In an elaborate misdirection, the entire US political class focused its worshipful acolytes' attention on a uniquely pathetic show trial -the last stand of Dementia Patient Robert Mueller- while running a shocking series of bills and resolutions through the House that, when signed by the president (because they will be signed by the president), give everything the US has in its arsenal to Israel. This is literally "giving away the store." Interested to hear how the knee-jerk Tel Aviv Apologists' Club tries to defend this move. 

July 22: Black helicopters over DC; bitcoin for sanctions relief; dude where's my wall?

Pentagon accidentally exposes Black Hawks & secret base outside DC

Iran authorizes bitcoin mining, eyeing potential route out of sanctions hell

Trump defends record on border after report reveals he's built nothing 

July 23: Big Tech's big problems; pigs demand respect; anonymized data is anything but; Loch Ness distress

DoJ launches bigger Big Tech antitrust probe

"Respect the police!" impotent pigs cry as they're doused with water on hot day

"Anonymized" data can be re-identified with 99% accuracy, researchers find

Raid Loch Ness event piggybacks on viral success of Raid Area 51

July 24: Mueller show tanks; Google engineer speaks (& gets fired); McAfee back in the saddle; Epstein 'suicide' aborted

Trump mocks Russiagate cultists' post-Mueller cognitive dissonance syndrome

"Don't call it Russiagate, call it FBIgate," says Ron Paul

Senior Google engineer attests to massive bias, electoral influencing power within Big Tech

McAfee released in Dominican Republic, minus boat & guns

Epstein found with suspicious marks on neck curled up in cell

July 25: Tulsi sues Google; Marine smuggling/drugs probe widens; Trump pushes 'murican exceptionalism; Australia postures for privacy

Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for memory-holing her ads as she topped post-debate searches

16 Marines arrested, 8 more questioned in human/drugs smuggling probe near border

**Trump's "Free Rocky" plea chokes Sweden (& perhaps the world) on American exceptionalism

Real-life Reanimator scenes found at Arizona body-donation facility

Australian antitrust regulator calls for transparency for Big Tech's cash-cow algorithms

July 26: SCOTUS greenlights wall; Israeli crime boss (not Bibi) shot; nuclear waste & personal data always leak; Lolita pilots summoned

Supreme Court clears Trump to reappropriate $ for border wall

Israeli crime boss assassinated in broad daylight in Mexico City

Troubled nuclear fuel factory found leaking uranium into soil

Siri listening to you have sex, sell drugs, says Apple-contractor whistleblower

Lolita Express pilots subpoenaed to spill on new Epstein charges