Trump & Macron are in a fascist pissing match to see who can more thoroughly destroy the free press in their country, & the rest of us are just collateral damage. Even the media establishment realizes Julian Assange's latest indictments spell their own doom, but it's too late - they've spent the last two years smearing him, & all they can do is keep running off that cliff. Hope those paychecks were worth it, guys!


May 20: Graham crackers for Iran; Facebook judging you; Huawei mocks blacklist

Graham giddy over 'overwhelming' response to Iranian 'threat streams'

Facebook & telecoms using proprietary behavioral metrics to judge creditworthiness

Huawei laughs in the face of Trump's blacklist


May 21: Bibi wants immunity, House Dems want impeachment - or a cookie; US blinks on Huawei

Bibi's boy in the Knesset floats immunity bill, just in time for 3 corruption indictments

Oreo Ben Carson confuses foreclosure term with...himself

House Democrats call for emergency impeachment conclave after McGahn MIA

US issues stay of execution on Huawei ban


May 22: Canadian hypocrisy; legislative virtue signaling; France targeting journalists; Google gets a probing

Canadian pot to Chinese kettle: shame on you for arbitrarily detaining our citizens!

Inslee grasps at 2020 brass ring with sanctuary state law for Washington

French domestic intel summons fifth journalist for embarrassing Macron

Irish data protection agency opens privacy probe into Google ad-exchange platform


May 23: First Amendment stabbed to death; Twitter axes grifters; moon man quits NASA; Trump declassified

Journalists recoil as new Assange indictments eviscerate press freedom

#Resistance grifters booted from Twitter for running bots, buying followers

Artemis project head 'escorted out' of NASA after just 6 weeks

Trump imbues Barr with Russiagate-unveiling power; intel agencies work on resumés


May 24: Russiagate victim sues FBI creep, media; Crossfit dumps Facebook; Noah's Ark all wet; Amazon <3 Big Brother

Cambridge historian sues 'ratfucker' Stefan Halper, media for ruining her life with honeypot lies

Crossfit kicks Facebook to the curb after popular group deplatformed

Noah's Ark can't handle the 41st day of rain, sues insurers

Amazon shareholders vote 98% to keep selling facial recognition tech