My headlines from this week, now with more hypocrisy (it's as American as apple pie, with only half the calories!).

October 15: Assange's newly-recovered "freedom" isn't free; cardiac stem cell research is fake; Trump dating app is a trap; politician lies, surprising no one

Assange reconnected, plus nine pages of caveats

Hospitals admit cardiac stem cell pioneer made it all up

Tinder for Trumpsters leaks users' personal data on first day

Democratic senator caught hiding positions from voters

October 16: Anti-net-neutrality comments faked by industry interests; professional sociopaths think military needs more mafia; robots are better dancers than us too; Trump 'threatened' by Fed's spite-hikes; YouTube outage shakes internet's faith in reality

FCC repealed Net Neutrality on the word of bots, astroturfers

Mercenary promotes Murder Inc. model to US military

Boston Dynamics robot out-dances pathetic humans

Trump feuding with Fed over rate hikes

YouTube goes down, foundations of internet reality shaken

October 17: Nikki Haley makes presidential noises; Facebook sued for lying about ads; GOP candidates & operatives attacked; Trump good at science, so climate change no biggie; Japan wonders why people mind radioactive waste in ocean

Haley talks Kissinger, Zionism to secretive GOP kingmakers

Ad buyers take Facebook to court for lying about video metrics

'End to civility' leads to attacks on GOP candidates & operatives in MN, NV

Trump not concerned about climate change, because he's good with science

Japan prepares to dump Fukushima wastewater in Pacific, wonders why the fuss

October 18: Dear Nikki: please do standup, not politics; UK can't meme; McCaskill digs deeper hole; exorcists band together to protect Kavanaugh; navy captain on hook for penny-ante shenanigans

Haley makes a better comedian than a politician

UK researchers blame memes for childhood obesity, don't know what memes are

McCaskill threatens undercover journalists who exposed her as fraud

Exorcists pledge to protect Kavanaugh against Brooklyn coven's hex

Navy captain court-martialed for $0.6mil insider dealing while $trillions vanish at Pentagon

October 19: Pompeo & Trump grandstand about migrant caravan while silently shitting pants; Israel eager to get its war on; Macedonia rams through name change

Pompeo slams migrant caravan for using women & children as 'human shields'

Trump condemns 'bad hombres' after Mexico border breached

Israel's trigger finger itches after conveniently-timed Gaza rocket attack

Macedonian parliament, eager to join NATO, ignores referendum failure & votes to change name