After the shocking degree of rigging present on Super Tuesday (& the Iowa caucuses, can't forget those), Americans would have to be drooling morons to think they have any say in the 2020 contest to choose which figurehead will be placed on the rapidly-sinking ship of state. The ruling class has a few tricks up their sleeves - convince the electorate the "other guys" are actually evil demons who must be defeated at the polling place, for example, and you can maybe increase turnout a bit - but half the country has caught on to the divide and conquer Ponzi scheme. Is this why Paul Singer, the man whom 'vulture investor' was coined to describe, is going after Twitter? Is he merely planning on moving it to Israel, where it will become more anti-boycott insurance, or is this the first step in transforming it into a full-on propaganda dissemination platform that will make future tweeters nostalgic for the hyper-censored dumpster fire it is today? What's that saying about "first they came for the anti-war commentators, and I did not speak out, because I was a simpering coward?" They're about to move quite a bit further up that pole (in the name of "stopping disinfo about coronavirus," among other things), and it's in everyone's interests to make some noise.

March 2: US shows China how 'free press' isn't free; coronavirus just another partisan issue; Citizen Snitch to the rescue!

US limits number of journalists Chinese state-run media can hire stateside

**Coronavirus swiftly weaponized as political bludgeon for 2020 race

Citizen snitch app crowdsources digital Stasi, turning wannabe-vigilantes into Little Brothers

March 3: Doomberg's last stand (& lick); Sanders beats rigging to bag California; Clinton says follow the rules

Actress slammed for Bloomberg endorsement, but plutes gonna plute

Bloomberg licks fingers & puts dirty pizza back in box in latest attempt to be 'relatable' amid COVID19 epidemic

Sanders wins California despite LA County voting shenanigans after suing to keep polls open

Clinton scales heights of hypocrisy telling Sanders to 'follow the rules' at she did in 2016

March 4: Doomberg out; MSM still hates China; Biden steals Maine; Sanders joins faux-Obama-endorsement club; Biden Bubble Go!

Bloomberg quits 2020 race after $500 million still can't buy him a primary win

**Western media still using coronavirus as an excuse to bash China while coveting authoritarian powers

Biden edges out Sanders for surprise win in Maine; cheating all but guaranteed

**Centrists shout 'JoeMentum' to drown out obvious mental decline, but how long can Biden Bubble last?

Sanders releases Florida ad implying Obama endorsement...just like other candidates

March 5: Warren out; piggies gonna pig; vultures come for Twitter; duck & cover; totally not a bioweapon; Facebook makes you dumb

Mission accomplished! Warren quits race after screwing Sanders' Super Tuesday chances

Gang of NYPD cops savagely beat unarmed black man for asking why he's being arrested

**Feared ziofascist vulture capitalist takes aim at Twitter with goal of ousting Dorsey

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone near Turkish embassy

Iranian diplomat who rose to prominence in hostage crisis dies of coronavirus

**Facebook's fact-checks make users more gullible, says study that recommends doing MORE of them

March 6: Trump finds corona's silver (& gold) lining; Congress slams greedy Boeing; Facebook bails after London office corona'ed

Trump signs $8.3bn emergency aid bill after rejoicing that virus has forced Americans to spend $ at home

House slams Boeing's 'culture of concealment' & greed that kept 737 MAX glitch under wraps at FAA

Facebook shutters London offices after Singaporean visitor diagnosed with coronavirus

**2 in 5 US college students see their political opponents as evil - so why vote for the lesser one?