It has come to my attention via Twitter that some people who find my site have no sense of humor & expect me not to either (& thus take what I say in these brief intros to the last week's articles very, very literally). If you can't find at least a grain of humor in the total collapse of everything western society once stood for, I pity you, because that's what makes us human. AI doesn't laugh. I suppose we won't either once the Bill Gates Brigade is done with us, but that's another article (a book, really) for another time...

April 13: #OMFGVirus strikes again; NYC & France hint end is near; crackdown vs crackup

Coronavirus-infected sailor from USS Theodore Roosevelt dies

'Worst is over' as NYC hits 10K dead, says, Cuomo, but don't expect an end to lockdown

Macron says lockdown starts winding down May 11

Coronavirus shifts police state to overdrive - would you like a nannycopter with that?

Trump & Cuomo initiate pissing contest over who gets to reopen New York 

April 14: The predictable vs the despicable

Obama endorses Biden for 2020 race, hints 'good people' will run the show

Amazon ordered to suspend 'non-essential' deliveries after union safety lawsuit

**Cuomo takes aim at 'King Trump' but 'constitutional crisis' is more about seizing his throne

NYC adds 3700+ deaths to coronavirus tally despite testing none, jacking up US total by 17%

April 15: When "safety" becomes absurd; Westworld worked out well...; who knew satanism was so unpopular?

Warren finally endorses Biden, surprising no one but irritating many

Cuomo issues statewide mask order & volunteers New Yorkers as vaccine guinea pigs

**Facebook populates parallel platform with bots to test new psychological tricks it totally won't use on you

**Microsoft yanks Marina Abramovic ad after spirit cooking & inequality trigger big fat backlash

April 16: More lockdown for NYC; NYTimes does 180 with US out-China-ing China

Lockdown extended to mid-May in NY as Cuomo hints it could go longer

**NYT embraces contact-tracers it decried as Mao-style social control in China

April 17: Smug as a thug in a rug; batshit crazy; mirror deficiency; private equity dines out on suffering

Pompeo gloats that coronavirus will turn world off Huawei

France stomps on US-backed Wuhan lab rumors of coronavirus origin

LA Times gets stomped for sweatpants-shaming locked-down workers-at-home

**Which corporate vultures would you rather have eating your entrails, Trump's or Cuomo's?

Johns Hopkins coronavirus death toll passes 150K