Special vacation edition...though it doesn't look like I missed all that much what with the ruling class continuing to push race war and endless fear porn while Alan Dershowitz, beset from all sides by a little thing called reality, realizes too late that flinging around the word "antisemite" like most people say "the" or "and" has only clued the public in to its use as just another playground insult (kind of like "racist" and "transphobic," neither of which mean anything anymore either thanks to constant misuse by the "Black Lives Matter Unless They Disagree With Our Narrative" brigades). As their narrative [virus, vaccine, victimhood] continues to fall apart, expect a flood of low-rent deepfakes (now that Trump has been persuaded to wear a mask, getting the mouth movements correct is no longer necessary) before the much-hyped Second Wave is unleashed in late September. What if they declared a nationwide lockdown and no one paid attention? 

July 20: Milquetoast mutual aid society; another one bites the dust; lockdown lunacy; terror goes woke; school's out forever

GOP ex-candidate Kasich's planned pro-Biden convention speech further alienates voters

Suspect in Salas family shooting found dead in car, immediately declared suicide

Kentucky family shackled with ankle monitors after refusing to sign Covid-19 'isolation order'

Muslim policing group demands UK cops ditch 'Islamist terror' moniker for something more sensitive

Florida teachers sue state over school reopening order amid largely fictional Covid-19 spike

July 21: All mask all the time; no motive no problem; Google on a rampage

Broward County quietly walks back mask-at-home order after outrage

Supposed Salas shooter's "men's rights" motive is nonsense, but alternate explanations abound

Google briefly memory-holes non-establishment news sites from all search results

July 22: Chiraq keeps bleeding; Americans love/hate cancel culture; QAnon psyop gets Streisand boost; Steele's expensive remorse

3-year-old shot in Chicago after massacre at funeral leaves useless police with no leads

Most Americans think 'cancel culture' has gone too far, but 40% have partaken

**Twitter crackdown on QAnon over vague 'outside harm' excuse only encourages Israeli psyop

Steele (of dossier fame) finds his conscience at bottom of Webzilla libel lawsuit 

July 23: Trump unleashes DHS; judge unleashes Cohen; Sanger canceled; Whitey blamed again; lawsuit threats get results

Trump will 'never' defund police but enjoys sending in feds to 'help' them do their job

Michael Cohen ordered released from jail over supposedly 'retaliatory' no-media gag order

**Planned Parenthood cancels founder Sanger over racism & eugenics cheerleading, but her legacy remains

NYTimes blames 'nice white parents' for why US public schools suck

UK 'kids' news' site grovels at Rowling's feet after lawsuit threat over transphobia claim

July 24: Social justice (Confederate) warriors; men's health hates men; George Floyd canonized; this virus causes motorbike crashes

Trump hints Confederate military bases will keep their names despite veto-proof Congressional majorities

**Men's Health tells Joe Rogan to shut up & look pretty

Jesuit mag's comparisons of George Floyd to Jesus Christ inflame Christians

Florida 'Covid-19 case spike' result of statistical trickery, multiple investigations find 

July 29: The cringing apologizer behind Portland's Naked Athena is a microcosm of the protests themselves

**'Naked Athena' speaks out, revealing utter banality behind protest myths