Thanks for the wild turkey and passenger pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American guts...thanks for a country where nobody's allowed to mind his own business...thanks for a nation of finks...

I hope everyone took the opportunity to indulge in their own personal act of civil disobedience over Thanksgiving. When spending time with your loved ones is declared a crime, it's long past time to get to watering that tree of liberty with some good ol' tyrant blood. Metaphorically, of course. We all know the petty tyrants running New York, California, and every totalitarian shithole in between don't actually have 'blood' per se - the substance pumping through their veins is more of a viscous, liquefied insecurity born of the (100% correct) understanding that they owe their privileged position in life to their total lack of morality, talent, and spine. It'd probably work about as well as Brawndo to water a tree.  

November 23: Sportsball crackdown; faux-diversity porn on the march; rewriting history for fun but mostly profit

BoJo limits attendance at post-lockdown football matches as UK mulls 'freedom passes' for the vaxxed

Biden brings back Fed's Janet Yellen to seize meaningless brass ring of 'first female Treasury Secretary'

**Even corporate feminists balk at Biden's glass-ceiling-busting nom of Michele Flournoy as Pentagon chief

**Biden crew bent on channeling nostalgia for an Obama era that actually sucked for all but the ruling class

November 24: Fly the (big) brotherly skies; you're fired, again; why lick boot when sock will do; 'murica's "back," but did it ever leave?

Airline industry abets WEF's digital ID project, praising KTDI predecessor CommonPass to the skies

Trump blows up at Mattis over suggestion US should ditch America-First foreign policy

Bluecheck journos already fawning over Biden's socks, setting up four years of bootlicking

**Biden unveils 'America's back!' cabinet of warmongers, psychopaths, & other Obama second-stringers

November 25: Period posturing; spies gonna spy; all I want for Christmas is alienation; if at first you don't succeed...

**Let them eat tampons? Scotland says free period products for all but we're keeping the lockdown

Australia admits intel agencies slurped up COVIDSafe app data but insists no privacy laws were violated

Irish immunologist claims you *can* celebrate Thanksgiving safely, as long as you don't enjoy it

Amazon censors another book by ex-NYT corona skeptic Alex Berenson