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Surprise! 'murican my-way-or-the-highway "diplomacy" failed to assuage Kim Jong-un's fears of ending up like Muammar Gaddafi - disarmed with promises of sanctions relief, then anally raped with a bayonet. Trump's desire for a Nobel prize does not outweigh his desire to serve his neocon ziofascist masters. The most unforgivable thing an American leader can do is to end a war - that's why we're in 134 of them. Clearly, the solution is to censor all information about it before someone gets upset!


February 25: Facebook censors converted, traumatized; hate crime hoaxers get crispy; Haley's thoughtless think tank

Facebook's 3rd-party censors believe what they're paid to squash - or get PTSD

LGBT activist torched own house to fan flames of controversy

Nikki Haley takes the "think" out of "think tank" with new jingoistic policy group


February 26: House Dems want to save the world without offending AIPAC; IBM & Marines step in race trap

House Dems implore Trump to end Korean War for real

House Dems say no to Trump's border emergency

Senate Republicans block attempt to stop funding Saudis' Houthi genocide 

IBM wants to know if job applicants are 'colored' or 'mulatto'

Marine under investigation for 'Nazi'-sympathetic tweets


February 27: Cautious optimism in Hanoi, shameless media-whoring & fearmongering at home

Kim willing to consider denuclearization, diplomatic relations after Hanoi talks

Senate committee claims China indoctrinating Americans in schools & won't let State Dept reciprocate

Cohen warns Trump won't leave peacefully if defeated in 2020

Maffick Media returns to Failbook saddled with Orwellian 'warning'

Turkey holds largest-ever military drill on land, air, sea


February 28: UK in fascist internet power grab; survivors want genocide-promoting Abrams off genocide-prevention committee

UK wants to criminally charge CEOs who don't censor 'hate speech' & 'disinfo' quick enough

Survivors want genocide-promoting Elliott Abrams off 'genocide prevention committee'

California refused thousands of ICE requests to detain & deport criminal aliens

Lindsey Graham tries to sabotage Hanoi conference with Kim dis

Worst sequel ever? State Dept offers $1mil for info on bin Laden's son


March 1: Bad jokes, just desserts, & a heaping helping of hypocrisy

Racial dancing bear Trevor Noah thinks war between India & Pakistan is funny

WaPo updates Covington story...2 months & a lawsuit later

Black woman who beat Mexican grandpa with a brick gets 15 years

German city repossesses family dog to cover unpaid debts

Kamala "#metoo" Harris' office paid out $1.1mil in sex harassment settlements while CA AG

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Every time you fake a hate crime, someone in Indonesia finds a giant bee. So please, for the love of all things good and true in the world, stop faking hate crimes. It's unseemly. Also on the list of things to stop: faking popular uprisings to grab the oil of resource-rich nations (hi, Venezuela!), deceptively editing viral videos (even when the "victim" is someone who deserves it, like Diane Feinstein), collecting innocent people's DNA just in case they become enemies of the state, spending billions of dollars to put space-age lipstick on a corrupt & murderous pig.


February 18: The emperor has no clothes, but that won't stop him from trying to run your country

ACLU, SPLC & migrants' rights groups sue Trump over border 'emergency'

Trump warns Venezuelan military they're 'risking their lives' by not swearing fealty to his puppet

Grand Canyon exposed visitors to dangerous radiation levels, whistleblower says


February 19: Proof of Trump's collusion...with the Saudis; WaPo sued, Branson booed, & Arizona screwed

Trump admin conspired with Saudis to disseminate nuclear tech - collusion at last?

Covington kid sues WaPo for $250mn in defamation case

Roger Waters slams Richard Branson for virtue-signaling pro-regime-change Venezuela concert

Arizona rep proposes statewide DNA database - coming soon to the national stage

Space Force is go: Trump signs legislation to expand world's most bloated military


February 20: Fake CIA agent, fake hate crime, fake US citizen, real kiddie porn ring; can't we all just get along?

National Guardsman fakes CIA identity to impress girl

Jussie Smollett indicted for faking own MAGAlynching

Trump says no to homesick ISIS bride

Advertisers jump ship as YouTube pedo ring exposed

Ron Paul begs for cooler heads to prevail as Russia despairs of US' 'locked door' to peace


February 21: Super brains, super bees, justice un-served

Chinese gene-edited babies may have mental superpowers, trigger designer-baby arms race

Researchers find 'extinct' giant bee species in Indonesia

Mossad honeypot Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal was illegal, judge finds after 11 years

Roger Stone gagged after 'threatening' Instagram post

Japanese Hayabusa2 probe 'shoots' asteroid to find clues to origin of life on Earth


February 22: So you've been publicly shamed! Feinstein hates kids & Facebook loves Nazis

Sunrise Movement deploys climate change kids to shame Feinstein into endorsing Green New Deal-esque action

Facebook caught targeting ad audiences with Nazi keywords - again

Elon Musk on PewDiePie's Meme Review breaks internet

Trump names Kelly Craft UN ambassador after Nauert pulls out


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 Poorly constructed hoaxes - the Jussie Smollett "hate crime," Kamala Harris' reinvention of herself as a hero of the black community - are disintegrating right and left, and Ilhan Omar has been viciously attacked by the entire media for calling out the biggest hoax of all - that the Democratic Party gives a half-baked fuck about "diversity" or inclusivity. This Muslim immigrant black female - who in theory should be heralded as the embodiment of progress by a party that presents itself as the champion of minority rights - is instead being condemned by a party leadership that has now admitted publicly this was all a divide-and-conquer show, that the only thing they really care about is keeping those AIPAC dollars flowing. Screw the minorities, screw the country, screw the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution - it's all about the Benjamins, baby (note to Ms. Omar - put that on a t-shirt & sell it on your website - you'll fund your re-election campaign in no time).


February 11: Both ends of the authenticity spectrum, fake news, & something sticks to Teflon Trudeau

Kamala Harris admits to smoking pot, but not to imprisoning thousands for smoking pot

Ilhan Omar apologizes for 'antisemitic tweets' after party leadership throws her under the bus

Bloomingdale's pulls "fake news" t shirt after journalists cry foul

Corruption probe targets Trudeau in Libyan contractor fraud case

Congressional leaders dodge shutdown...'on principle'


regarding those tweets...


February 12: 2+2=5, vaccine prostitution, AI learns to moralize

Feminist sues Twitter for false advertising over 'free speech' reputation

Women forced to have sex for ebola vaccine in Congo

Stoners trip over tiger when looking for place to smoke

AI loses debate, but will be repurposed to help the public understand 'issues,' IBM says

Trump thanks MSNBC for absolving him of collusion


February 13: War crimes, tax crimes, sex crimes, & crimes against reality

Ilhan Omar calls out war criminal for war crimes as he prepares for repeat performance in Venezuela

Amazon pays less than zero taxes on $11bn profits

Convicted rapist Bill Cosby is a 'political prisoner,' says Bill Cosby

Theresa May snacks on moldy jam, but does ergotism explain her policies?

NYTimes 'sources' take credit for sabotaging Iranian space program


February 14: The Facebook Stasi is real, but Smollett's "hate crime" wasn't; glyphosate causes cancer, the sky is blue, & illegal immigrants want to sue [my Valentine's Day poem - you're welcome]

Facebook tracks ex-employees & users it considers 'threats'

Jussie Smollett under investigation for faking 'hate crime'

Glyphosate ups cancer risk 41%, EPA-linked scientists say

ACLU & SPLC sue Trump administration for deporting asylum-seekers

Shutdown-averting spending bill passes both houses of Congress - but no wall


February 15: Pot calls kettle black; Smollett hoax unravels; Google spills the military beans

NYC mayor slams Amazon as disrespectful for pulling out of HQ deal that disrespected New Yorkers

Chicago police release Nigerian brothers held in Smollett hate hoax

Google map upgrade exposes Taiwanese military secrets

Mueller recommends 19-year sentence after Manafort double-crosses him in broken plea deal

White House press sec interviewed in Russiagate probe


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 Joseph McCarthy called - he wants his schtick back, but he loved the SotU. We'll always have socialism as a punching bag - and why not, since "duck & cover" was so much fun the first time around? Instagram your fallout shelter for a free 3-month supply of storable vacuum-sealed zombie deer meat! 


February 4: YouTube can't take thumbs-down heat, blows up the kitchen; Indians internalize no-kids propaganda; CNN in Deep State porn shoot

YouTube can dish it out, but not take it - 'dislike' button on the chopping block

Indian man proposes suing parents for birthing him without consent

Roger Stone lawyer claims Mueller prosecutor leaked indictment to CNN


February 5: SOTU decries McCarthyism while perpetuating McCarthyism; Black Hawks over LA; Catholics get screwed

Trump unites partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle with two-minutes-hate on socialism

Trump decries 'foolish wars' while unleashing one of the same in Venezuela

Black helicopters take LA in unannounced week-long 'military drill'

Pope Francis admits nuns sexually abused but claims to be 'working on it'


February 6: Pentagon wants MOAR PROPAGANDA; your phone is snitching; Monsanto seeds EU with stealth GMOs

Broke-ass Pentagon begs for more 'irregular warfare,' psychological operations

US telecoms sold users' location data to bounty hunters & unknown 3rd parties for years

French & German farmers forced to uproot crops after GMOs discovered in Monsanto seed lots


February 7: Who wants to blackmail a billionaire? Germany slaps Facebook on the wrist; heroin puppies' revenge

Bezos blows the whistle on 'dick pic' blackmail attempt by National Enquirer

Germany bans Facebook from cross-platform & 3rd party data collection

Colombian vet gets 6 years for using live puppies to mule heroin

CCTV footage of Roger Stone arrest leaks


February 8: Zombie deer, zombie politics; VA Dems get a taste of their own medicine

Mad-cow-like 'zombie deer disease' spreads to half the US, menacing humans

Candace Owens flayed for defending Hitler, or was it nationalism?

Dems call on VA Lt.Gov. to resign after second sex assault accuser comes forward


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 Two plus two equals five. Believe otherwise, and face the consequences. As the lies get more tawdry, the penalties for disbelief increase. Truth is stranger than fiction, but fiction won't keep you warm in the middle of a polar vortex, and you can't date Stalin. or can you


Jan 28: Privacy is dead, Bolton drops a hint, justice unserved

Google ad tracking violates GDPR (and common decency), new docs reveal

US expat leaks thousands of Singaporeans' HIV statuses

Bolton hints '5000 troops' at Colombian border in pantomime of early dementia

4 cops shot in Houston "narcotics" raid [+ a followup (not written by me) from Free Thought Project]

Palin spawn released from halfway house


Jan 29: NY politics kills, disgusts; Texas GOP trips over its own virtue signaling

Mother dies in subway stair fall, Cuomo whines while starving MTA

Disgraced NY AG paid for sex abuse defense out of campaign fund

Texas GOP blames "leftism" for "holocaust"

US approves China-menacing missile system sale to Japan

Canada postpones Huawei CFO extradition


Jan 30: When corporations, government, and media unite behind the same lies, we can safely call it fascism

CNN force-feeds audience Kamala Harris' popularity but trips over reality 

Max Boot goes full White Man's Burden, thinks of mideast ForeverWar more like Manifest Destiny

Energy Dept sneaks half-ton of weapons-grade plutonium into Nevada

Airbus claims hack totally didn't affect airline safety, before investigating hack

21-car pileup in upstate NY as polar vortex descends

8-alarm fire at NJ paper factory menaces nearby residences

Jury awards Rand Paul almost $600K in neighbor-attack suit


Jan 31: Cold day in hell: Who Would Stalin Date, John of God's baby farms, obstruction of jaws-tice

Swipe right on Stalin: what if the Soviet dictator used Tinder?

Brazilian faith healer John of God ran "baby farms" of sex slaves, says activist

Jaws-tice served? Man bites dog - and FBI agent

After meeting with spy chiefs, Trump eats his criticism of "threat assessment"

Polar vortex causes chaos across Midwest


Feb 1: Sit down, shut up, & believe our lies, OR ELSE

DNA testing company gives FBI access to million-plus user database

Judge to Roger Stone: shut up! Trump adviser threatened with gag order

Snopes & AP to stop fact-checking for Facebook, but continue ominous 'partnership'

NY attorney general declares fake social media influence peddling illegal

Watch on radar moment meteor hits Cuba


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