If you squint, it's almost like your vote counts for something. If you look at it with both your eyes (& maybe borrow someone else's, these are trying times), you'd never be so delusional - & we don't have time to be delusional. While everyone is focusing on election drama (did he or didn't he earpiece? contact lens? some retro-chic handfuls of vintage Third Reich Pervitin?) your very capacity for free thought is about to be dissolved into a puddle inside your skull. I'm not big on dramatizing things, but if we lose this battle (against the nexus of drooling control-interests pushing the 'I Can't Believe It's Not A Killer Pandemic!' plague as a reason for jettisoning one's civil rights & submitting to an unprecedented level of totalitarian control that will yes really include invasions of unfriendly nano-particles into the body you once called your own) there will not be a second chance. Yes, it's easier to just not believe anything along these lines, chortle at the horrors implied by Microsoft's recent patent for a cryptocurrency-earning system based on the user's neurological response to stimuli, because the reality of such an invention is pants-shittingly terrifying. But better to shit your pants now & take action than jam your fingers in your ears, whistle in a determinedly nonchalant fashion, & revel in meaninglessness until someone's actually holding you down & jamming a needle in some soft tender part. I wrote chapter 13 of this book in the hope that the events described wouldn't come to pass, & instead reality is trying to beat my timetable. Will have to paraphrase key parts of that chapter for the (many, many) people who can't afford to dump $30 on a book because so much of it has come to pass. Watch this space, now that this damn site is back up.

September 28: Altpolitik has bled the US dry; can we have competitive drug-taking OPENLY next debate plz; sick sad pint; voting is for losers - of all races!

**Superannuated US politics creates short-termer mindset that is destroying the country

Trump sneers at Biden's refusal to submit to drug test as media demands debates be axed altogether

10pm UK pub curfew is a sick experiment intentionally creating 2nd wave, rebel Tories say

Channel 4 claims massive Trump 2016 campaign database deployed racist algorithmic voter suppression

NYC strikes again: Queens absentee ballots all carry potentially-disqualifying misprint 

September 29: Still tricklin' up after all these years; stick it in yer ear; Russiagaters bombshelled

Bidenomics DOA: More limp neoliberalism in woke clothing fails to impress the Left

Trump slams Biden campaign for reneging on 'earpiece exam' promise pre-debate

This is what a Russiagate bombshell looks like: Clinton greenlighted hoax in July as distraction

September 30: Vote early & often; don't get caught breathin'; infantilization for fun & profit; is it war yet?

Trump gets voter-fraud 'I told you so' as 100K NYers sent incorrect ballots

**De Blasio adds insult to injury with mask gestapo as NYC languishes under perma-shutdown

**Don't worry, kids, depending on your parents into your 40s is just where big daddy gov't wants you

**Atlantic keeps white supremacist panic alive with fearmongering fictionalized profile on Oath Keepers

October 1: Sitting on an angry chair; gaslighting 101; FBI reveals IQ cutoff is 85; voter fraud exists on days ending in y

Axis of Weasel neocon turned neverTrump pinup tells Germany to GTFO 'murica's (blood-soaked) chair

How to shove mandatory vaccines down high-risk populations' throats without them noticing

FBI reminds gullible clearance-holders that hot rich Chinese babe is probably a spy

Journalist waltzes into Philly voting machine warehouse days after sensitive data stolen

October 2: The 'other' Rapture Mike: mo' Rapture, mo' Problems; Russiagaters rampant; pimp my dead kid

**Liberals cheering on Trump's demise are putting their necks in Pence's dominionist guillotine

Unhinged CT senator says Trump campaign will carry on with Putin as surrogate

Parents of slain Parkland teen 'resurrect' him with AI in emotionally extortionate gun control spot