Now that the full-stop is cancelled, and the exclamation point packs way too much emotion for the quivering jello molds that were swapped out with humans when no one was paying attention, we can only use ellipses...have fun trying to make your point while trailing off into nothing...meanwhile the ruling class eviscerating your birthright is laughing all the way to the bank...

August 24: When in doubt, Russiagate; Zoom doom; embracing the obvious; Riot Act read for once; Stop Full Stops!

Blaming Russia for QAnon: a state-funded conspiracy theory about state-funded conspiracy theories

Massive Zoom outage scuttles first day of school, RNC convention

RNC officially nominates Trump for 2020 election

4th Circuit acknowledges Anti-Riot Act has been criminalizing free speech for half a century

**Punctuation phobia paralyzes the pathetic - so let's scrap the full stop? No thanks.

August 25: Orange plasma bad; go no further West young man; woke vultures circle Shakespeare; shoot first pay later

Flip-flop on Covid-19 plasma treatment predictably follows Trump endorsement

Kanye West barred from Missouri ballot, but clickbait springs eternal

**Woke Brigades determined to claim Shakespeare as bisexual defeat the purpose of art

Eight teachers sue Indiana school district over overly 'active' shooter training

August 26: Qtards vindicated; ActBlue finds conscience; Wisconsin death trip; Cuomo killed grandma

Bipartisan circus condemns QAnon psyop, kicking Streisand effect into overdrive

**ActBlue deplatforming 'revenge porn' scumbag proves they don't trust Kansans with democracy

17-year-old 'militia member' arrested for shooting 3 BLM rioters, possibly in self-defense

Trump sends National Guard to Kenosha after 2 die in riots

Justice Dept demands records of states that sent Covid-19 patients into nursing homes

August 27: TikTok torpor; Rapture Mike says Call Our Bluff; your watch is watching; no home, no car, all problems

WalMart climbs in bed with Microsoft on TikTok bid as CEO bails

Pompeo dares UNSC to oppose US' absurd interpretation of snapback JCPOA sanctions on Iran

As if Alexa wasn't enough, Amazon debuts wristband that'll tone-police, fat-shame AND spy on you

**Most millennials are shut out from owning property - is it any surprise they don't respect it? 

August 28: Griftapalooza, white & black editions; Berlin triumphs; insult to injury; politicize your pain

Twitter suspends canceled Evergreen prof's 'Articles of Unity' Twitter - but over PC imperative or grift?

"Cops suck, 'murica is racist, and Vote Democrat" - March on Washington rerun has definite themes

Massive German anti-lockdown protest un-banned in 11th-hour decision - but smears continue

Paralyzed cop-shot Kenosha man no longer cuffed to hospital bed but will face court on sex assault charge