Between the cartoonish level of restrictions my local government is lobbing at healthy, innocent people, the cartoonish level of restrictions other governments are leveling at THEIR healthy, innocent people, the horrific torture of the sick (who have done nothing wrong but who are being treated worse than death row prisoners, many unable to see their families in their last moments, go outside, heal on their own terms, or indeed act like human beings at all) alongside the healthy, it's truly shocking more people aren't coming out against this. But I suppose they fear for their public standing - as if that will mean a damn thing when this hollowed-out shell of an empire finally collapses in on itself.

September 21: And YOU get a sanction...; Lolita Express frequent flier miles come back to bite; history is written by the liars

Pompeo slaps ever more sanctions on Iran's defense ministry, despite international pushback

Virgin Islands AG demands full unredacted list of Epstein's Lolita Express passengers

Outrage builds over NY Times' quiet memory-holing of 1619 Project's central claim US was founded on slavery

September 22: YouTube hates sanity; Bloomberg breaks new ground in racism; Rogan enters apology spiral; how DARE you! 

YouTube moderator sues, claiming job caused 'PTSD symptoms.' Don't laugh, her lawyer got big $ from Facebook

Bloomberg raises $16mn to help ex-cons vote - but only black & brown ones he thinks will vote Biden

**Joe Rogan goes full Corbyn over 'leftists setting wildfires' comment, forgetting no apology is ever enough for censors 

Spitting Image unveils Greta Thunberg caricature puppet, to coordinated outrage - though Greta liked it

September 23: What's yours is the Pentagon's; science muscled out by politics; revenge of the trolls

Pentagon embezzles $1bn in Covid-19 aid for drones & other killer toys - pocket change next to the $2tn they 'lost' pre-9/11

Western media that skewered Russia's Sputnik V as 'rushed' & 'dangerous' fall silent about dodgy US/UK shots

Trump & Barr declare war on Section 230 immunity with anti-censorship bill destined to die in committee

September 24: West Coast beefeater; stupidity pandemic leaves Covid-19 in the dust; a playdate with Big Brother; vote early, often, & in the garbage

Black LA cop stays calm in face of Halloween-masked wannabe-'Purge' reenactors

**Why are Covid-19 restrictions only getting stricter in Australia (or UK & US) even as statistical basis exposed as bullshit?

Amazon mini-drones will surveil your stuff indoors - & link with your smarthome in hacker-burglar wish fulfillment

Trump-marked military absentee ballots found discarded by elections temp worker in PA

September 25: Where are the guillotines when you need them; fake check real rioters-for-hire; see Spot kill

UK royals millions in the hole due to pandemic shutdown, consigning royal arses to old toilets

Bogus 'Soros' check to pro-rioter 'Conrad Ann Teefa' distracts from nonprofit rep in U-Haul handing out riot goodies

Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog spotted in wild, triggering self-preservation urges among carbon-based life