Get ready for another manufactured ISIS resurgence - the Greater Kurdistan goons are licking their lips & eyeing the piece of Turkey they want to break off. But Erdogan didn't create ISIS - the US and Israel did, with some help from Saudi Arabia. Without those three, the Middle East risks collapsing into a peaceful oasisNobody puts Bibi in the corner...

October 14: Turkey blamed for ISIS; Catalan crackdown backfires; Facebook deletion hypocrisy; girl-ISIS goes to jail 

Pentagon blames Turkey for releasing ISIS, demands NATO self-sanction

Catalan leaders' 100+ year prison sentence triggers protests, riots in Barcelona

**#DeleteFacebook trends at last...over Zuckerberg meeting with conservatives

All-female ISIS-linked terror cell sentenced for botched Notre Dame bombing

October 15: Dutch cellar dwellers freed; India puts economy (and water) first; Twitter threatens Trump

6 siblings rescued from Dutch farmhouse basement where father held them hostage for 9 years

India puts its economy ahead of ever-multiplying US sanctions

Modi tells farmers all water from India's rivers flowing into Pakistan is theirs

Twitter warns Trump world leaders can be deplatformed at any time 

October 16: Trump's fan letter scorned; pedo ring busted; YouTube goes dark; Hagibis unleashes nuclear bags

Trump to Erdogan: that's an awful nice place in history you got, would be a shame if something happened

Leader of world's largest dark web child porn ring busted

YouTube comments sections & recommendations go dark, leaving users alone with their opinions

Typhoon Hagibis dumps dozens of bags of nuclear-contaminated Fukushima waste into rivers

October 17: Dems whine; birds strike back; drug war goes literal; Zuck hits peak hypocrisy; we're all Russians now; "Mad Dog" Streep

Democratic leadership gets the Turkish ceasefire they've clamored for, pout relentlessly anyway

US Navy's "doomsday plane" built to withstand nuclear war downed by bird strike

Mexican authorities forced to release El Chapo's son after cartel takes Culiacan hostage

**Zuckerberg's defense of free speech describes the exact opposite of everything Facebook represents

**A field guide to the "Russian assets" going into the 2020 election

Mattis wallows in Trump's disdain, calling himself "Meryl Streep of generals"

October 18: Water war brewing; cartel bests Mexican gov't; Dutch basement family were failed cult; sex robots revolt

Modi doubles down on water use plan as Pakistan threatens retaliation

El Chapo lawyers thank AMLO for releasing son unharmed as terrified Culiacan still shuttered

Dutch family locked in basement was trying to start own cult, waiting out apocalypse

**Demanding consent from sex robots is a slippery slope to policing sexual fantasies