As much of the world slides deeper into the Twilight Zone, it's increasingly difficult to find stories that aren't related to the ruling class' Perfect Little Plague. "Because Coronavirus" is being used as an excuse for everything from the adoption of martial law to arm-wrestling the Invisible Hand of the Market into submission. Neoliberalism's body count is soaring, and don't blame the virus - blame the governments who are practically bursting blood vessels cheering the virus on because it gives them the excuse they need to cross off all the items from their Police State Wish List. If this was a movie script it'd be rejected (by Miramax, no doubt) as too on-the-nose; instead, it's hammered daily as the new 9/11 priming us for Patriot Act Plus. People who should know better - even in the "alt media," even those who've seemingly evolved beyond the divide-&-conquer political paradigm - have been stunted by fear into dead-eyed zombies repeating buzzwords like "flatten the curve" and demanding their leaders imprison them in their own homes. Meanwhile, what is "social distancing" but alienation by another name?  

March 16: Coronavirus shuts it all down

India closes Taj Mahal & other monuments for a month Because Coronavirus

**Coronavirus epidemic exposes American Dream as patchy Potemkin nightmare

Italian student sheds troubling light on Milan's overwhelmed, overworked healthcare system

March 17: Trump team teases bailout; Amazon ditches free press; just when you thought it couldn't get more rigged; i can haz war?

Trump & Mnuchin dangle 'stimulus for American worker' alongside Boeing bailout

**Amazon bans Mein Kampf as digital book-burning reaches new heights of hypocrisy

Biden sweeps 'coronavirus primaries' amid record low turnout & voter suppression

More rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, but US denies another strike on Camp Taji

March 18: Close the borders, pour on the cash, & pump up the ventilators

Trump announces closure of Canadian border to 'nonessential' travel

Trudeau confirms border closure & unveils massive stimulus package

Israel closes borders amid spike in coronavirus cases as Jerusalem prepares for lockdown

NHS' failure to invest in protective equipment dooms its coronavirus response 

March 19: Traitor Tulsi; a safe & wholesome execution; Cannes canned 

Tulsi Gabbard ends campaign, endorses Biden

**Tulsi's attempt at a graceful surrender has torpedoed her political future & any scrap of credibility she had

Texas postpones second execution in a week "because coronavirus"

Cannes Film Festival tentatively postponed 2 months in first-ever delay "because coronavirus"

March 20: Never let a crisis go to waste; Switzerland mandates distance; New York on pause; Trump lets loose

**Police state US won't let a good crisis go to waste: coronavirus means death of internet, constitution

Switzerland bans gatherings of 5+ amid spike in coronavirus cases

New York locks down, bans gatherings, shutters 'non-essential businesses'

Trump lets loose on NBC reporter (& by extension all MSM) over sensationalist reporting