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Last week's highlights from the ongoing atrocity exhibition that is our reality...fire, fear, & failure, what more could you possibly want, besides a way off this planet


Nov 12: Debating Frankfurt School fallout

Illinois prison system mandates transgender training

Christian persecution complex may be real


Nov 13: CIA claims morals, igniting California with "pants on fire" effect, but there's no accounting for taste

CIA torture docs reveal truth serum, ethical delusions

Woolsey fire sparks fears of airborne toxins

EU finds something it can't copyright


Nov 14: Murders? What murders? Americans flee north to avoid getting stuck with terror tab

Report finds native female deaths memory-holed

Record number of Americans seek asylum in Canada

War on Terror prolonged indefinitely to avoid paying $6 trillion tab


Nov 15: How not to die, in NY and CA; Big Brother thinks you look awfully nice today

College teaches course in surviving mass shootings

Missing, dead continue to climb as Camp Fire rages on

Facial recognition is here, here's how they'll make you love it


Nov 16: Ivy League predation; utility companies run by sociopaths

Dartmouth sued for enabling predatory profs for 15 years

Paradise lost- more missing, dead in Camp Fire

Water utilities cover up widespread atrazine contamination


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 This week's headlines, "satire is obsolete" edition.


Nov 5: Willie Horton's revenge, bots laugh last, Farrakhan does Tehran, shittiest flight ever

TV & Facebook drop Willie Horton redux ad

Hillarybots more effective than Trumpbots, study finds

Farrakhan presses American buttons in Iran

And you thought YOUR flight was shitty...

Gymnastics org declared professionally incompetent


Nov 6: Voting is hard, pot calls kettle black, Gillum concedes (but not for long), blue wave flops, Girl Scouts: "no boys allowed" 

Polling places freeze when faced with the unexpected: voters

CNN to Hannity: where's your integrity? (Not an Onion story)

Gillum concedes in Florida race [not for long, as it turns out...]

Blue wave fails to materialize

Girl Scouts to Boys: stop poaching our customers


Nov 7: Robot surgeon kills patient, Acosta meltdown, Trump auto-backpattery, space tumbleweeds

Robot surgery goes horribly wrong

Acosta learns actions have consequences

Trump takes (undeserved) credit for oil price drop

Trump takes (deserved) credit for Flake's flake

Trump blames Obama for Crimean referendum

Moon has company: astronomers photograph dust clouds


Nov 8: Iranians should eat Pompeo, Antifa apologist hides under bed, Trump says GTFO, wildfire spreads like...

Pompeo says he knows what's best for Iranians: starving

Vox.com creep defends Antifa vs. Carlson, deletes Twitter when called out

Trump tightens border controls: no asylum for you

California wildfire engulfs towns, forces evacuations


Nov 9: Panopticon coming soon, Bermuda triangle of votes, Amazon snitches, Saudis save face

DEA & ICE hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

Bermuda triangle of votes strikes again: Florida recount on horizon

'Alexa, who's the killer?' Echo to testify in murder trial

Saudis end US refueling in Yemen to avoid embarrassing protests

Ashton Kutcher proves gun laws don't work


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as the War Party seizes the House of Representatives back from the War Party, a moment of silence to remember, We Have Always Been at war with EastAsia. Last week's headlines:

Oct 29: the "Trump defense" makes Twinkie look legit; classiest tent cities ever; MAGAbomber had 100+ on naughty list; move along, nothing to see here

Terror suspect's lawyer blames 'china shop bull' Trump, fake news

Trump to build 'nice tent cities' for asylum-seekers

'Hit list' with 100+ names found in MAGAbomber suspect's van

Classes continue after NC school shooting


Oct 30: Kanye West exits Blexit; Trump visits Pittsburgh against its will; bitcoin will kill us all - or will that volcano?

Kanye West out as Trump-whisperer

Trump visits Pittsburgh without its consent

Crypto-mining threatens environment

Volcano warnings mean as little as terror warnings


Oct 31: Hackers target your brain; Facebook's 'transparency' is a joke; Pentagon manual yanked; Soros gonna Soros

Brain implants: the next frontier in cybersecurity

Facebook's "political transparency" tool fails to catch 100% of fakes

Pentagon pulls bizarre racist Saudi Arabian training manual

Soros paying migrants? Bears shitting in woods? You tell me, says Trump


Nov 1: 'Axis of evil' redux; deflower a robot hooker; 'the Purge' hits Paris; out-Nikki-ing Haley

Bolton shares regime-change to-do list: 'Troika of terror'

Take a sex robot's virginity for just $10K

Life imitates art: Halloween 'Purge' riots outside Paris

Fox News presenter in line to replace Haley as UN ambassador


Nov 2: Migrants get litigious; FDA approves super-fentanyl; Oumuamua=extraterrestrial litter?; Twitter says 'kill all Jews'

Migrants go native, file lawsuits

FDA approves opiate 10x stronger than fentanyl over protests

Mysterious space object may have been alien 'lightsail'

Twitter: actually, we didn't mean for you to 'kill all Jews'

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My headlines from this week, as the nation is slowly engulfed by crazy. Next week: firing squads?

Oct 22: Monsanto verdict stands; Brooklyn cops vent sexual frustration; Mexico City explodes; 'the Mooch' clings to relevance; 'Bloody Gina' back from Turkey, where escaped convict goes on totally unrelated rampage; Canadian elections dull in comparison

MonSatan must pay, affirms court

Brooklyn precinct's sexual frustration erupts in mouthful of panties 

Mexico was blowing up before it was cool

Sad hedge fund man tries to dance his way back into our hearts

'Bloody Gina' Haspel off to Istanbul for knowledge-sharing w/Saudi thugs

Istanbul con goes on butcher shop stabbing rampage

Toronto elections now 100% less psychotic than southern neighbors


Oct 23: Godwin's Law eats itself; terrorists <3 food stamps; Trump blames CA for wildfires; Ecuador forgets what 'asylum' means; half of Yemenis poised to starve

Former Bush aide takes Trump vs Hitler to next level

Food stamp fraud funds terrorism -report

Trump blames CA for wildfires & drought, threatens to withhold aid

Ecuador declines to protect Assange from extradition, forgets what 'asylum' means

New UN stats show half of Yemen on brink of famine


Oct 24: NYTimes publishes Trump snuff porn; Argentina prepares to relive 2001 crisis; Waters gets double-bombed; FL kids plot murder; new video of Trump hotel shooter; Israel shoots up Gaza, again

NYTimes publishes Trump snuff porn & bad spyfic while bleating about civility

Argentina protests austerity cuts from largest-ever IMF bailout; replay of 2001 looms

Maxine Waters receives 2nd dud mailbomb, 'ain't scared'

Florida tweens planned to murder & eat classmates to spend eternity with Satan

Video emerges of Trump hotel shooter ahead of trial

IDF hits 8 sites in Gaza after rocket attack


Oct 25: #metoo-gle; Rachel Dolezal's revenge; glyphosate is everywhere; Japan resettles radiation refugees; more suspicious packages in NYC and FL; Haspel briefs Trump on hack(ed) journalist

#metoo-gle: Google gets taste of own medicine with harassment exposé

Transracial shoe on other foot, thanks to Dr. Phil

Glyphosate: it's everywhere you want to be

Japan redefines "safe" radiation to send Fukushima residents home

FL courthouse evacuated for suspicious packages

CNN building evacuated again, this time over kids' toys

Haspel briefs Trump on Khashoggi death tape


Oct 26: NBC hid discrediting info on Kavanaugh witness; HBO hires sex coach; personal responsibility no longer a thing

NBC sat on discrediting info about Kavanaugh accuser

HBO hires stunt coordinator for sex scenes

Media blames Gab.ai for synagogue shooting


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