The outcome of 'Corpse vs Buffoon' (credit where it's due) remains up in the air, though the media have almost unanimously called it for Corpse even as recounts and lawsuits breed like rabbits to occupy the minds of the Trump faithful. In the Greatest Democracy in the World™, we are expected to believe a guy who couldn't get 20 people to attend a rally even before the OMFGVIRUS somehow got the most votes of any candidate ever in US history. Don't ask questions or you're marking yourself as a Russian Useful Idiot - perhaps literally so, as the 'Trump Accountability Project' (as if there has ever been any accountability anywhere near Washington DC) has declared in no uncertain terms that Trump's "enablers" - i.e. the people who voted for him as well as those on his payroll - will Never Work in This Town Again. You're kidding yourself if you think they won't move on to the insufficiently-Bidenthusiastic after they're done macerating the Trumpsters. Though given that the Trumpsters tend to be well-armed, the thought police might be biting off more than they can chew taking them on. No matter, they have drones and all kinds of nasty tricks to cut off people's water and electricity - not to mention Biden's promise to start throwing people in NZ-style quarncentration camps where an easily-forged Do Not Resuscitate order is all that stands between the inconvenient dissident and the landfill. 

I'm not trying to scare people, but reality sure is.

November 2: Meaningless polls hit new low; nothing to lose your head over; election meddling in progress

NYTimes ramps up divide-and-conquer frenzy with poll correlating first names with presidential picks

Pakistani girls' seminary stages mock beheading amid calls for Mohammed cartoon vengeance

Twitter rolls out warning labels for all election results from non-'official sources'...including one you've never heard of

November 3: New & improved Memory Hole; lockdown with feeling; buggying out; political performance art do's & don'ts

**Internet Archive accelerates transformation into memory hole with addition of dissent-shaming 'fact checks' to old pages

UK's lockdown 2.0 outlaws protests of 2 or more people - now that's something to protest

Amish Trump supporters take to the streets in buggies as PA votes

Lady Gaga stumps for Biden in PA with bizarre video aping Middle America stereotypes 

Kanye West tells the world he voted for 'someone I trust' -himself- in perhaps least surprising headline ever

November 4: Piggy Warbust & the Ballots from Mars; vote late & often; big bets on Blue

Giuliani takes aim at 'ballots from Mars' as Trump campaign files voter fraud lawsuits in swing states

Trump campaign sues over alleged mixing of late-postmarked absentee ballots in Georgia

USPS whistleblower says something's rotten in the state of Michigan

Australian sports betting site first to call election for Biden, paying $23 million to those who bet on Blue

November 5: Much ado about nothing; UK embraces totalitarianism; Facebook loves theft; Trump loves lawsuits

**Trump's ineffective presidency proves the role is merely a figurehead - does it matter who gets the job?

Gym owner arrested with massive police presence first day of UK Lockdown 2.0 after interview stating she'd refuse to close

Facebook stops 'Stop the Steal' organizing, deleting multiple Trump-supporting activist groups

Trump campaign sues Nevada as list of states accused of election fraud grows

November 6: Corpsetastic lovefest; convenient "glitch" #994; Venezuelan eyeroll; Russiagate? what Russiagate?

Pelosi praises 'president-elect Biden' as Trump campaign calls BS on Corpse shoo-in

Corpse fanboys dream about escorting Buffoon from White House as actual election remains up in air

Michigan county belatedly hands victory to Republican incumbent after 'glitch' flipped his seat

Beleaguered 'democracy' victim Maduro demands Washington stop forcing 'lessons in democracy' on world

**Social media couldn't ban questioning 'election integrity' if not for 4 years of doing just that with Russiagate