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The utter silence of the "antisemitism police" as Koronavirus Kommissar Kuomo's mask-stormtroopers kick in doors in Jewish Brooklyn to disrupt small gatherings should make clear exactly what's going on. Overlay the map of how Brooklyn voted in 2016 with the map of Cuomo's lockdown zones. This is petty revenge from a simpering gorilla in nipple rings. Insult added to injury. To Jewish people who can't be persuaded for ideological reasons to side with Americans who object to their tax dollars being used to fight Israel's wars: do it for self-preservation! It's clear that if you're not manifestly a part of the elite, you are considered expendable (if you're reading this, you're probably considered expendable, unless you're the schmuck who spent the better part of a year taking my site down). The Octopus is not protecting your tribal compatriots in Brooklyn - do you honestly think it will protect you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's literally my job, so....


"First they came for the Holocaust deniers - and I did not speak up, because I was not a Holocaust denier (and seriously, find five so-called 'Holocaust deniers' who actually claim it didn't happen)

Then they came for the anti-vaxxers - and I did not speak up, because I was not an anti-vaxxer (and seriously, find five so-called 'anti-vaxxers' who actually believe other people shouldn't be allowed to vaccinate their kids)

Then they came for the 'conspiracy theorists' - and I did not speak up, because I was able to wriggle out of that label by reasoning it applied to anyone who spouted the official story

Then they came for the Jews - and I realized wait, we've heard this one before"

--found scrawled on a bathroom wall in the consciousness-recycling waiting room



To everyone else in New York - what the hell are you doing? Why are YOU not out in the streets burning masks? Half of you are unemployed now. What the hell else have you got to do? (To those asking me why am not doing same, I can't do it myself. My contact information is freely available on this site. If anyone wants to put together a demonstration, a real one that isn't some FBI-controlled shitshow like 90% of the "activism" that happens in New York, please contact me)


October 19: Chemical weapons fraudsters try their hand at unpersoning; death penalty hypocrisy glistens

OPCW founding director slams 'wall of silence' blocking 'extremely competent' Douma whistleblowers

**US set to federally execute first woman in years - but don't expect them to stop lecturing others for doing same 

October 20: Behind the beheading trendsetter; AI doesn't laugh; equal-opportunity brainwashing

Chechen refugee who killed Samuel Paty communicated with 'offended' parent of student on Whatsapp

Facebook doesn't get the joke as Babylon Bee demonetized over Monty Python joke

**Parents clutching pearls over PragerU 'for schools' forget left crazies already did the same

October 21: Sad pig oinks; [Mos]sad pig exposed; sad pig grandstands

Cop who shot Breonna Taylor slammed for crybaby interview lamenting her death's effect on him

Ghislaine Maxwell ordered to release incriminating 2016 defamation suit transcript

**Cuomo's book victory lap contradicts vengeful lockdown against Orthodox Jews who voted 'wrong' in 2016 

October 22: ACBoo-hoo; the creature from the Poynter Institute lagoon; to serve & protect & pepper-spray dogs; FDA makin' fat stacks

Senate Judiciary Committee confirms ACB despite grandstanding Democrat boycott

NBC journo literally writes the book on doxxing 'wrongthinkers' & has the oligarchy's backing

Topeka police affirms brutal arrest & macing of autistic teen & his dog was totally cool re: procedure

FDA approves remdesivir as sole 'legit' treatment for OMFGVIRUS it doesn't actually work against

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These are going up later than usual because of the need to construct an escape-hatch from the land of pods. That's all that need be said for now, wouldn't do to give away too many data points, but the iceberg has been sighted & the Titanic is going down, it's merely a question of when. I have such a nice chair on the deck, too, but at this point I would have to be delusional to just sit back & enjoy the view. As would you.

What has been done to this place is unforgivable.


October 12: Aussies say no; controlled demolition of NYC's soul; sticks & stones will break your career

Hundreds of Australian doctors demand end to Dictator Dan's lockdown due to massive 'collateral damage'

**How to destroy a cultural capital in 7 months: NYC's collapse was as avoidable as it is criminal

What's worse than being called a racist? Kennedy statement brings on flood of suggestions


October 13: Crime pays; steal this satellite; not your mom's voter suppression

Washington fines Twitter for election interference - but profits exceed the penalties

US unveils 'Artemis Accords' divvying the Moon up with earthbound nations but snubbing Russia & China

Mysterious cable cut tanks Virginia voter reg system on eve of deadline


October 14: Diversity fetish plumbs new depths; competitive shadowbanning for partisan billionaires

**Not enough black venture capitalists? What's next, not enough black war criminals?

Facebook exec with Dem pedigree admits to shadowbanning Hunter Biden laptop story

Twitter cracks down on Biden laptop story with never-before-invoked (& misapplied) policy on 'hacked materials'


October 15: Cognitive dissonance is Covid-19 symptom; citation needed; pandermonium rampant

Even WHO's European director thinks lockdowns should be a 'last resort,' so why the resurgence?

Murdoch thinks US is 'ready for Sleepy Joe,' says Daily Beast who totally has no dog in this fight wink wink

**Uniparty panders til it's blue (or red) in the face to lure black voters, but real solutions would appeal to everyone


October 16: Moar damage control; a threesome with Big Brother; why they call it cheating; blue pills only; neither candidate wants to win

Twitter replaces too-idiotic-even-for-them 'hacked materials' policy with 'disputed' warning

BoJo back in the bedroom as UK bans couples not living together from having sex

RNC sues Twitter for illegal in-kind election contributions to Biden via laptop story censorship

**Amazon bans James Perloff's Covid-19 book for wrongthink; 1984 in nonfiction section next?

**Trump & Biden are running a 'Producers' style scam as both try to dodge hot potato of US empire-collapse


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If we all just stopped consuming poisonous establishment media, the OMFGVIRUS would die of, well, itself. Why is this so hard to do? What do you, the people who can finally read my website now that it's out (however temporarily) from under the thumb of Unit 8200's kiddie coders, get from reading that idiocy? You know, as well as I do, that typing any random 3-digit number into the search engine of your choice followed by "cases" will turn up an article insisting that there are that many cases in some municipality somewhere in the US. Yet you, like me, don't know anyone who has definitively died "of coronavirus." You may know someone who died "with coronavirus," but that designation applies to everyone from building-jumper suicides to motorcycle accidents to cancer deaths to Saint George Floyd himself. An admittedly unscientific study has revealed people with no TV in their homes are almost guaranteed to have retained their sanity amid this mess - while those who have a TV, no matter what other factors might theoretically disqualify them from becoming a raving Corona Cultist (artistic talent, a stint in a punk-rock band, a history of anti-authoritarian journalism, etc etc), have fallen victim to the worst kind of groupthink and become total pod people.

Throw. Your. TV. Out. The. Window.

It may save your life.

This public service announcement brought to you by the Manatee of Sanity, your best pal in these trying times.

October 5: Insult to injury; keeping things positive; cringe workout; killing in the name of; further down the woke-racism spiral

US states attempt to claw back individuals' Covid-19 unemployment overpayments as corporations keep on pillaging

White House press secretary diagnosed with Covid-19 as Rose Garden gloating intensifies

'Slavery was hard & so is this,' says world's most oblivious personal trainer after bondage-themed routine sparks controversy

UK conservatives oppose bill that would unleash everyone from MI5 to Food Standards Agency to break laws on the job

University of Kentucky forces RAs to submit to self-flagellatory white guilt training with a side of 'woke segregation'

October 6: Remdesivir commercial ends as vax promotion begins in earnest - non-team-players will be slaughtered

Trump's insistence he's 'feeling great' after returning from hospital is still too much for angered #Resistance

Bill Gates suggests US start working on best ways to deceive populace into taking his toxic Covid-19 vaccines

FDA rolls out stricter guidelines for Covid-19 vaccine, scuppering Trump's dreams of Election Day jab

No international travel for Australians until vaccine rollout - but it'll save the economy, 2021 budget insists

October 7: Gender trenders gird their loins; US catches the terrorists it created; undecided redefined; fields of uselessness; Russiagaters deflated

Kids can't consent to gender reassignment, UK lawyer claims in landmark case against NHS' kiddie gender clinic

US intel agencies celebrate extradition of 'ISIS Beatles' who killed 4 American hostages

NBC town hall of 'undecided voters' recycles multiple self-described Biden supporters

Wisconsin finally opens long-dormant Covid-19 field hospital outside Milwaukee, citing case surge filling hospitals

**Kamala Harris embraces gender stereotypes to cover for utter failure at appealing to voters

ICO probe of Cambridge Analytica ends ignominiously with no indication firm interfered in Brexit or colluded with Russia

October 8: Pence who? Yelp for the stepped-on; Twitter to unmask Seth Rich storyteller; 'democracy' means no dissent allowed

USA Today slammed for omitting Pence from VP debate winner poll

Yelp debuts warnings for 'businesses accused of racist behavior' as BLM activism on platform surges

Twitter must cough up identity of user who sent Fox 'forged FBI documents' supporting Seth Rich/DNC conspiracy

**WSJ epitomizes 'murican democracy - by trying to intimidate RT's advertising partners into dropping the network

October 9: Koronavirus Kommissar Klusterfux; Yelp helps destroy few remaining businesses; ixnay on the oter-vay raud-fay

Cuomo falls for prank call & accuses Trump of 'fomenting the Orthodox' after Jews rebel against his mask gestapo

**Yelp's racism scarlet letter empowers thugs & rage mobs operating under cover of social justice

Trump's ex-DNI locked out of Twitter for posting mail-in ballots sent to his dead friend's parents

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If you squint, it's almost like your vote counts for something. If you look at it with both your eyes (& maybe borrow someone else's, these are trying times), you'd never be so delusional - & we don't have time to be delusional. While everyone is focusing on election drama (did he or didn't he earpiece? contact lens? some retro-chic handfuls of vintage Third Reich Pervitin?) your very capacity for free thought is about to be dissolved into a puddle inside your skull. I'm not big on dramatizing things, but if we lose this battle (against the nexus of drooling control-interests pushing the 'I Can't Believe It's Not A Killer Pandemic!' plague as a reason for jettisoning one's civil rights & submitting to an unprecedented level of totalitarian control that will yes really include invasions of unfriendly nano-particles into the body you once called your own) there will not be a second chance. Yes, it's easier to just not believe anything along these lines, chortle at the horrors implied by Microsoft's recent patent for a cryptocurrency-earning system based on the user's neurological response to stimuli, because the reality of such an invention is pants-shittingly terrifying. But better to shit your pants now & take action than jam your fingers in your ears, whistle in a determinedly nonchalant fashion, & revel in meaninglessness until someone's actually holding you down & jamming a needle in some soft tender part. I wrote chapter 13 of this book in the hope that the events described wouldn't come to pass, & instead reality is trying to beat my timetable. Will have to paraphrase key parts of that chapter for the (many, many) people who can't afford to dump $30 on a book because so much of it has come to pass. Watch this space, now that this damn site is back up.

September 28: Altpolitik has bled the US dry; can we have competitive drug-taking OPENLY next debate plz; sick sad pint; voting is for losers - of all races!

**Superannuated US politics creates short-termer mindset that is destroying the country

Trump sneers at Biden's refusal to submit to drug test as media demands debates be axed altogether

10pm UK pub curfew is a sick experiment intentionally creating 2nd wave, rebel Tories say

Channel 4 claims massive Trump 2016 campaign database deployed racist algorithmic voter suppression

NYC strikes again: Queens absentee ballots all carry potentially-disqualifying misprint 

September 29: Still tricklin' up after all these years; stick it in yer ear; Russiagaters bombshelled

Bidenomics DOA: More limp neoliberalism in woke clothing fails to impress the Left

Trump slams Biden campaign for reneging on 'earpiece exam' promise pre-debate

This is what a Russiagate bombshell looks like: Clinton greenlighted hoax in July as distraction

September 30: Vote early & often; don't get caught breathin'; infantilization for fun & profit; is it war yet?

Trump gets voter-fraud 'I told you so' as 100K NYers sent incorrect ballots

**De Blasio adds insult to injury with mask gestapo as NYC languishes under perma-shutdown

**Don't worry, kids, depending on your parents into your 40s is just where big daddy gov't wants you

**Atlantic keeps white supremacist panic alive with fearmongering fictionalized profile on Oath Keepers

October 1: Sitting on an angry chair; gaslighting 101; FBI reveals IQ cutoff is 85; voter fraud exists on days ending in y

Axis of Weasel neocon turned neverTrump pinup tells Germany to GTFO 'murica's (blood-soaked) chair

How to shove mandatory vaccines down high-risk populations' throats without them noticing

FBI reminds gullible clearance-holders that hot rich Chinese babe is probably a spy

Journalist waltzes into Philly voting machine warehouse days after sensitive data stolen

October 2: The 'other' Rapture Mike: mo' Rapture, mo' Problems; Russiagaters rampant; pimp my dead kid

**Liberals cheering on Trump's demise are putting their necks in Pence's dominionist guillotine

Unhinged CT senator says Trump campaign will carry on with Putin as surrogate

Parents of slain Parkland teen 'resurrect' him with AI in emotionally extortionate gun control spot

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Between the cartoonish level of restrictions my local government is lobbing at healthy, innocent people, the cartoonish level of restrictions other governments are leveling at THEIR healthy, innocent people, the horrific torture of the sick (who have done nothing wrong but who are being treated worse than death row prisoners, many unable to see their families in their last moments, go outside, heal on their own terms, or indeed act like human beings at all) alongside the healthy, it's truly shocking more people aren't coming out against this. But I suppose they fear for their public standing - as if that will mean a damn thing when this hollowed-out shell of an empire finally collapses in on itself.

September 21: And YOU get a sanction...; Lolita Express frequent flier miles come back to bite; history is written by the liars

Pompeo slaps ever more sanctions on Iran's defense ministry, despite international pushback

Virgin Islands AG demands full unredacted list of Epstein's Lolita Express passengers

Outrage builds over NY Times' quiet memory-holing of 1619 Project's central claim US was founded on slavery

September 22: YouTube hates sanity; Bloomberg breaks new ground in racism; Rogan enters apology spiral; how DARE you! 

YouTube moderator sues, claiming job caused 'PTSD symptoms.' Don't laugh, her lawyer got big $ from Facebook

Bloomberg raises $16mn to help ex-cons vote - but only black & brown ones he thinks will vote Biden

**Joe Rogan goes full Corbyn over 'leftists setting wildfires' comment, forgetting no apology is ever enough for censors 

Spitting Image unveils Greta Thunberg caricature puppet, to coordinated outrage - though Greta liked it

September 23: What's yours is the Pentagon's; science muscled out by politics; revenge of the trolls

Pentagon embezzles $1bn in Covid-19 aid for drones & other killer toys - pocket change next to the $2tn they 'lost' pre-9/11

Western media that skewered Russia's Sputnik V as 'rushed' & 'dangerous' fall silent about dodgy US/UK shots

Trump & Barr declare war on Section 230 immunity with anti-censorship bill destined to die in committee

September 24: West Coast beefeater; stupidity pandemic leaves Covid-19 in the dust; a playdate with Big Brother; vote early, often, & in the garbage

Black LA cop stays calm in face of Halloween-masked wannabe-'Purge' reenactors

**Why are Covid-19 restrictions only getting stricter in Australia (or UK & US) even as statistical basis exposed as bullshit?

Amazon mini-drones will surveil your stuff indoors - & link with your smarthome in hacker-burglar wish fulfillment

Trump-marked military absentee ballots found discarded by elections temp worker in PA

September 25: Where are the guillotines when you need them; fake check real rioters-for-hire; see Spot kill

UK royals millions in the hole due to pandemic shutdown, consigning royal arses to old toilets

Bogus 'Soros' check to pro-rioter 'Conrad Ann Teefa' distracts from nonprofit rep in U-Haul handing out riot goodies

Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog spotted in wild, triggering self-preservation urges among carbon-based life

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