If a distorted perception of climate change and pandemics don't get you the world government you want, there's always a fake alien invasion. It seems they are still willing to go down this route, which means the pandemic superstate isn't going as planned. Against all odds, it seems to be crumbling at least a bit in Australia. Good luck to all Down Under who are fighting - you're the only thing standing between us New Yorkers (and probably a good part of the world) & a widespread rollout of Dan Andrews' fantasy wishlist. To this day it remains a mystery to me why Americans won't stand up for their rights, but this country has been heavily programmed to work against its own interests since long before I was born. The mere sight of a white coat makes panties drop from coast to coast (metaphorically speaking - this is by no means limited to women). & the white coat doesn't even have to be legit, or come with a real medical degree - if you read nothing else from this week's articles, read my piece on Gates & how despite a total lack of medical experience or even a college degree & hundreds of documented conflicts of interest, gullible 'muricans still trust him to inject experimental compounds into their & their children's veins. If you can't stand up for yourself, at least stand up for your damn kids, or someone else's kids, or the future of the species.

September 14: Fake alien invasion is go; Oracle embraces vulture role; Project for a NEW New American Century; J/K Rowling!!

Japanese military implements 'UFO sighting' procedure as ramp-up to War of the Worlds 2.0 continues

Oracle 'partnership' with TikTok proposed after ByteDance rejects Microsoft deal

**Covid-19 is a 'new New Pearl Harbor' taking the post-9/11 police state global

JK Rowling 'killed' on Twitter after daring to include transvestite (not transgender) serial killer in novel

September 15: Parents just don't understand; Mad Dog not mad enough; World Trade Disorganization; I am (not) the Walrus; not-so-Cuties

**Parents clutching pearls over 'cops=KKK' cartoon don't mind the brainwashing when it's for their 'side'

Trump blames Syria warmonger Mattis for staying his hand on long-denied Assad assassination plan

WTO rules US violated GATT with China tariffs in unenforceable decision

Justice Dept opens criminal probe into Bolton's tell-all novel memoir

Congressmen demand Justice Dept probe of Netflix in 'Cuties' virtue-signal-o-rama

September 16: Cringe binge; drones for drones; bootlickers go literal; Floyd gets his due; Gates hates reality

Why 'Fuck tha Police' when Biden's 'Despacito' cringe was bad enough? Trump trolls himself with forced meme

US Bureau of Prisons demands more $$ to protect against drones airlifting prisoners to freedom

Imagine THAT boot stomping on a human face, forever! Kamala's Timberlands make neoliberal Twitter melt

Damage from George Floyd riots cost insurance record-setting $2 billion, report shows - & they aren't done yet

**Bill Gates is a gibbering, squealing ball of conflicts of interest with no medical training. Why does anyone trust him?

September 17: Nashville coverup exposed; intel vets cover up their own crimes; school's out forever

Nashville officials caught covering up low Covid-19 transmission in bars & restaurants

Dan Coats tells election-meddling peasants 'hold my beer', wants 'elder statesmen' to oversee 'election integrity'

FBI director insists Russia is actively trying to sink Biden, as Biden actively sinks himself

De Blasio sends NYC parents into rage with another postponement of school opening

September 18: Lockdown 4eva; everyone's a case; wrongthink kills (careers)

Victoria parliament debates totalitarian 'precrime' indefinite detention for those who 'might' breach lockdown

CDC reverses course on need for asymptomatic testing after blue state rebellion

**No critical thinking allowed: Dallas school apologizes for 'heroes' assignment including Kyle Rittenhouse (& George Floyd)