There's nothing quite so satisfying as watching a trillion-dollar corporation trip over its own virtue-signaling. It almost makes one forget that Hillary Clinton has risen from the grave and is running for president again. A longer article coming about that is coming in the near future. Don't eat before reading. 

October 7: Net not neutral; Turks eating Trump's Kurds & whey; Clinton/Romney 2020 is Hollywood remake nightmare

Federal court sticks knife in net neutrality, but leaves states the option to revive

Trump tells Turkey behave or your economy gets it...again?

US "troop pullout from Syria" is not a troop pullout from Syria

Turkey begins incursion into Kurdish separatist area of Syria; Israel weeps

**Clinton & Romney back from the dead in political equivalent of reboot-crazed Hollywood

October 8: Ellen throws gays under the Bush bus; deepfakes demand critical thinking; Blizzard between rock & hard place

Ellen DeGeneres cozies up to war criminal gay-hating Bush bc money's thicker than blood

**Deepfakes' spread proves you can't believe your eyes; maybe it's time to believe your brain

Blizzard exiles gamer who cheered on Hong Kong rioters because China has the $ the US doesn't

October 9: Antisocial media; Apple shoots self in foot; billionaires sitting pretty as Trump hoodwinks working class

**Has Twitter done more damage to the US than any other country? No, there's also Facebook

**China slams Apple for backing Hong Kong uprising. Do customers really want suicidal virtue-signaling?

Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than the working class, but sure, capitalism works

October 10: Amazon voyeurs; Catholic Church tries to go native; selfies enable stalkers; color revolution for the climate

Amazon CloudCam is watching you have sex & telling the world about it

**Catholic Church demands recognition of "climate sins" as it tries to con the world into believing its "indigenous face"

Japanese pop idol assaulted by stalker fan who found her home through reflection in her eye in selfie

62 Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested for supergluing selves to boat in Times Square

October 11: Forced 'tolerance' is racist; Turkey won't be plucked; one last spacewalk; let's make a deal; Warren's transpandering™

**British Film Institute mandates diversity, but tolerance at gunpoint fans flames of racial hate

Turkey refuses to quit Syria campaign as US & allies clutch pearls

NASA honors Alexei Leonov, first man to walk in space, dead at 85

Trump announces partial deal with China covering agriculture, intellectual property, & finance

Elizabeth Warren flip flops again, wants your tax dollars to pay for transgender inmates' surgery