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It has come to my attention via Twitter that some people who find my site have no sense of humor & expect me not to either (& thus take what I say in these brief intros to the last week's articles very, very literally). If you can't find at least a grain of humor in the total collapse of everything western society once stood for, I pity you, because that's what makes us human. AI doesn't laugh. I suppose we won't either once the Bill Gates Brigade is done with us, but that's another article (a book, really) for another time...

April 13: #OMFGVirus strikes again; NYC & France hint end is near; crackdown vs crackup

Coronavirus-infected sailor from USS Theodore Roosevelt dies

'Worst is over' as NYC hits 10K dead, says, Cuomo, but don't expect an end to lockdown

Macron says lockdown starts winding down May 11

Coronavirus shifts police state to overdrive - would you like a nannycopter with that?

Trump & Cuomo initiate pissing contest over who gets to reopen New York 

April 14: The predictable vs the despicable

Obama endorses Biden for 2020 race, hints 'good people' will run the show

Amazon ordered to suspend 'non-essential' deliveries after union safety lawsuit

**Cuomo takes aim at 'King Trump' but 'constitutional crisis' is more about seizing his throne

NYC adds 3700+ deaths to coronavirus tally despite testing none, jacking up US total by 17%

April 15: When "safety" becomes absurd; Westworld worked out well...; who knew satanism was so unpopular?

Warren finally endorses Biden, surprising no one but irritating many

Cuomo issues statewide mask order & volunteers New Yorkers as vaccine guinea pigs

**Facebook populates parallel platform with bots to test new psychological tricks it totally won't use on you

**Microsoft yanks Marina Abramovic ad after spirit cooking & inequality trigger big fat backlash

April 16: More lockdown for NYC; NYTimes does 180 with US out-China-ing China

Lockdown extended to mid-May in NY as Cuomo hints it could go longer

**NYT embraces contact-tracers it decried as Mao-style social control in China

April 17: Smug as a thug in a rug; batshit crazy; mirror deficiency; private equity dines out on suffering

Pompeo gloats that coronavirus will turn world off Huawei

France stomps on US-backed Wuhan lab rumors of coronavirus origin

LA Times gets stomped for sweatpants-shaming locked-down workers-at-home

**Which corporate vultures would you rather have eating your entrails, Trump's or Cuomo's?

Johns Hopkins coronavirus death toll passes 150K

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Just got bounced from Medium.com for this article, an updated version of which will be posted shortly. If you haven't watched the full sequence of Event 201 videos in which they talk about ramping up censorship to be followed by 'limited internet shutdowns,' I recommend you do so. And keep those septic paws away from your jaws. Big Brother is watching.

April 6: ScrEUed; Kissinger loves plagues; BoJo drags down the pound

Merkel acknowledges coronavirus 'testing' EU, but doubles down: "more Europe!"

**Kissinger says US can't beat coronavirus alone, must establish New World Order 'or else'

Pound sterling drops precipitously as BoJo admitted to ICU

April 7: WHO's on first; more essential than thou; personnel shakeup goes viral; Correa calls BS

Trump says 'China-centric' WHO 'blew it' in coronavirus response

Target workers join rash of 'essential worker' strikes as Corona Class War looms

Texas can ban abortions as 'non-essential,' court rules

Navy Secretary out after firing popular coronavirus tell-all captain of US aircraft carrier

Trump boots Obama-era IG in charge of coronavirus bailout

Correa rolls eyes at sentence as neoliberal austerity exposes Ecuadorians to Covid-19 

April 8: Bernie goes byebye; robotic incursion; military intel oops

Sanders suspends 2020 campaign following long-expected vertebrectomy

Hillary supporters cheer on Bernie's graceless exit, but couldn't he have done more??

Robots infiltrate all your jobs while you're locked down

Military intelligence claims coronavirus alerts headed Washington's way since November

April 9: Where's my loan? Where's my privacy? Where's my junk? bonds, you perverts

Dems stomp on small-business bailout top-up while CNN spreads the blame

**Twitter stops users from hiding personal phone ID as gov't gloms on to same info to track virus

Fed cultivates appetite for junk bonds - what's next, stocks?

April 10: War on the inanimate; Big Tech overtakes Big Brother; Pandrew Cuomo loves health workers (to death)

**US declared war on coronavirus, but what happened with wars on Drugs? Cancer? Terror?

**Google & Apple teaming up for contact-tracing app is privacy nightmare we'll never awake from

**Cuomo debuts 'Heroes Fund' to cheers while memory-holing decade of healthcare cuts

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During the 1918 influenza pandemic (which, despite being nicknamed the "Spanish flu," was not Spanish but American), parts of the US supposedly adopted mandatory mask laws. At least, that's what CNN claims, in an article that (unbelievably) cites Laura Spinney, an expert on altering historical consciousness via cognitive infiltration. Seriously, that's what she does. Spinney was one of the Wikipedia editors behind a campaign, predating the official announcement of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, to minimize the fatality rate of the 1918 pandemic (from 10-20% to 1-2%) (see below video). Immediately after the WHO announced the outbreak, the media began comparing it to the 1918 pandemic, even though the two had very little in common - there was no indication at the time that coronavirus would sweep the globe in record time, and the novel coronavirus had not demonstrated an especially high death rate. Now why would anyone want to do that? It's almost like the narrative managers had advanced knowledge of the Plague Of Our Times and called in one of the Experts to fan the flames of fear by editing the Spanish Flu in public consciousness. Spinney, we might add, also attempted to pin the 1918 pandemic on China. We're sure that's just a coincidence, though. 

CNN also claims there was really a PR campaign to encourage mask uptake in 1918 that included a song with the lyrics "Obey the laws, and wear the gauze. Protect your jaws from septic paws." You can't make that up. Can you?

March 30: Closeness is distancing; lies are truth; dementia is clarity; church is state

Maryland threatens lockdown-violators with $5,000 fine & 1 year in prison

Leonie Group sued over billing Pentagon $425 million for un-aired Afghan propaganda

Biden campaign distracts from sex abuse allegations & dementia with aggressively bland fireside chats

Megachurch pastor arrested for flouting social distancing with massive Sunday services

March 31: Workers of the world unite; virus theatre; Russiagaters' red-faced rage; calling Bezos' bluff

New York Covid-19 deaths pass 1,500 as half NYC tests come back positive

Whole Foods workers stage sick-out as movement against gig work exploitation grows

CNN's Chris Cuomo boosts brother's election chances by testing positive for coronavirus

Russiagaters foam with rage over Putin's US-bound planeload of medical supplies

Amazon warehouse walkout leader vows to take protest to Albany if demands not met

April 1: Dial-a-dystopia; quarantine riots in Jaffa; Schiff sets the bar low

**We're knee-deep in dystopias already - coronavirus has just added the 12th monkey

Riot breaks out in Jaffa after IDF roughs up quarantine-breaker

**Schiff lusts after second bite at impeachment apple with coronavirus '9/11 commission'

April 2: #MeToo...except today; all trains are Trump trains; more death pls; banksters grab their bats

Alyssa Milano exempts Biden accuser from #MeToo's warm fuzzy feminist embrace

Trump pumps $25 billion in emergency cash into big city transit systems

Coronavirus death toll tops 50,000, according to totally conflict-of-interest-free Johns Hopkins

**Banks threaten to get cold feet on eve of small business coronavirus bailout

April 3: NYPD hypocrisy; Bank of America adds insult to injury; AOC wants reparations; globalists go corona-crazy

NYPD arrests people for not social distancing only to put them in crowded jails

Bank of America shafts lifetime customers by denying small business bailout loans to the debt-free

AOC plays divide & conquer with coronavirus reparations call

**Globalist ghouls use coronavirus to call for abolition of cash, family, privacy, & fossil fuels

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Putting aside "the virus" - which, for the millionth disclaimer, exists - it's difficult to see the superstructure that's been grafted onto it as anything other than a behavioral experiment. How much will the American people take before we rebel? Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for us, we can't rebel, it's not in our nature - Chris Cuomo said we can aid the "war effort" by sitting on our couch binge-watching Netflix, and he should know, he has the coronavirus. Or does he? At this point you're safer believing the opposite of what you read. Except in my articles, of course.

March 23: Hidin' Biden; liar lectures Iran about facts; corona class war; bye bye habeas corpus; Howard Hughes chuckles

Biden promises corona briefings after vanishing for a week amid speculation about death/dementia

Rapture Mike lays out US-slanted 'facts' but stops short of denying Iranian 'conspiracy theories' blaming US for outbreak

**Coronavirus has split the US into quarantined 'haves' & delivery-worker 'have nots.' Is class war imminent?

Justice Dept tries to reassure US that habeas corpus suspension would be at judges' - not Bad Orange Man's - discretion

Someone in the White House Press Corps has coronavirus, but who? 

March 24: Trump stomps stimulus; veiled propaganda; coronavirus-on-the-water; Titanic deck-chair remodel

Trump boasts about 'canceling' pork-stuffed Democratic version of coronavirus stimulus

**NYTimes sings the praises of 'empowered' face-veiling in profile of totally-not-extremist Indonesian Islamic fundamentalists

3 sailors aboard US aircraft carrier in Philippines to be airlifted out after coronavirus diagnosis

Dow soars on stimulus anticipation in largest single-day gain since 1933

March 25: Volkswagen says behave; Nevada prizes politics over health

No cars to sell, only virtue: Volkswagen drops 'social distancing' spot despite shutting down factories

Nevada public health officials haven't an MD between them, but sure, ban lifesaving drugs anyway

March 26: Noriega option is go; fear is the body-killer too, screw EU solidarity

State Dept announces $15mn reward to frame Maduro for narcotrafficking

US ripping off Panama invasion to recreate 'Noriega option' in Venezuela is criminal lack of imagination

Fear of coronavirus may kill as many people as the virus itself

Germany takes in handful of Italian corona patients in hope of getting on their good side before its own epidemic explodes

March 27: Coronavirus terrorists on the loose! Italy outbreak peaks; coronavirus bailout passed; Alexa says give up your privacy

Terrorists weaponizing coronavirus, cry impatient professional fearmongers

Italy has worst day yet as epidemic deaths hit 921

Socialism for the rich & corporations, crumbs for the rest as coronavirus stimulus passed

**Alexa wants to know your coronavirus symptoms. Will she rat you out if you cough?

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As much of the world slides deeper into the Twilight Zone, it's increasingly difficult to find stories that aren't related to the ruling class' Perfect Little Plague. "Because Coronavirus" is being used as an excuse for everything from the adoption of martial law to arm-wrestling the Invisible Hand of the Market into submission. Neoliberalism's body count is soaring, and don't blame the virus - blame the governments who are practically bursting blood vessels cheering the virus on because it gives them the excuse they need to cross off all the items from their Police State Wish List. If this was a movie script it'd be rejected (by Miramax, no doubt) as too on-the-nose; instead, it's hammered daily as the new 9/11 priming us for Patriot Act Plus. People who should know better - even in the "alt media," even those who've seemingly evolved beyond the divide-&-conquer political paradigm - have been stunted by fear into dead-eyed zombies repeating buzzwords like "flatten the curve" and demanding their leaders imprison them in their own homes. Meanwhile, what is "social distancing" but alienation by another name?  

March 16: Coronavirus shuts it all down

India closes Taj Mahal & other monuments for a month Because Coronavirus

**Coronavirus epidemic exposes American Dream as patchy Potemkin nightmare

Italian student sheds troubling light on Milan's overwhelmed, overworked healthcare system

March 17: Trump team teases bailout; Amazon ditches free press; just when you thought it couldn't get more rigged; i can haz war?

Trump & Mnuchin dangle 'stimulus for American worker' alongside Boeing bailout

**Amazon bans Mein Kampf as digital book-burning reaches new heights of hypocrisy

Biden sweeps 'coronavirus primaries' amid record low turnout & voter suppression

More rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, but US denies another strike on Camp Taji

March 18: Close the borders, pour on the cash, & pump up the ventilators

Trump announces closure of Canadian border to 'nonessential' travel

Trudeau confirms border closure & unveils massive stimulus package

Israel closes borders amid spike in coronavirus cases as Jerusalem prepares for lockdown

NHS' failure to invest in protective equipment dooms its coronavirus response 

March 19: Traitor Tulsi; a safe & wholesome execution; Cannes canned 

Tulsi Gabbard ends campaign, endorses Biden

**Tulsi's attempt at a graceful surrender has torpedoed her political future & any scrap of credibility she had

Texas postpones second execution in a week "because coronavirus"

Cannes Film Festival tentatively postponed 2 months in first-ever delay "because coronavirus"

March 20: Never let a crisis go to waste; Switzerland mandates distance; New York on pause; Trump lets loose

**Police state US won't let a good crisis go to waste: coronavirus means death of internet, constitution

Switzerland bans gatherings of 5+ amid spike in coronavirus cases

New York locks down, bans gatherings, shutters 'non-essential businesses'

Trump lets loose on NBC reporter (& by extension all MSM) over sensationalist reporting

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