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A big thanks to everyone who helped get the word out to law enforcement about the fireworks plot. Not that they don't have all summer to torch the city, but as of right now it's still standing, and that's no small accomplishment. A big no-thanks to the Mossad goons who keep blanking my site - but you'll get yours in the end. 

Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe Ghislaine Maxwell is in government custody, Cuomo is presidential material, and the 'rona is causing a "nationwide coin shortage." Makes perfect sense! When in doubt, appeal to "safety," attack the questioner as insufficiently patriotic/virus-reverent, and report them to the nearest Karen nest. 

June 29: Abortions for everybody; Stop Lying For Profit; Cuomo reminds everyone he's a killer; media hates small business

SCOTUS ruling strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic restrictions

**ADL & Soros extort Facebook under cover of "hate speech" 

Cuomo's "COVID mountain" elicits oohs & ahhs, but not the kind he expected

**MSM blames small business for coronavirus case spike - pay no attention to those protests

June 30: Occupy pork plant; blame China redux; #Resistance runs out of ideas

NYPD clashes with City Hall occupiers on eve of vote to defund police by $1bn

FCC declares Huawei & ZTE "national security threats"

**Kellyanne Conway's Trump-hating daughter embraced by #Resistance vampires

July 1: CHAZ gets CHOPped; Tennessee BBQ threatened with torching; Confederate statues doomed

**Seattle's CHAZ was destined for failure to set an example for all future "anarchists"

Chattanooga BBQ threatened with arson after phony report of pro-police donations

Richmond mayor rushes Confederate statues off pedestals in extralegal purge

July 2: Justice for Breonna Tay-uh, a recalcitrant porn star; Ghislaine gets CYA charges; Dems rejoice in Cain karma

**'Justice for Mia Khalifa' makes a mockery of the term 'justice' & contract law

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire on minor charges

Maxwell charged with perjury over sex crimes - but not sex crimes themselves

Liberals can't resist mocking Herman Cain after he tests positive following Trump rally

July 3: ACLU sheds last of its credibility; Black Lives Matter except when they contradict the DNC 

ACLU pounces on anti-BLM protest law, but MIA on anti-pipeline protest laws 

**BLM is the Democratic Party in activists' clothing - & activists are doomed if they can't do better

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Independence Day is coming up - do you know where YOUR Freedom™ is? Presumably it was spooked by a month of solid fireworks and ran into traffic, where it was hit by a self-driving car. I'm just imagining a church basement full of alcoholic bald eagles smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and talking about how great it used to be back in the day when they didn't have these damn zionist shills using their image to sell war crimes, torture, and civil asset forfeiture. When birds of prey have second thoughts about the ideals they're being used to represent, it might be time to reevaluate the direction of the country - but that time came and went a long time ago.

Seriously, though - especially if you live in New York - be careful.

June 22: Quick everyone, look at China! Let them eat yellowcake; pander wars heat up 

Pompeo slams China's 'political prosecution' of 2 Canadians in latest pot-kettle encounter

State Dept slaps 'foreign mission' restrictions on 4 more Chinese media outlets

Bolton has his yellowcake & eats it too, insists Iran had enriched uranium because Mossad said so

Biden attacks Trump from the right on Venezuela, quashing brief flicker of sanity

June 23: The slushies have eyes; unfunny comedians circle the drain; de Blasio goes boom; hedgehog pricked

Australians balk at facial recognition rollout in 7-Eleven stores

**Peel back 'woke' patina & it's blackface all the way down: #CancelKimmel for his hypocrisy

De Blasio unveils fireworks task force after NYCers' noisy protest

Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with sexually assaulting 4 women 

June 24: Please sir may I have some more war crimes/blackmail; Covidiots unite; kill your idols; why we can't have nice things

Pompeo to Israel: go right ahead with that illegal West Bank annexation!

Dershowitz publishes Epstein accuser's deposition naming Israeli ex-PM as sex partner

Tri-state area governors adopt 14-day mandatory quarantine for 9 states with (alleged) case spikes

Mashable cheers on DIY acts of historical vandalism with hip criminal how-to

**Elite censors won't rest until even the Bronies are subject to 'hate speech' dictatorship

June 25: Dear whitey, your pandering fools no one; your echo chamber is ready, sir

BET founder mocks woke whites self-flagellating over BLM by yanking statues & TV shows

Hundreds of protesters occupy park near City Hall demanding $1bn budget cut to NYPD

**Media establishment smears Parler as 'far-right' despite popularity with milquetoast GOP

June 26: Cops embrace small-screen stardom; Gigglin' Gates hates consent; the science of stupid; governing is for losers 

**Why are 'bad cops' piling on cartoonish violence when they know the world is watching?

Bill Gates admits main impediment to Covid-19 vaccine rollout is consent - but who cares about that

Watching Hannity makes you die of Covid-19! and other liberal media science facts

House Democrats pass DC statehood bill, decolonize District of Columbia to Douglass Commonwealth

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The clamor to abolish the police is leaving out the obvious solution to the US' police brutality problems: holding them a c c o u n t a b l e. If the most abusive pigs knew they faced years in prison next to the very people they'd had locked up, they wouldn't be so quick to shoot fleeing suspects in the back, knock down peaceful young women (and old men) protesting, shoot dogs, dragging kids down the stairs and all the other abuses they've been caught on film doing for years. Apologists who claim their victims had it coming because they said something mean to the pig, or posted "fuck the police" on social media, or were out past curfew, or...barked...need to stop talking and start fixing the problem, because otherwise the police abolitionists will get what they want. Right now there's no better advertisement for the Defund the Police movement than the police themselves. Of course if you've been watching this space you're aware that what the ruling class have in store as the successor to the police is even worse, but most people don't understand the future of clipboard-wielding busybodies and Citizen Snitches that awaits them - with a sprinkling of Blackwater-style mercs to keep the rich safe in case a few angry mobs remember who their real oppressors are and go after them instead of the local confederate statue.

June 15: Don't buy the lie; information whorriors; putting the FUN back in defund; undercovers take it off

Iran warns IAEA to ignore violation report spiked with Mossad disinfo

Journalism org hails "information heroes" of pandemic, including...White House press corps?!?

**Defund the Pentagon! Its racist violence makes police departments look like amateurs

NYPD disbands plainclothes 'anti-crime' unit, reassigning 600 cops in 'seismic shift'

June 16: Hypocrisy everywhere; aiding & abetting; Snitch Nation hits journalism

Protests good, playgrounds bad! De Blasio threatens parents with harsher crackdown

**Vice & SPLC sic amateur iconoclasts on Confederate monuments with DIY map

Trump mocked for 'AIDS vaccine' gaffe...or was it?

NBC colludes with UK thought police to demonetize & smear ZeroHedge & Federalist

June 17: Pod Air; sustaining the unsustainable; Twitter trolls Twitter; accountability?

Airline group threatens maskless passengers with blacklist as #WalkAway founder booted from flight

**Greenwashing arms-race ramps up as luxury brand drafts Emma Watson for 'sustainability' post

Twitter rolls out voice-tweet feature no one wanted, but still no edit button

Atlanta cop facing potential life sentence over Wendy's drive-thru shooting 

June 18: DACArgh; drunken monkey style; when bad-faith feminists attack; facts are stupid things; brand purge

Supreme Court says Trump can't ditch DACA without details

Alcoholic, carnivorous monkey locked up for life after rampage that left 250 Indians injured & 1 dead

**Sure, let's skip right over police accountability to police abolition. Who arrests rapists?

Who will fact-check the fact-checkers...especially when most of them worked for CNN?

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben: who benefits if black people are still eating processed crap

June 19: Guilty by association; Pompiggo says come with us, we have pork; Venmo reparations; beat this meat

Stepmom of cop who shot Rayshard Brooks mysteriously fired from mortgage firm

Pompeo demands Europe embrace tyranny 'murican style

2018's satire is 2020's reality as guilty white folks Venmo their friends $50 for Juneteenth

**Cheap meat causes coronavirus, say ruling class scolds doling out your fried-bug future

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Compulsive rule-followers who've spent their lives appeasing the thought police at establishment media organizations are nevertheless finding themselves on the outs for not obeying enthusiastically enough (the political equivalent of "I'm beginning to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion"), and everyone from the New York Times to Pierre Omidyar's controlled-oppo Intercept are conducting ideological purges with such speed and ferocity their victims are still halfway through their prepared pre-pandered apology when the door hits them in the ass. Certainly, after a lifetime of bending the knee, refusing to apologize for the final perceived transgression wouldn't have saved any of them, but it should serve as a lesson to any writers still on staff: why not tell the truth, if you're going to be punished either way? 

(Will it? Of course not. Infused with renewed ideological vigor, the remaining rank and file will put on displays of enthusiasm as they file the latest installment of "We have always been at war with EastAsia," making sure the boss sees them skip from the coffeemaker to the computer - because remember we're still working from home - and submit to regular spot-checks of their email correspondence to make sure they aren't saying anything that could be perceived as offensive by the professional offense-takers the ADL has sent to the office to monitor for signs of Implicit Bias™)

note: it has been brought to my attention that Disqus is wiping out comments wholesale - recommendations for better comment plugins are very much appreciated - preferably the kind that don't engage in preemptive censorship - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 9: WHO's afraid of coronavirus; looters gonna loot; community policing is a trap; voting is also a trap

WHO does damage control after letting slip asymptomatic patients rarely transmit Covid-19

Chicago looters brazenly brag on Facebook as authorities drag feet & shrug shoulders

**It's a trap! Community policing puts a new face on the same old ruling class tyranny

Georgia vows probe into primary dysfunction after catastrophic voting mishaps 

June 10: Reform or die trying; US #1 at something (spoiler alert: not religious freedom); CHAZ demands mockery

Minneapolis police chief scrambles to reform department as council vows to defund

US Covid-19 cases top 2 million as states begin to ease lockdowns amid massive protests

Pompeo extols US exceptionalism after reporter exposes Hong Kong hypocrisy

**Seattle commune's deliberately absurd demands designed to divide & distract

June 11: Warlord says war is over; racism redefined; putting a band-aid on racism; CHAZ gets eviction notice

Post-revolutionary blues: CHAZ's warlord learns the pitfalls of trying to keep order

**Run out of racists to demonize? Redefine your terms! Merriam-Webster cucks to outrage addicts

Band-Aid debuts five new flesh tones - never mind clear bandage they already had

Trump threatens to evict CHAZ 'ugly anarchists' if Durkan & Inslee won't

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As well-trained provocateurs con crowds desperate for leaders into reenacting their favorite scenes from the "Purge" films, the OMFGVIRUS was briefly declared over - the virus of "white supremacy" had replaced it as the real threat. Never mind that the pigs who started it all were afflicted less with "white supremacy" than "pig supremacy," or that the same pigs were universally condemned by all racial and political groups - gotta keep hammering at those weak spots lest an alliance congeal against the real enemy. Now the buzzword is "defund the police" - not "reform," or even "demilitarize," they skip straight to "defund" knowing that two thirds of the US population is against that idea. This is all being done with surgical precision, and unfortunately it seems to be working. While the massive protests taking place on the streets of American cities are born of a very genuine discontent (you can tell because the signs they're holding are handmade - no joke, that says a lot), it's being re-routed, color revolution style, into a movement to enable a swarm of tech-enhanced turbo-Karens who will oppress you more methodically & insidiously than the current pigs ever could. Can't imagine such a thing? They can.

June 1: Uncle Sam's jealous; Koronavirus Kommissar punishes law-abiding; cartoonishly evil pigs; bait bricks blossom; corona who?

Pompeo warns Germans against Huawei spying - only the NSA is allowed to eavesdrop on Berlin

Cuomo punishes New Yorkers with curfew after out-of-town looters lay waste to Soho

Louisville police chief takes early retirement after cops shoot beloved local BBQ owner

Cities across America sprout piles of mysterious 'bait bricks' tempting peaceful protesters to riot

**Social distancing scrapped in favor of burgeoning race war - & guess what'll get the blame for the Second Wave

June 2: Milquetoast defiance; battle of the idiots; programming your kids; made-to-order race rage

**Mistaking Zuckerberg for a free speech champion shows you're every bit the "dumb fuck" he claims

Cuomo hints at 'displacing' de Blasio after curfew predictably fails to stop looters 

Nickelodeon's 9-minute "I can't breathe" PSA divides parents on kiddie propaganda 

Fake Black Lives Matter prankster gets random NYC women to kneel & apologize for their privilege

June 3: Drop the docs; no plane no pain; Amazon adds insult to injury; health "experts" lower the bar; (some) black lives matter

Donald Junior urges Barr to release rumored comms linking Antifa to Dem elites

US bars Chinese passenger airlines from landing after Beijing refuses to let Delta & United back in 

Amazon quietly cuts $2 hourly coronavirus bonus as Bezos' fortune nears $150 billion

Hundreds of health 'experts' sign letter absolving George Floyd protesters of Covid-19 risk

Black trans woman beaten by mob in Minneapolis after car accident

June 4: Putting the CON back in convenient; royals embrace the culling; Barr blusters; Facebook ramps up thought-control

**Surgisphere's fraudulent hydroxychloroquine study conned medical elites eager to demonize the drug

**Prince Charles salivates over 'golden opportunity' Covid-19 suffering creates for "great reset"

Barr warns 'extremist groups' using protests as cover for violence their days are numbered

Facebook labels wrongthink 'state-owned media' with warning ahead of election crunch 

June 5: Superficiality of globalism; bad apples fall together; Bill of Rights Bingo; why recover when you can lie; media hypocrisy scales new heights 

**Flags highlight divisions, but ditching them doesn't remove the underlying issues

All 57 Buffalo riot cops quit unit in protest after 2 suspended for knocking down elderly protester 

DC mayor shows National Guard the door in rare Third Amendment dust-up

Post-lockdown "recovery" is illusory, but not for the reasons the never-Trumpers think

**Objections to Tom Cotton's shoot-the-protesters op-ed from the lead consent-manufacturer for wars ring hollow

June 6: Dancing nurses go military; Trump blamed for world's evil

**Macarena-dancing National Guardsmen are the Tiktok nurses of the police brutality plandemic

**German media deems Trump 'fire-devil' after week of police brutality riots

June 7: Times amputates Cotton-balls; CrossFit to be tied; Romney enters pandermonium; Randy Andy sweats; Charlottesville redux

NYTimes opinion editor resigns after Cotton kerfuffle as paper hints at section overhaul

CrossFit CEO's failure to worship at twin altars of Covid-19 & George Floyd signs brand's death warrant

#Resistance embraces 'racist' Romney after Black Lives Matter photo-op

Prince Andrew summoned by US authorities to testify in Epstein criminal proceedings

Car ramming & shooting at Seattle protest reeks of Charlottesville

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