Putting aside "the virus" - which, for the millionth disclaimer, exists - it's difficult to see the superstructure that's been grafted onto it as anything other than a behavioral experiment. How much will the American people take before we rebel? Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for us, we can't rebel, it's not in our nature - Chris Cuomo said we can aid the "war effort" by sitting on our couch binge-watching Netflix, and he should know, he has the coronavirus. Or does he? At this point you're safer believing the opposite of what you read. Except in my articles, of course.

March 23: Hidin' Biden; liar lectures Iran about facts; corona class war; bye bye habeas corpus; Howard Hughes chuckles

Biden promises corona briefings after vanishing for a week amid speculation about death/dementia

Rapture Mike lays out US-slanted 'facts' but stops short of denying Iranian 'conspiracy theories' blaming US for outbreak

**Coronavirus has split the US into quarantined 'haves' & delivery-worker 'have nots.' Is class war imminent?

Justice Dept tries to reassure US that habeas corpus suspension would be at judges' - not Bad Orange Man's - discretion

Someone in the White House Press Corps has coronavirus, but who? 

March 24: Trump stomps stimulus; veiled propaganda; coronavirus-on-the-water; Titanic deck-chair remodel

Trump boasts about 'canceling' pork-stuffed Democratic version of coronavirus stimulus

**NYTimes sings the praises of 'empowered' face-veiling in profile of totally-not-extremist Indonesian Islamic fundamentalists

3 sailors aboard US aircraft carrier in Philippines to be airlifted out after coronavirus diagnosis

Dow soars on stimulus anticipation in largest single-day gain since 1933

March 25: Volkswagen says behave; Nevada prizes politics over health

No cars to sell, only virtue: Volkswagen drops 'social distancing' spot despite shutting down factories

Nevada public health officials haven't an MD between them, but sure, ban lifesaving drugs anyway

March 26: Noriega option is go; fear is the body-killer too, screw EU solidarity

State Dept announces $15mn reward to frame Maduro for narcotrafficking

US ripping off Panama invasion to recreate 'Noriega option' in Venezuela is criminal lack of imagination

Fear of coronavirus may kill as many people as the virus itself

Germany takes in handful of Italian corona patients in hope of getting on their good side before its own epidemic explodes

March 27: Coronavirus terrorists on the loose! Italy outbreak peaks; coronavirus bailout passed; Alexa says give up your privacy

Terrorists weaponizing coronavirus, cry impatient professional fearmongers

Italy has worst day yet as epidemic deaths hit 921

Socialism for the rich & corporations, crumbs for the rest as coronavirus stimulus passed

**Alexa wants to know your coronavirus symptoms. Will she rat you out if you cough?