The latest 'most important election of our lifetimes' also promises to be the most rigged. While Rapture Mike & the Regime Change Gang bloviate about Belarus, dissenting voices are being bulldozed off social media by the score, from the Israeli psyop QAnon to media operations run by states the US doesn't like. One doesn't need to hold a gun to voters' heads & demand they repeat "2+2=5" if one can deprive them of the ability to believe 2+2 could ever equal anything other than 5. Yet the goons supporting Head #2 on the ruling class hydra still believe they're somehow better off than China (where at least they have a real economy, & know they have a one-party system). When you're unable to count to two, you're always number one.

August 17: Dems love to start stop forever wars; Joe's ho sez no

**Party of '2 wars into 7' suddenly comes out against forever-wars (or runs out of countries to bomb)

Kamala's 'sleeping her way to the top' officially off limits as Limbaugh pummeled

August 18: Voting while female replaced as 'crime' with being a college student or mocking the woke; joke/reality barrier thins

Trump issues posthumous pardon to Susan B. Anthony for voting while female

Michigan college puts students on campus-arrest to 'control Covid-19' while staff can come & go

Twitter declares war on woke satire, booting Titania McGrath & others

'Brock Turner speaks at RNC' joke goes viral over closeness to reality

August 19: Democracy for thee, not for me; US propaganda admits defeat; Badyear Blimp; excellence in corrupt journalism

**If the Belarus election was rigged, what does that make the upcoming US elections?!

Twitter consigns RT to deep dark shadowban hole, proving US propaganda can't compete

Goodyear scurries to do damage control as Trump calls for boycott

Northrop Grumman sponsors British journalism award (for excellence in war crime coverup?)

August 20: 'Dangerous' definition expanded; we (don't) build the wall; too hot for 4chan; CREW makes mockery of 'ethics'

**Facebook axes thousands of QAnon, Antifa & militia accounts over 'dangerous persons' expansion

Steve Bannon & 3 others indicted over 'We Build the Wall' charity fraud

What about the Clinton Foundation? Conservatives cry foul over Bannon arrest

Netflix apologizes over 'pedophiliac' film poster even 4chan banned

David Brock gadfly org levels yet another Hatch Act suit, this time at USPS director 

August 21: Facebook hates democracy; academia hates women

**Facebook rumored to have 'contingency' plan for Trump contesting election, but what if Dems lose?

**Retroactively claiming a Viking warrior woman was transgender is misogyny in woke clothing