During the 1918 influenza pandemic (which, despite being nicknamed the "Spanish flu," was not Spanish but American), parts of the US supposedly adopted mandatory mask laws. At least, that's what CNN claims, in an article that (unbelievably) cites Laura Spinney, an expert on altering historical consciousness via cognitive infiltration. Seriously, that's what she does. Spinney was one of the Wikipedia editors behind a campaign, predating the official announcement of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, to minimize the fatality rate of the 1918 pandemic (from 10-20% to 1-2%) (see below video). Immediately after the WHO announced the outbreak, the media began comparing it to the 1918 pandemic, even though the two had very little in common - there was no indication at the time that coronavirus would sweep the globe in record time, and the novel coronavirus had not demonstrated an especially high death rate. Now why would anyone want to do that? It's almost like the narrative managers had advanced knowledge of the Plague Of Our Times and called in one of the Experts to fan the flames of fear by editing the Spanish Flu in public consciousness. Spinney, we might add, also attempted to pin the 1918 pandemic on China. We're sure that's just a coincidence, though. 

CNN also claims there was really a PR campaign to encourage mask uptake in 1918 that included a song with the lyrics "Obey the laws, and wear the gauze. Protect your jaws from septic paws." You can't make that up. Can you?

March 30: Closeness is distancing; lies are truth; dementia is clarity; church is state

Maryland threatens lockdown-violators with $5,000 fine & 1 year in prison

Leonie Group sued over billing Pentagon $425 million for un-aired Afghan propaganda

Biden campaign distracts from sex abuse allegations & dementia with aggressively bland fireside chats

Megachurch pastor arrested for flouting social distancing with massive Sunday services

March 31: Workers of the world unite; virus theatre; Russiagaters' red-faced rage; calling Bezos' bluff

New York Covid-19 deaths pass 1,500 as half NYC tests come back positive

Whole Foods workers stage sick-out as movement against gig work exploitation grows

CNN's Chris Cuomo boosts brother's election chances by testing positive for coronavirus

Russiagaters foam with rage over Putin's US-bound planeload of medical supplies

Amazon warehouse walkout leader vows to take protest to Albany if demands not met

April 1: Dial-a-dystopia; quarantine riots in Jaffa; Schiff sets the bar low

**We're knee-deep in dystopias already - coronavirus has just added the 12th monkey

Riot breaks out in Jaffa after IDF roughs up quarantine-breaker

**Schiff lusts after second bite at impeachment apple with coronavirus '9/11 commission'

April 2: #MeToo...except today; all trains are Trump trains; more death pls; banksters grab their bats

Alyssa Milano exempts Biden accuser from #MeToo's warm fuzzy feminist embrace

Trump pumps $25 billion in emergency cash into big city transit systems

Coronavirus death toll tops 50,000, according to totally conflict-of-interest-free Johns Hopkins

**Banks threaten to get cold feet on eve of small business coronavirus bailout

April 3: NYPD hypocrisy; Bank of America adds insult to injury; AOC wants reparations; globalists go corona-crazy

NYPD arrests people for not social distancing only to put them in crowded jails

Bank of America shafts lifetime customers by denying small business bailout loans to the debt-free

AOC plays divide & conquer with coronavirus reparations call

**Globalist ghouls use coronavirus to call for abolition of cash, family, privacy, & fossil fuels