The clamor to abolish the police is leaving out the obvious solution to the US' police brutality problems: holding them a c c o u n t a b l e. If the most abusive pigs knew they faced years in prison next to the very people they'd had locked up, they wouldn't be so quick to shoot fleeing suspects in the back, knock down peaceful young women (and old men) protesting, shoot dogs, dragging kids down the stairs and all the other abuses they've been caught on film doing for years. Apologists who claim their victims had it coming because they said something mean to the pig, or posted "fuck the police" on social media, or were out past curfew, or...barked...need to stop talking and start fixing the problem, because otherwise the police abolitionists will get what they want. Right now there's no better advertisement for the Defund the Police movement than the police themselves. Of course if you've been watching this space you're aware that what the ruling class have in store as the successor to the police is even worse, but most people don't understand the future of clipboard-wielding busybodies and Citizen Snitches that awaits them - with a sprinkling of Blackwater-style mercs to keep the rich safe in case a few angry mobs remember who their real oppressors are and go after them instead of the local confederate statue.

June 15: Don't buy the lie; information whorriors; putting the FUN back in defund; undercovers take it off

Iran warns IAEA to ignore violation report spiked with Mossad disinfo

Journalism org hails "information heroes" of pandemic, including...White House press corps?!?

**Defund the Pentagon! Its racist violence makes police departments look like amateurs

NYPD disbands plainclothes 'anti-crime' unit, reassigning 600 cops in 'seismic shift'

June 16: Hypocrisy everywhere; aiding & abetting; Snitch Nation hits journalism

Protests good, playgrounds bad! De Blasio threatens parents with harsher crackdown

**Vice & SPLC sic amateur iconoclasts on Confederate monuments with DIY map

Trump mocked for 'AIDS vaccine' gaffe...or was it?

NBC colludes with UK thought police to demonetize & smear ZeroHedge & Federalist

June 17: Pod Air; sustaining the unsustainable; Twitter trolls Twitter; accountability?

Airline group threatens maskless passengers with blacklist as #WalkAway founder booted from flight

**Greenwashing arms-race ramps up as luxury brand drafts Emma Watson for 'sustainability' post

Twitter rolls out voice-tweet feature no one wanted, but still no edit button

Atlanta cop facing potential life sentence over Wendy's drive-thru shooting 

June 18: DACArgh; drunken monkey style; when bad-faith feminists attack; facts are stupid things; brand purge

Supreme Court says Trump can't ditch DACA without details

Alcoholic, carnivorous monkey locked up for life after rampage that left 250 Indians injured & 1 dead

**Sure, let's skip right over police accountability to police abolition. Who arrests rapists?

Who will fact-check the fact-checkers...especially when most of them worked for CNN?

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben: who benefits if black people are still eating processed crap

June 19: Guilty by association; Pompiggo says come with us, we have pork; Venmo reparations; beat this meat

Stepmom of cop who shot Rayshard Brooks mysteriously fired from mortgage firm

Pompeo demands Europe embrace tyranny 'murican style

2018's satire is 2020's reality as guilty white folks Venmo their friends $50 for Juneteenth

**Cheap meat causes coronavirus, say ruling class scolds doling out your fried-bug future