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 Joseph McCarthy called - he wants his schtick back, but he loved the SotU. We'll always have socialism as a punching bag - and why not, since "duck & cover" was so much fun the first time around? Instagram your fallout shelter for a free 3-month supply of storable vacuum-sealed zombie deer meat! 


February 4: YouTube can't take thumbs-down heat, blows up the kitchen; Indians internalize no-kids propaganda; CNN in Deep State porn shoot

YouTube can dish it out, but not take it - 'dislike' button on the chopping block

Indian man proposes suing parents for birthing him without consent

Roger Stone lawyer claims Mueller prosecutor leaked indictment to CNN


February 5: SOTU decries McCarthyism while perpetuating McCarthyism; Black Hawks over LA; Catholics get screwed

Trump unites partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle with two-minutes-hate on socialism

Trump decries 'foolish wars' while unleashing one of the same in Venezuela

Black helicopters take LA in unannounced week-long 'military drill'

Pope Francis admits nuns sexually abused but claims to be 'working on it'


February 6: Pentagon wants MOAR PROPAGANDA; your phone is snitching; Monsanto seeds EU with stealth GMOs

Broke-ass Pentagon begs for more 'irregular warfare,' psychological operations

US telecoms sold users' location data to bounty hunters & unknown 3rd parties for years

French & German farmers forced to uproot crops after GMOs discovered in Monsanto seed lots


February 7: Who wants to blackmail a billionaire? Germany slaps Facebook on the wrist; heroin puppies' revenge

Bezos blows the whistle on 'dick pic' blackmail attempt by National Enquirer

Germany bans Facebook from cross-platform & 3rd party data collection

Colombian vet gets 6 years for using live puppies to mule heroin

CCTV footage of Roger Stone arrest leaks


February 8: Zombie deer, zombie politics; VA Dems get a taste of their own medicine

Mad-cow-like 'zombie deer disease' spreads to half the US, menacing humans

Candace Owens flayed for defending Hitler, or was it nationalism?

Dems call on VA Lt.Gov. to resign after second sex assault accuser comes forward


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 Two plus two equals five. Believe otherwise, and face the consequences. As the lies get more tawdry, the penalties for disbelief increase. Truth is stranger than fiction, but fiction won't keep you warm in the middle of a polar vortex, and you can't date Stalin. or can you


Jan 28: Privacy is dead, Bolton drops a hint, justice unserved

Google ad tracking violates GDPR (and common decency), new docs reveal

US expat leaks thousands of Singaporeans' HIV statuses

Bolton hints '5000 troops' at Colombian border in pantomime of early dementia

4 cops shot in Houston "narcotics" raid [+ a followup (not written by me) from Free Thought Project]

Palin spawn released from halfway house


Jan 29: NY politics kills, disgusts; Texas GOP trips over its own virtue signaling

Mother dies in subway stair fall, Cuomo whines while starving MTA

Disgraced NY AG paid for sex abuse defense out of campaign fund

Texas GOP blames "leftism" for "holocaust"

US approves China-menacing missile system sale to Japan

Canada postpones Huawei CFO extradition


Jan 30: When corporations, government, and media unite behind the same lies, we can safely call it fascism

CNN force-feeds audience Kamala Harris' popularity but trips over reality 

Max Boot goes full White Man's Burden, thinks of mideast ForeverWar more like Manifest Destiny

Energy Dept sneaks half-ton of weapons-grade plutonium into Nevada

Airbus claims hack totally didn't affect airline safety, before investigating hack

21-car pileup in upstate NY as polar vortex descends

8-alarm fire at NJ paper factory menaces nearby residences

Jury awards Rand Paul almost $600K in neighbor-attack suit


Jan 31: Cold day in hell: Who Would Stalin Date, John of God's baby farms, obstruction of jaws-tice

Swipe right on Stalin: what if the Soviet dictator used Tinder?

Brazilian faith healer John of God ran "baby farms" of sex slaves, says activist

Jaws-tice served? Man bites dog - and FBI agent

After meeting with spy chiefs, Trump eats his criticism of "threat assessment"

Polar vortex causes chaos across Midwest


Feb 1: Sit down, shut up, & believe our lies, OR ELSE

DNA testing company gives FBI access to million-plus user database

Judge to Roger Stone: shut up! Trump adviser threatened with gag order

Snopes & AP to stop fact-checking for Facebook, but continue ominous 'partnership'

NY attorney general declares fake social media influence peddling illegal

Watch on radar moment meteor hits Cuba


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Ziofascists go for broke as crazy no longer feels the need to wear a mask. Who knew "body count" was a qualification for elected office? Meanwhile, the dog is being thoroughly wagged in Venezuela with the latest patsy handed the keys to the kingdom while 81% of Venezuelans say..."who?"


January 21: Israeli bloodthirst & the dead live again, while US grabs for Meng

Ex-IDF head runs for PM on record of slaughtering Palestinian civilians

Fox prematurely kills off Ruth Bader Ginsburg

No 'Planet 9' on solar system's edge? 'Massive disc' makes more sense

US files to extradite Huawei CFO from Canada for sanctions violations


January 22: Trump invites Covington kids, Congress disinvites Reps, Pentagon controls spaceships with its mind

Covington kids face continued death threats, White House invite as truth comes out

Congress mulls evicting live-in Reps

Pentagon's 'UFO program' also investigated wormholes, mind control, invisibility


January 23: Netanyahu's paranoia makes Kim look like the Dalai Lama; worlds collide

Netanyahu blames media propaganda for corruption probe woes

Earth seeded with life-creating elements via planetary collision

Florida (where else?) gunman shoots 5 in hostage drama at bank

Kim praises Trump's persistence in courting N.Korea


January 24: Spreading disease, fraud, & regime change, with a dash of police state repression

US-born missionary contacts forbidden tribe: GPS the new smallpox blankets?

US recalls some Venezuela diplomats but insists embassy remains open amid regime change drama

Finally free after Kafkaesque imprisonment, Iranian journo has new understanding of gov't unaccountability

Half of all Failbook users fake, says jilted co-creator


January 25: Consider the dog wagged

Ron Paul decries US 'hypocrisy' in Venezuela: democracy at gunpoint no democracy at all

Pompeo doesn't even know his own puppet's name: Guaidó in it for short haul at best

Trump swears he's gonna build the damn wall if no agreement reached in 3 weeks

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Trump's latest fundraising campaign promises to mail fake bricks to lawmakers because Americans no longer know how to heave them through the window themselves. We are so neutered by the shrill shrieking frauds that surround us on a daily basis that half of us accept lessons on the proper way to express masculinity from Procter & Gamble. Revelations may come at the point of a blade, but a Gillette razor is a poor substitute for the guillotine. Revolution? With a national case of Stockholm Syndrome this bad, who needs a police state?


January 14: It's raining men - or spiders - & another kind of Storm

Gillette 'toxic masculinity' ad spurs backlash

Sky-spanning spiderweb the stuff of nightmares

Spotlight-starved Stormy sues scandal-plagued Ohio vice cops


January 15: We'll burn that bridge when we come to it, coke & hookers edition

Tappan Zee Bridge goes out with a bang

DEA agent laundered $7mn in drug money in agency's worst scandal yet

UN survey reveals one in three employees sexually harassed

PressTV journalist held for no declared reason in Kafkaesque detention


January 16: Fake government, fake terror, fake elections, & how not to DIY medicine

Pelosi threatens to cancel Trump's State of the Union address

FBI 'foil' white house explosive plot by guy who thought he could trade car for rockets

Texas man raked in cash with fake PACs for all 3 2016 candidates

Irish man injected self with semen for 18 months in bizarre home back pain cure


January 17: Advertising do's & don'ts; SPLC slander victims fight back

PETA turns entire world off veganism with phallic veggie perv ad

Aeromexico trolls xenophobic stereotypes with 'DNA discount' ad

Pornhub traffic spikes in DC: furloughed feds keeping busy

Immigration group files RICO suit against SPLC for 'hate' smear


January 18: A tunnel in time saves nine; foam brick campaign invigorates Trump faithful; fun with fetuses; the oracle speaks

Conveniently-timed border-wall tunnels cross record number of asylum-seekers

Trump fundraiser promises to mail (fake) bricks to Pelosi & Schumer

March for Life claims victory, mainstream censorship

Pemex pipelines explode, killing fuel thieves

Silent Mueller releases rare statement denying Buzzfeed collusion delusion

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Earth's magnetic pole is racing away from North America at five times the speed it moved 25 years ago. It doesn't take much to guess why.


January 7: To kill or be killed by pigs

Belgium bans ritual slaughter: triumph of state (& animals) over church or xenophobia?

Cop fired after shooting "aggressive" chihuahua on camera

Dinosaur-killing asteroid caused mile-high tsunami

Uber driver "possessed" by app pleads guilty to 6 murders


January 8: True love, or marriages of convenience, between man, machine, & vegetable

Forget flying cars, here's one that...walks?

How Americans learned to stop worrying & love Big Brother

Doorbell-licking man arrested for love that dare not speak its name

DNA warrant served on male staff at facility where comatose woman gave birth


January 9: Money is a weapon. Never forget it

Most Americans don't know when - or if - they'll pay down their debts

Yellow Vests planning bank run to collapse French financial system

Scientists pick up deep-space repeating radio bursts: knock knock, who's there?

Coast Guard to furloughed employees: have a garage sale! babysit! file for bankruptcy!


January 10: Breeding ourselves out of existence, but wouldn't you? Even the magnetic pole doesn't want anything to do with us

American birthrates at 30-year low, far below replacement rate

The Amazing Michael Cohen, dancing bear of the Resistance

Almost 300 cases of Norovirus send cruise ship back to port - to be filled with a new crop of victims

Cops in Canada can breathalyze you anywhere, even at home, under insane new law

Why is Earth's magnetic pole running away from us? 


January 11: Tulsi 2020 & the world's most punchable face

Twitter melts down over Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 candidacy

Attention whore whores for attention by proclaiming he'll be gay for a month

Girl wrecks car while attempting 'Bird Box challenge' on highway

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