Nearly everything I wrote last week was about the coronavirus, but there are a few non-plague bright spots in there. Don't get used to it: we'll be talking of little else as the sniveling halfwits that run the US government dig out their oft-crumpled, sweat-stained police-state wishlists, gibbering and squealing at this latest Crisis which shall not be allowed to go to Waste. Please read my updated primer on what the coronavirus is (the original, from February, remains available on this site and here). A good measure to keep in mind when evaluating the firehose of new information that will be coming at you in the next few weeks is "who benefits?" If someone can profit off your panic, they probably are. If someone else can make you clamor for a police-state crackdown, they definitely are.

I also appeared on RT's CrossTalk on Tuesday (17 March) in their last show before corona-imposed quarantine takes them offline for a hopefully-brief pause...

March 9: Fat cats are getting fatter; shale fail wants a bail[out]; hand sanitizer made of prisoners' tears; most terrific epidemic ever; dollar doomed

Leaked 'Biden cabinet' is Obama's 'Citigroup cabinet' all over again, complete with Jamie Dimon at Treasury

Trump can't decide whether plummeting oil prices are good (cheap gas!) or bad (shale fail!)

Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo unveils new line of hand sanitizer made by NY convict slave labor 

Coronavirus is Trump's Katrina! Chernobyl! WMDs! MSM play 'disaster bingo,' Orange Man Bad edition

Markets nosedive in largest 1-day drop in NYSE history amid oil price war & worsening coronavirus epidemic

March 10: US democracy MIA; surveillance state is bipartisan; Biden jacks Big Tuesday; Yang Gang banged; CFR hoisted by own petard

'Big Tuesday' primaries bristle with voter suppression, but you weren't using your vote anyway

Bipartisan cooperation unicorn rears its head...for the benefit of the police state

Biden takes Mississippi and Missouri, leaves North Dakota scraps for Sanders

Media calls Michigan for Biden despite claiming hours before that mail-in ballot deluge would delay results

Andrew Yang infuriates fans with Biden endorsement 'because math'

Council on Foreign Relations cancels coronavirus-themed NYC conference...because coronavirus

March 11: Weinstein swined; bottle rockets over Baghdad; blame China part 2 the return of blame China; we lied, they died 

Weinstein gets 23 years for 2 sexual assaults, still faces LA charges 

Rockets hit Camp Taji, no casualties, says Iraq...

Trump admin blames China as broken healthcare system & CDC cockup doom US coronavirus response

US claims 3 killed in Camp Taji rocket strike, conveniently justifying long-desired Iraq reprisal

March 12: Boys (& their viruses) from Brazil; EU tossed on the blame-heap; China points the finger; Jupiter prizes PR over French lives

Bolsonaro aide who dined with Trump at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for coronavirus 3 days later

After months of foot-dragging on corona, Trump 'had to move fast' to ban EU travel - but well-behaved UK gets exempt

Chinese FM spokesman hints US brought coronavirus to Wuhan during 2019 Military Games

Macron shuts down schools but won't close borders because 'virus has no passport'

March 13: Iran knows whodunit; Trudeaun't got it; coronavirus perfect cover for election rigging; who's your Ma; peak Florida Man reached

Pompeo won't deny Ayatollah's accusation coronavirus was biological attack on Iran

Trudeau tells Canadians he's symptom-free despite self-quarantine with infected wife

**Coronavirus is perfect excuse for DNC elite to finish rigging the primaries - or cancel them altogether

Louisiana primary postponed 'because coronavirus'

**Jack Ma shows up vindictive corona-predatory US with medical supply gift as Washington bumbles

Florida almost-governor found intoxicated by cops in hotel room with male escort, meth