The criminalization of 'wrongthink' as predicted both here and in the work of many others is about to be realized, as the neoliberal centrist warmongers who together form the policymaking Voltron that will operate under the human shell of "Joe Biden" have made clear with their bloodthirsty rhetoric targeting Trump supporters over the past week. I can't support Trump after four years of "Making Israel Great Again," but I am also not stupid enough to think they will stop when the blood of the last Trump supporter is mopped up - already they're using the terminology of demonizing Trump supporters to smear the real Left (witness Off-Guardian being tagged by Facebook as "QAnon-related" despite Off-Guardian having literally nothing to do with that Israeli psyop). This must be stopped now, and if genuine liberals (the kind who value things like peace and freedom of speech) can't pull their heads out of their escapist fantasies long enough to realize they are #2 on these sociopaths' kill list I'm not sure what to tell them other than "look at what happened with Obama." The invariable response is to stick fingers in ears and shout "LALALA" or worse to deny history and pretend Bush-in-a-black-man-suit's two terms were a good thing for liberals when in fact the robust resistance to Bush's wars melted away into a complacent coma, never to arise again except for some fits and starts during Occupy (which was quickly coopted by the fake-liberals who proceeded to utterly decimate the Left with their idiotic identity politics crap) while Obama seized the power to hunt and kill American citizens on American soil without any more reason than "terrorism" (which, as his predecessor Bush made clear, could mean checking the wrong books out of a library).

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Watching the OMFGVIRUS cultists in the streets of Manhattan shed their pathologies briefly last weekend only to celebrate the new foot in the boot stomping on their faces forever was edifying, further proof none of this (including the Stasiesque snitching and general Karen eruption) is about a virus but about control. Please read this if you haven't already (contact me for the full chapter, or better yet buy the book here).


November 9: Neocons declare war on wrongthink; vultures swoop in to alienate babies; Bolivia victorious

**Neolibs & neocons salivate in chorus as 'Trump accountability' opens door to ideological genocide

1 in 7 new moms barred from seeing babies as UK hospitals impose sadistic 'Covid-19 restrictions'

NY Times can't hide its butthurt as Morales embraced by Bolivians upon triumphant post-election return 

November 10: Biden's corona adviser would have loved Cuomo's nursing home policy; Brennan goes full conspiratard meltdown

Biden's coronavirus advisory panel features eugenicist oncologist behind Obamacare's 'death panels' 

Brennan frets over Trump declassifying everything after 'missing link' CIA goon implicated in Russiagate

November 11: Forget defunding; Ticketmaster & airlines join mass cull; insider traders close ranks; Gates gloats at takeover of G7 policy

UK man arrested after crashing car into Edmonton police station & attempting to torch road

Ticketmaster suggests proof of vaccine or negative OMFGVIRUS test will be prerequisite for show entry

Airline alliance calls to mothball lockdowns & bring on the health passports as profits crater

Pfizer insists (like Moderna before it) that CEO's big vaccine announcement payday is just coincidence

**BoJo invites Gates & 10 pharma CEOs for vaccine lovefest, affirming devotion to Gates takeover of UK policy 

November 12: Politician has spine; Dept of Injustice praises Epstein deal; politician lacks spine; Facebook meddles in election; Gates gibbers & squeals

Mississippi gov vows to fight Biden's promised national lockdown

Justice Dept exonerates Acosta over Epstein's 2008 sweetheart deal, deeming it mere 'poor judgment'

Quiet or you'll kill someone! Minnesota gov admits new rules sound killjoy, declares them anyway

Zuckerberg tells Facebook it's 'clear' Biden won election - but no meddling here!

Gates Foundation pours another $70m into vaccine bonanza as Pfizer declares itself winner

November 13: Another lawsuit for Amazon; woof woof die; Reds under beds syndrome; moar Israeli psyops; dude where's my Kraken?

Fired Amazon strike leader sues megacorp for racial discrimination

Tyndall AFB deploys robot 'dogs' to patrol base, because they've never seen Black Mirror

**Unreconstructed Russiagater declares right-wing Twitter competitor Parler to be Kremlin op

Al-Qaeda VP supposedly killed by Israel 3 months ago - yet no one spoke up until now?

Michael Flynn lawyer vows to 'release the Kraken,' claiming evidence of massive voter fraud