? Promote Jared Kushner? However bad things are, they can always get worse (Bolton's trajectory is much more predictable - he's launched himself back into fundraising to stack Congress with even more rabid Zionist warmongers - no candidates with souls need apply).

September 9: Bolt from the blue; bringing Big Brother home; rewarding failure; who wants to be offended?

Air Force One nearly struck by lightning, to predictable #Resistance glee

Google Nest Hub, a playdate with Big Brother, brings facial recognition surveillance home

Theresa May gives disgraced ambassador lordship as parting shot at Trump

Northern Ireland vs Germany football match trends on Twitter in mass premature offense-taking

September 10: Newspapers beg for salvation; Bolton gets the boot; Area 51 unstormed; Palestinians <3 apartheid; surveillance state shamed

Newspapers lobby Congress to save their dying business model from Big Tech

Bolton's departure will give Trump space to adopt noninterventionist policies, says Ron Paul

'Storm Area 51' organizer shuts down replacement Alienstock festival

Gantz channels South African apartheid apologists with claim that Palestinians love occupation

Discovery of faulty cellphone location software exonerates dozens, forcing review of 10,000+ cases

September 11: US determined to regime-change Venezuela; SCOTUS upholds asylum ban; tariffs suspended; eternal Hillary; Pompeo's Kissinger fantasy

US invokes mutual defense treaty with Guaido's goons against Venezuela

Supreme Court allows asylum restrictions to go into effect

New China tariffs? J/K! Trump postpones latest trade war salvo

Scene of the crime: Hillary Clinton stops by Venice art show to read her notorious emails

Is Pompeo poised to take over Bolton's role a la Henry Kissinger?

September 12: Table scraps for 9/11 victims; UN to US: stop with the war crimes already; Yang buys votes, Biden buys the farm (almost)

Justice Dept declassifies single name in 9/11 report while admitting they're hiding much more

UN slams US war crimes in Syria & indiscriminate targeting of civilians

Andrew Yang announces 'Freedom Dividend' lottery, bc buying votes is totally legal

Biden clings to Obama's record, shielding it from troublesome facts

September 13: Mozilla wants moar Youtube censorship; Bolton wants your cash; Sacklers want their drug money; California wants vaccines

Mozilla solicits stories of YouTube radicalization, seeking even more censorship

Bolton reverts to type, fundraising to prop up Congress' most bloodthirsty neocons

Sacklers hiding opioid profits as lawsuits threaten their gravy train

"Anti-vax" provocateur throws "blood" on California legislators after draconian vaccine bill passed


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