We are under attack, and the military is busting out the big guns - to fight "disinformation," which as you may recall from last week is just truth powerful people don't like. All 'malicious intent' will now be rooted out at the start before it can spread, because we wouldn't want any of that discord to get sowed, would we? Unless it's in Hong Kong, where sowing discord is called Promoting Democracy and it's cool to want to subjugate oneself to the yoke of colonialism. But in America, protesting is terrorism, and snitching is patriotic.

September 2: DARPA declares war on dissent; Israel offers cyberweapons to any ISIS-come-lately; Facebook hides 'likes' bc no one likes it; floating inferno

**DARPA takes on deepfakes, memes, & 'malicious dissent,' er, intent

Israel lifts controls on cyberweapons as Dutch role in Stuxnet attack unveiled

25 feared dead in California boat fire

Facebook experimenting with hiding 'likes' as popularity plummets

At least 5 dead in Indian oil refinery fire outside Mumbai

September 3: No Brexit for you; UNHRC says stop arming war criminals; Hammond threatened with Manning's fate; stealbarrow

UK Parliament snatches Brexit out of BoJo's hands: referendum? what referendum?

UNHRC slams UK, US, France for aiding & abetting Saudi-led war crimes in Yemen

Stratfor hacker moved to Virginia to testify against Assange, adding years to sentence

'Theft of the century': kids' wheelbarrow heist goes viral

September 4: Brexit & election DOA; Huawei says stop spying on us; Big Tech & Big Brother steal election; Venezuela rolls out missiles; Biden bleeds for you

No no-deal, & no election either as Parliament wipes its ass with popular will

Huawei accuses US of extorting, threatening, & recruiting its employees

**Big Tech & Big Brother agree to rig election nice & tidy

Venezuela rolls out missile defenses after accusing Colombia of terror plot

Truck hits train at busy crossing in Yokohama

Biden's bloody eye sees all at CNN climate change town hall

September 5: State Dept bribes sailors to screw Iran; terror watchlist unconstitutional; military plane bombs Arizona; disgruntled mechanic sabotages plane

State Department admits it tried to bribe Adrian Darya captain, 11 more sailors

Judge declares 1.2 million-strong terrorism watchlist unconstitutional

Military plane bombs Arizona desert with white phosphorus...oops?

Disgruntled American Airlines mechanic arrested for sabotaging plane over union beef 

September 6: Israel bombs Gaza; Pentagon salivates over Danes; vaping will kill you; no moon for you; monopoly meets match; is anyone not a terrorist?

Israel bombs Gaza after yet another rocket lands in yet another open field

Hey, Denmark, send these medics to Syria & we won't regime-change Greenland

CDC says stop vaping while we investigate this mysterious lung disease

India's moon-shot misses the mark, but 'the best is yet to come,' Modi says

40+ states join antitrust probes into Facebook & Google

**Is there anyone left the FBI has not declared a domestic terrorist?