What do you do when you want a world government, but the world won't cooperate? Couldn't do much worse than faking an extraterrestrial invasion - and if that fails, there's always climate change. (Seriously, the alien propaganda is reaching a critical pitch...expect faux "visitors" within the next few years which will require us all to unite, put aside our differences & those few pesky remaining civil liberties, & plunge headlong into planetary defense mode)

September 16: Wall Street racketeering; Pennsylvania Avenue pimping; New York slimes; billionaire backpedaling; metaphorical & literal derailments

Price-fixing at JPMorgan metals desk was organized crime, says Justice Dept trying to look tough

Tulsi to Trump: military are not your prostitutes & you're no Iceberg Slim

Trump calls on NYT reporters who slimed Kavanaugh to resign

Elon Musk says 'pedo guy' isn't meant to connote actual pedophilia, why would you think that

Google outage causes existential crisis

Hong Kong metro train derails - protesters whistle & look innocent

September 17: UFO verification; Facebook buys pet court; we're all gonna die; car meets building; Snowden skates again; surveillance from the sky

UFOs are real, says Navy Information Warfare specialist

**Facebook unveils new "independent" (paid by Facebook) 'supreme court' for binding censorship decisions

'We're all gonna die!' shrieks emergency preparedness body formed by World Bank & WHO

Car hits Trump Plaza in upstate NY, #Resistance cheers

Backlash to Snowden book is pure spite, but will help sales, says fellow whistleblower

IARPA seeking facial recognition surveillance tech capable of seeing from great heights

September 18: Just shoot me; just say no to blackface; worship at Greta's climate altar; NATO invents new bodies of water to occupy

OK to use school shooting fear porn to advertise safety, but not fashion?

Trudeau begs forgiveness for blackface genie outfit, diversity hypocrisy

Trudeau gets viciously memed for lifetime of diversity hypocrisy, nepotism

**Confess your climate sins, peon! NBC joins Greta Thunberg's doomsday cult

NATO invents new "Sea of Asimov" to patrol, mine, keep Russians out of

September 19: Deepfake Putin props up Russiagate; Cuba blamed; Saudis shamed; Israel ate Trump's lunch; Facebook gets Loomered; Area 51 unstormed

Deepfake Putin keeps Russiagate faithful on hook, primes Americans for rollout of deepfakes in 2020

Cuban diplomats ejected over "influence operations"

Saudis launch military op in Hodeidah, beg desperate & displaced civilians to stay away...on Saudi TV

"Machiavellian" Netanyahu "played" Trump with misinformation, says ex-SecState Tillerson

Is Facebook a publisher or a platform? Loomer lawsuit ties lies in knots

Alien enthusiasts begin arriving for Storm Area 51 festivals

September 20: Facebook hates privacy; YouTube hates its users; US hates freedom; Philadelphia loves guns; Mars loves water

Facebook boots 10,000 apps for violating user privacy, & there's more where that came from

YouTube apologizes for removing verification checks from popular users

US itching to protect its oil, not its allies: Americans won't fight for a monarchy

2 shot as gunfire breaks out at Philadelphia high school football game

NASA Insight lander finds water on Mars - and strange magnetic phenomena