The 93-year-old Malaysian prime minister has proposed a gold-backed trading currency for southeast Asia - taking bets on what happens next. A) he dies of "old age," plus a couple bullets to the head B) Malaysia comes down with a bad case of al-Qaeda & the US has to pour democracy on it C) a people-power revolution whose logo prominently features an upraised fist overthrows the government. The world needs more Mahathir Mohameds.

May 27: Privacy: luxury or anachronism? Psychiatry: joke or emetic? Nuclear: necessary evil or just evil?

*Apple v. Google: police state apologists duke it out over privacy

WHO abandons all pretense of caring for public health, unveils new behavioral modification initiatives

Global energy agency warns aging nuclear infrastructure dooms sustainability goals

May 28: Assange indictment dooms journalism; eugenics gets a bad rap; Israel flips off world; more satellites than stars

Assange indictments are designed to criminalize antagonistic journalism

Supreme Court passes the buck on abortion ruling, but not without a Clarence Thomas eugenics meltdown

Israel to ICC: murdering Palestinians in cold blood is none of your business

SpaceX launch alerts astronomers to future of satellite-clogged skies

May 29: Fresh-fracked freedom; diversity or death; Macron's thugs harass journalists; insane in the McCain

US Energy Dept rechristens liquefied natural gas 'molecules of freedom'

White admins sue NYC over racist enforced-diversity policies

Le Monde journalist refuses to cough up sources on Benalla affair

Trump says he never gave order to 'hide' USS John McCain

May 30: Malaysian PM pulls a Gaddafi; tariffs Trump Mexico; NSA targeting system comes home; Russiagate hates peace; Monsanto screwed

Mahathir signs death warrant with gold-backed trading currency proposal

Markets slide as Mexico tariff threatens Trump's free trade utopia

NSA targeting system: you loved it in Iraq, now it's watching you in Texas

Russiagate is greatest threat to world peace as US tears up treaties, alienates allies

Los Angeles sues Monsanto over PCB contamination

May 31: NSA rewrote assassination rules for Israel; DHS to "help" Guatemala; Facebook says privacy dead; mass shooting of the week

NSA rewrote targeting rules to feed Israel assassination info

Not-so-homeland-security DHS dispatched to Guatemala to 'help' with border enforcement

Facebook lawyer says no such thing as privacy

State Dept asks visa applicants for 5 years social media history

Mass shooting of the week club, Virginia Beach edition