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If a distorted perception of climate change and pandemics don't get you the world government you want, there's always a fake alien invasion. It seems they are still willing to go down this route, which means the pandemic superstate isn't going as planned. Against all odds, it seems to be crumbling at least a bit in Australia. Good luck to all Down Under who are fighting - you're the only thing standing between us New Yorkers (and probably a good part of the world) & a widespread rollout of Dan Andrews' fantasy wishlist. To this day it remains a mystery to me why Americans won't stand up for their rights, but this country has been heavily programmed to work against its own interests since long before I was born. The mere sight of a white coat makes panties drop from coast to coast (metaphorically speaking - this is by no means limited to women). & the white coat doesn't even have to be legit, or come with a real medical degree - if you read nothing else from this week's articles, read my piece on Gates & how despite a total lack of medical experience or even a college degree & hundreds of documented conflicts of interest, gullible 'muricans still trust him to inject experimental compounds into their & their children's veins. If you can't stand up for yourself, at least stand up for your damn kids, or someone else's kids, or the future of the species.

September 14: Fake alien invasion is go; Oracle embraces vulture role; Project for a NEW New American Century; J/K Rowling!!

Japanese military implements 'UFO sighting' procedure as ramp-up to War of the Worlds 2.0 continues

Oracle 'partnership' with TikTok proposed after ByteDance rejects Microsoft deal

**Covid-19 is a 'new New Pearl Harbor' taking the post-9/11 police state global

JK Rowling 'killed' on Twitter after daring to include transvestite (not transgender) serial killer in novel

September 15: Parents just don't understand; Mad Dog not mad enough; World Trade Disorganization; I am (not) the Walrus; not-so-Cuties

**Parents clutching pearls over 'cops=KKK' cartoon don't mind the brainwashing when it's for their 'side'

Trump blames Syria warmonger Mattis for staying his hand on long-denied Assad assassination plan

WTO rules US violated GATT with China tariffs in unenforceable decision

Justice Dept opens criminal probe into Bolton's tell-all novel memoir

Congressmen demand Justice Dept probe of Netflix in 'Cuties' virtue-signal-o-rama

September 16: Cringe binge; drones for drones; bootlickers go literal; Floyd gets his due; Gates hates reality

Why 'Fuck tha Police' when Biden's 'Despacito' cringe was bad enough? Trump trolls himself with forced meme

US Bureau of Prisons demands more $$ to protect against drones airlifting prisoners to freedom

Imagine THAT boot stomping on a human face, forever! Kamala's Timberlands make neoliberal Twitter melt

Damage from George Floyd riots cost insurance record-setting $2 billion, report shows - & they aren't done yet

**Bill Gates is a gibbering, squealing ball of conflicts of interest with no medical training. Why does anyone trust him?

September 17: Nashville coverup exposed; intel vets cover up their own crimes; school's out forever

Nashville officials caught covering up low Covid-19 transmission in bars & restaurants

Dan Coats tells election-meddling peasants 'hold my beer', wants 'elder statesmen' to oversee 'election integrity'

FBI director insists Russia is actively trying to sink Biden, as Biden actively sinks himself

De Blasio sends NYC parents into rage with another postponement of school opening

September 18: Lockdown 4eva; everyone's a case; wrongthink kills (careers)

Victoria parliament debates totalitarian 'precrime' indefinite detention for those who 'might' breach lockdown

CDC reverses course on need for asymptomatic testing after blue state rebellion

**No critical thinking allowed: Dallas school apologizes for 'heroes' assignment including Kyle Rittenhouse (& George Floyd)

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(note to those confused about the date on this & the surrounding articles - this website has been intermittently knocked offline for the last month, & these are reposts for the many people who missed the articles)

It's been almost 20 years since 9/11, and the only thing humanity has apparently learned is that viruses are way cheaper than F-35s. Way to go, 'murica. Remind me to be proud of my culture once I climb out of the smoking crater it has become. We had so much potential, but squandered it by selling out to an organized crime operation in the Middle East who forgot to include the "never" part in that "never again" it shoves down the throats of the western world. Quel dommage. As our last remaining freedoms are hacked off like so many limbs by the Texas Israeli Chainsaw Massacre, don't be the guy/girl that has to tell their kids right before their door is kicked in that you stayed silent out of fear of getting labeled a feelthy antisemite by professional wolf-criers. Plenty of Jews want to end these scumbags too! It's safe! Speak now or forever hold your pieces together (spoiler alert - superglue doesn't last)

September 7: Saudi scramble; rich kids riot; Osama been jerkin'; Trumpenomics; sanity outbreak

8 Saudis convicted in Khashoggi slaying as Riyadh rushes to preempt Turkish trial

**Spoiled rich kid rioters & the cops who beat their peaceful colleagues have one thing in common: no accountability

NatGeo explains away Osama bin Laden's porn stash AND 9/11 discrepancies with "secret messages" deus ex machina

Trump warns US companies that outsource to China & threatens to decouple - with no $ fallout?

Trump slams Kamala Harris for 'anti-vax' comments as Dems are conned into taking up the cause of sanity

September 8: Zoom vs real bombing; 'scientists' behind BLM=health study declare biker rally murder scene

Texas man busted after threatening to turn Zoom-bombing into real bombing...for ISIS

Con-artist 'scientists' declare Sturgis rally was biggest superspreader event ever - but no science is involved

September 9: America's failures love lockdown; Macron's mask misdemeanors; Hillary bros won't quit; both parties killed Grandma; woke segregation levels up

**Lockdown fetishists would rather rat out their neighbors than go back to 'normal' because their only talent is obeying rules 

Macron removes mask to cough but mask mandates for French remain

Dems still psychotically blaming Susan Sarandon for their own failures as a political party

Uniparty system defends grandma-killing governors despite façade of Covid-19 conflict

UMich-Dearborn grovels after pushing the woke-segregation envelope with 'BIPOC' & 'non-BIPOC' cafes

September 10: US superiority complex deflates; sanity outbreak continues; dementia no longer political plus

NYTimes belatedly realizes the American Dream dried up & blew away long ago

Less than half the US would take 'Warp Speed' vax before Election Day (though plenty of idiots still trust Fauci)

Sanity prevails: six swing states think BOTH candidates are mentally unfit to be president

September 11: Call was coming from inside the house; police-defunders scuttled; Saudis on the barbie

**Google & other social media behemoths are the election meddlers they're claiming to fight

Judge rules Georgia county residents can't defund the police over Ahmaud Arbery shooting

9/11 families can depose Saudi suspects, judge rules, despite Trump administration's betrayal

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No, you're not having deja vu - this is the fourth time I've posted the articles from this particular week. Unit 8200 took my site down permanently & I had to restore from an old backup. While I'm terribly flattered, as this means I must be doing something right, this is extremely annoying - surely they could send me death threats or break into my house or something - oh wait, they've done both of those too, lol, how could I forget. I'm honestly not sure why this site is subject to so much harassment - there are people doing much more to organize a real resistance to the USraeli police state/Big Tech-Big Brother nexus/OMFGVIRUS World Order than I am. 

August 31: Biden-baiting; NYPD defunds itself; Kushner enters irony wormhole; brick attacks implicitly encouraged

Trump condemns blue-state leaders for riots so intense they lured Biden out of his basement

**NYPD's efforts to hype up 'attempted rape' on subway platform will backfire

Irony-proof Kushner, defending millennia-old bogus eminent domain claim, accuses Palestinians of 'living in the past'

Baltimore police insist they're investigating brick attack - but where's the victim?

September 1: Defund corporate goons; Australia more dead than alive; DC values faux virtue over real history

NPR's pretrial denunciation of Kenosha shooter triggers defunding demands against corporate-puppet outlet

Australians pay more than anyone in the world for cigarettes after second tax hike this year

Australian 'health dictatorship' will never conquer death, but is happy to ruin life in the mean time

Washington DC to move/rename/contextualize buildings inconsistent with 'DC values' - including Washington Monument

September 2: Troll a hole; admitting defeat for fun & profit; 'science' cracks the whip

Trump demands CNN fire Cuomo for alleged sex harassment in epic hypocrisy-troll

Portland mayor leaves condo with tail between legs after rioters firebomb it

Nobel Prize winners endorse Biden for his subservience to lab-coated sociopaths

September 3: Facebook promises what it can't deliver; Germany repeats history; RIP Graeber; Alexa conspiring with your landlord

Facebook promises to ban new political ads the week before Election Day to quell unrest it will also foment

**Germany encourages citizens to dehumanize corona dissidents & children - because what could go wrong

Anarchist scholar David Graeber dead under mysterious circumstances at 59

Not willing to let Big Brother into your home? Alexa for Residential puts your landlord in service to Amazon

September 4: Burning Credibility; vote twice but in a wig; Sunrise Bowel Movement; civil whores

**'Virtual' Burning Man 'because Covid-19' is an insult to Burners...and humanity in general

Dems shriek at Trump saying vote twice while ignoring New Hampshire 'election supervisor' who did just that...in drag

Sunrise Movement turned MA hack pol into progressive hero to rescue Green New Deal from history's dustbin

Both sides agree: Barr's praise of feds who killed Portland protest murderer heralds civil war

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 Now that the full-stop is cancelled, and the exclamation point packs way too much emotion for the quivering jello molds that were swapped out with humans when no one was paying attention, we can only use ellipses...have fun trying to make your point while trailing off into nothing...meanwhile the ruling class eviscerating your birthright is laughing all the way to the bank...

August 24: When in doubt, Russiagate; Zoom doom; embracing the obvious; Riot Act read for once; Stop Full Stops!

Blaming Russia for QAnon: a state-funded conspiracy theory about state-funded conspiracy theories

Massive Zoom outage scuttles first day of school, RNC convention

RNC officially nominates Trump for 2020 election

4th Circuit acknowledges Anti-Riot Act has been criminalizing free speech for half a century

**Punctuation phobia paralyzes the pathetic - so let's scrap the full stop? No thanks.

August 25: Orange plasma bad; go no further West young man; woke vultures circle Shakespeare; shoot first pay later

Flip-flop on Covid-19 plasma treatment predictably follows Trump endorsement

Kanye West barred from Missouri ballot, but clickbait springs eternal

**Woke Brigades determined to claim Shakespeare as bisexual defeat the purpose of art

Eight teachers sue Indiana school district over overly 'active' shooter training

August 26: Qtards vindicated; ActBlue finds conscience; Wisconsin death trip; Cuomo killed grandma

Bipartisan circus condemns QAnon psyop, kicking Streisand effect into overdrive

**ActBlue deplatforming 'revenge porn' scumbag proves they don't trust Kansans with democracy

17-year-old 'militia member' arrested for shooting 3 BLM rioters, possibly in self-defense

Trump sends National Guard to Kenosha after 2 die in riots

Justice Dept demands records of states that sent Covid-19 patients into nursing homes

August 27: TikTok torpor; Rapture Mike says Call Our Bluff; your watch is watching; no home, no car, all problems

WalMart climbs in bed with Microsoft on TikTok bid as CEO bails

Pompeo dares UNSC to oppose US' absurd interpretation of snapback JCPOA sanctions on Iran

As if Alexa wasn't enough, Amazon debuts wristband that'll tone-police, fat-shame AND spy on you

**Most millennials are shut out from owning property - is it any surprise they don't respect it? 

August 28: Griftapalooza, white & black editions; Berlin triumphs; insult to injury; politicize your pain

Twitter suspends canceled Evergreen prof's 'Articles of Unity' Twitter - but over PC imperative or grift?

"Cops suck, 'murica is racist, and Vote Democrat" - March on Washington rerun has definite themes

Massive German anti-lockdown protest un-banned in 11th-hour decision - but smears continue

Paralyzed cop-shot Kenosha man no longer cuffed to hospital bed but will face court on sex assault charge

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The latest 'most important election of our lifetimes' also promises to be the most rigged. While Rapture Mike & the Regime Change Gang bloviate about Belarus, dissenting voices are being bulldozed off social media by the score, from the Israeli psyop QAnon to media operations run by states the US doesn't like. One doesn't need to hold a gun to voters' heads & demand they repeat "2+2=5" if one can deprive them of the ability to believe 2+2 could ever equal anything other than 5. Yet the goons supporting Head #2 on the ruling class hydra still believe they're somehow better off than China (where at least they have a real economy, & know they have a one-party system). When you're unable to count to two, you're always number one.

August 17: Dems love to start stop forever wars; Joe's ho sez no

**Party of '2 wars into 7' suddenly comes out against forever-wars (or runs out of countries to bomb)

Kamala's 'sleeping her way to the top' officially off limits as Limbaugh pummeled

August 18: Voting while female replaced as 'crime' with being a college student or mocking the woke; joke/reality barrier thins

Trump issues posthumous pardon to Susan B. Anthony for voting while female

Michigan college puts students on campus-arrest to 'control Covid-19' while staff can come & go

Twitter declares war on woke satire, booting Titania McGrath & others

'Brock Turner speaks at RNC' joke goes viral over closeness to reality

August 19: Democracy for thee, not for me; US propaganda admits defeat; Badyear Blimp; excellence in corrupt journalism

**If the Belarus election was rigged, what does that make the upcoming US elections?!

Twitter consigns RT to deep dark shadowban hole, proving US propaganda can't compete

Goodyear scurries to do damage control as Trump calls for boycott

Northrop Grumman sponsors British journalism award (for excellence in war crime coverup?)

August 20: 'Dangerous' definition expanded; we (don't) build the wall; too hot for 4chan; CREW makes mockery of 'ethics'

**Facebook axes thousands of QAnon, Antifa & militia accounts over 'dangerous persons' expansion

Steve Bannon & 3 others indicted over 'We Build the Wall' charity fraud

What about the Clinton Foundation? Conservatives cry foul over Bannon arrest

Netflix apologizes over 'pedophiliac' film poster even 4chan banned

David Brock gadfly org levels yet another Hatch Act suit, this time at USPS director 

August 21: Facebook hates democracy; academia hates women

**Facebook rumored to have 'contingency' plan for Trump contesting election, but what if Dems lose?

**Retroactively claiming a Viking warrior woman was transgender is misogyny in woke clothing

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