as the War Party seizes the House of Representatives back from the War Party, a moment of silence to remember, We Have Always Been at war with EastAsia. Last week's headlines:

Oct 29: the "Trump defense" makes Twinkie look legit; classiest tent cities ever; MAGAbomber had 100+ on naughty list; move along, nothing to see here

Terror suspect's lawyer blames 'china shop bull' Trump, fake news

Trump to build 'nice tent cities' for asylum-seekers

'Hit list' with 100+ names found in MAGAbomber suspect's van

Classes continue after NC school shooting


Oct 30: Kanye West exits Blexit; Trump visits Pittsburgh against its will; bitcoin will kill us all - or will that volcano?

Kanye West out as Trump-whisperer

Trump visits Pittsburgh without its consent

Crypto-mining threatens environment

Volcano warnings mean as little as terror warnings


Oct 31: Hackers target your brain; Facebook's 'transparency' is a joke; Pentagon manual yanked; Soros gonna Soros

Brain implants: the next frontier in cybersecurity

Facebook's "political transparency" tool fails to catch 100% of fakes

Pentagon pulls bizarre racist Saudi Arabian training manual

Soros paying migrants? Bears shitting in woods? You tell me, says Trump


Nov 1: 'Axis of evil' redux; deflower a robot hooker; 'the Purge' hits Paris; out-Nikki-ing Haley

Bolton shares regime-change to-do list: 'Troika of terror'

Take a sex robot's virginity for just $10K

Life imitates art: Halloween 'Purge' riots outside Paris

Fox News presenter in line to replace Haley as UN ambassador


Nov 2: Migrants get litigious; FDA approves super-fentanyl; Oumuamua=extraterrestrial litter?; Twitter says 'kill all Jews'

Migrants go native, file lawsuits

FDA approves opiate 10x stronger than fentanyl over protests

Mysterious space object may have been alien 'lightsail'

Twitter: actually, we didn't mean for you to 'kill all Jews'