No, you're not having deja vu - this is the fourth time I've posted the articles from this particular week. Unit 8200 took my site down permanently & I had to restore from an old backup. While I'm terribly flattered, as this means I must be doing something right, this is extremely annoying - surely they could send me death threats or break into my house or something - oh wait, they've done both of those too, lol, how could I forget. I'm honestly not sure why this site is subject to so much harassment - there are people doing much more to organize a real resistance to the USraeli police state/Big Tech-Big Brother nexus/OMFGVIRUS World Order than I am. 

August 31: Biden-baiting; NYPD defunds itself; Kushner enters irony wormhole; brick attacks implicitly encouraged

Trump condemns blue-state leaders for riots so intense they lured Biden out of his basement

**NYPD's efforts to hype up 'attempted rape' on subway platform will backfire

Irony-proof Kushner, defending millennia-old bogus eminent domain claim, accuses Palestinians of 'living in the past'

Baltimore police insist they're investigating brick attack - but where's the victim?

September 1: Defund corporate goons; Australia more dead than alive; DC values faux virtue over real history

NPR's pretrial denunciation of Kenosha shooter triggers defunding demands against corporate-puppet outlet

Australians pay more than anyone in the world for cigarettes after second tax hike this year

Australian 'health dictatorship' will never conquer death, but is happy to ruin life in the mean time

Washington DC to move/rename/contextualize buildings inconsistent with 'DC values' - including Washington Monument

September 2: Troll a hole; admitting defeat for fun & profit; 'science' cracks the whip

Trump demands CNN fire Cuomo for alleged sex harassment in epic hypocrisy-troll

Portland mayor leaves condo with tail between legs after rioters firebomb it

Nobel Prize winners endorse Biden for his subservience to lab-coated sociopaths

September 3: Facebook promises what it can't deliver; Germany repeats history; RIP Graeber; Alexa conspiring with your landlord

Facebook promises to ban new political ads the week before Election Day to quell unrest it will also foment

**Germany encourages citizens to dehumanize corona dissidents & children - because what could go wrong

Anarchist scholar David Graeber dead under mysterious circumstances at 59

Not willing to let Big Brother into your home? Alexa for Residential puts your landlord in service to Amazon

September 4: Burning Credibility; vote twice but in a wig; Sunrise Bowel Movement; civil whores

**'Virtual' Burning Man 'because Covid-19' is an insult to Burners...and humanity in general

Dems shriek at Trump saying vote twice while ignoring New Hampshire 'election supervisor' who did just drag

Sunrise Movement turned MA hack pol into progressive hero to rescue Green New Deal from history's dustbin

Both sides agree: Barr's praise of feds who killed Portland protest murderer heralds civil war