While Americans continue to fixate on yet another fraudulent election (as if every other election in the last 20 years wasn't also fraudulent), the Cult of Corona is getting away with murder. Whether it's smuggling Known Traveler Digital Identity into airline travel under the guise of "health passports," or the unilateral decision to issue 'vaccine cards' to those who've volunteered themselves as unpaid guinea pigs for Pfizer's toxic mRNA-altering soup, all these dystopian developments can no longer be called 'conspiracy theory' by even the most obtuse establishment bootlicker. If we want to remain a free species it's time to stop fantasizing about invisible watermarks on blockchained ballots and understand that same blockchain tech will be used to track you & yours - just like it's now used to track pigs, cocoa, &, uh, Syrian refugees. Not interested in being a 'thing' in the internet of things? Too bad. You're cattle in the ruling class' people farm. Our only hope is to become unmanageable.

November 30: Gaffe princess for dementia king; undemocratic democracies; drowning Apple's sorrows; insult added to injury

**Only foot-in-mouth Jen Psaki can make animated vegetable Biden seem well-spoken

US sanctions Chinese electronics firm for helping Venezuela 'undermine democracy' (that's our job!)

Arizona certifies Biden as 2020 election winner, clearing the way for more Trump lawsuits

Apple fined for lying about iPhones' waterproof capabilities in another win for Italian antitrust body

Americans are being systematically short-changed by pandemic unemployment programs, GAO says

December 1: Nasdaq gets woke, you go broke; how not to rewrite history; boycott is awfully sexist language; New Abnormal readily swallowed

NASDAQ demands listed companies insert women & 'diverse' directors into their boards or face exile

NYT's Krugman claims Biden is the first president opposition has declared illegitimate in bold revisionism attempt

Lush threatened with LGBT boycott over support for women's org despite history of catering to gendermania

**New Yorker tests effects of 'New Normalization' with cover skewering quarantine stereotypes (and its own audience)

December 2: iPhone backdoor exposed 6 months too late; pearl clutching for carpetbaggers; rich say no to OMFGVIRUS restaurant shutdown

Google hacker reveals iPhones could be remotely pwned, 6 months after the vulnerability was patched

'Our democracy's near death experience' must inspire Georgia to hand Senate to Dems, pearl-clutching Rice says

Beverly Hills city council threatens legal action over LA County's indoor dining ban in reverse class-war

December 3: Pfizer lies again; Noem slammed for sane governance; Facebook brings indentured servitude back

Despite promising not to ship before FDA approval, Pfizer already flooding the US with its Covid-19 vaccine

**SD gov Kristi Noem attacked for not locking down state over her 98-year-old grandma's death from non-Covid causes

Justice Dept sues Facebook for shutting out US citizen workers to sponsor (& entrap) H1-B visa holders

December 4: Pot calls kettle tyrannical; Big Business can't meme; self-licking ice cream cones; Priorities? What are those?

State Dept sanctions even more Chinese gov't employees while insisting Beijing is the tyrant

Twitter's call to 'describe 2020 in one word' backfires on brands (& Israel) trying to seem relatable

FBI warns foreign hackers are targeting the same think tanks that hyped foreign hacker threat

**NY cops are arresting bar owners for (legally) serving free food & booze while murder rate multiplies

Americans roll eyes as House passes marijuana decriminalization but Covid-19 relief remains MIA